At the simplest level - insurance provides an individual or an entity with financial protection (or reimbursement) in the case of a loss. You can access flexible Pet Sitting Insurance through the Thimble app and … PetCloud is Australia's most trusted pet sitting community. We focus on the needs of small and medium sized businesses that provide GROOMING, ANIMAL TRAINING, PET SITTING, DOG WALKING, BOARDING and other closely related pet and animal services. Liability . With this has come the advent of pet … Public & Products Liability Includes Pets in Care, Custody, Control $100,000. Without insurance, you can lose not only your business but also your personal property if you lose your case in … To Apply for or Renew Liability Coverage for your business, please click on the link that best describes your primary business: Therapy Dog Handler Pet Food/Treat Manufacturers & Distributors In Your Home Boarding / Dog or Cat Daycare / Pet … In 1992 a former producer for the agency (Jim Tucker) was approached by the National Association of Pet Sitters (NAPS) to find a liability policy that would adequately cover a pet sitter's unique exposures. Liability Protection Coverage. At that time, there were very few, if any, insurers that offered coverage for client's pets and personal property while in the Care, Custody or Control of the pet sitter. The cost of your Pet Sitter Insurance policy depends on a few factors. Although many families or individuals in times past often acquired new pets without a lot of forethought, people today take pet ownership more seriously, often putting a lot of thought into selecting a pet and caring for it. Additionally, insurance is … That’s why we, at Mad Paws, have … This includes coverage for injury or loss of a customer’s pet –including emergency vet care, death, runaway recovery expenses, animals in transit while in your care, and even rewards for safe return of the animal. Call (800) 688-1984 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CT, Monday - Friday. Pet Sitting Insurance covers all your requirements, including; Public Liability – should an animal cause an accident or injury or damage someone elses property; Accidents and Injury Cover – Covers any accidents or injuries that may occur to the animals in your care; Loss of Key Cover – in case you misplace your clients’ keys; Personal Accident Cover – should you have an accident whilst at work and as a result … KennelPro provides exceptionally comprehensive coverage for the pets and property entrusted to your care. Why Pet Sitting Insurance is important for Pet Sitters, Boarding & Day Carer. Get A Quote Now. A common feature of general liability insurance, this coverage helps you with the cost of claims that you’re legally responsible for due to injury or damages sustained by a third party during your pet sitting operations. The considerations for a Pet Sitter / Pet Carer is the risk of a pet escaping, or damaging a third party’s property, or even injuring a person. Mad Paws Public Liability Insurance policy protects you, the Pet Sitter, for any financial risk you may incur whilst looking after a pet. Pet sitting insurance policies may include the following coverage options. Our Canadian Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Insurance Plan has been tailored specifically with the needs of you sitters and walkers in mind. The pet industry has never been hotter than it is now. PetCloud is proud to supply the most comprehensive insurance to ensure Pet Sitters, Pet Owners and all pets in the care of a registered PetCloud Sitter are covered so that they are cared for in the best way possible. Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been a proud provider of Insurance and Bonding coverage specifically designed for Pet Sitters, Dog Walkers and other Pet Care Providers since 1992. Pet Sitter Insurance Versus Bonding . It protects the client, it protects the company and it protects the business owner.” Both NAPPS and Pet Sitters International, another pet sitting association, offer group rates through the Business Insurers of the Carolinas, which has been providing coverage in this space … The limits for liability claims generally range from £2,000,000 to £5,000,000. So let’s get into the details. Save money by comparing insurance quotes from multiple carriers. Although many families or individuals in times past often acquired new pets without a lot of forethought, people today take pet ownership more seriously, often putting a lot of thought into selecting a pet and caring for it. By working directly with the largest Pet Sitter Associations and their members for almost 25 years, we have gained a unique understanding of the types of claims that occur in the industry and what is needed to be … $5 Million $350 $10 Million $420 $20 Million $490 Includes 2 People Working in the Business (Additional People $120 Per … In the case of a pet sitting or dog walking business - insurance is used to help provide protection by mitigating your risk for particular actions (like a dog under your care biting a jogger who ran by a little too close). Cliverton has over 50 years’ experience in dealing with animal related business’ and our dog walkers insurance policy provides you with a comprehensive policy to suit your needs. Whether you cat or dog sit while their owners are at work or are away over the holiday period, we can tailor cover to best meet your needs. Contact Ken and his team on 1800 06 69 00, ... Public Liability for Pet Minders / Walkers / Sitters / Groomers / Trainers. From only £120 per year Or 9 monthly payments of £14.67 (total repayable £132) Buy Now Renew Policy Online. Coverage Includes: … Professional Liability ; Errors and … Things like your zip code, your coverage limit, the size of your team, and the length of your coverage all play a factor in determining the risk that comes with insuring your pet sitting business. The majority of pet sitting industry insurers also provide care, custody, and control liability coverage for all animals, excluding the loss from … Apply/Renew Here For Standard Liability Policy Standard Liability Policy Change Request. Compare insurance quotes for pet sitters. We offer a pet grooming insurance (including mobile groomers) that you can trust to protect you, your business, your clients, your employees and the pets in your care. Third-Party Bodily Injury & Property Damage. For dogs aged below five expect to pay around £225 a year*. Dog walkers’ insurance cover. Pet Sitter Insurance. The table below outlines all the available cover for your pet sitting business in detail. Insurers may charge you more to spread the cost of your pet insurance in monthly payments so it can often work out cheaper to pay for a policy upfront for the year. Whether you offer complete in-home pet care services or focus exclusively on professional dog walking, accidents can happen—and having the right insurance protects your clients, their pets, you and your business. Pet Sitter Liability Protection Coverage. If you're a pet sitter, business insurance is a smart purchase. With the assistance of NAPS, the producer was … Caroline Foreman. Contact the companies directly for more details. For example your charge decides it’s a good idea to eat the fence, or worst case escapes and creates havoc with the neighbour’s cat! If you’d like to know more about pet industry insurance, get a barker to get a quote. Dog sitting insurance is designed to cover you when you are looking after a pet either at the home of the owner or in your own home. Search for a name or … Pet sitter insurance protects against the unique liabilities of running a small pet sitting business, including lawsuits filed by pet owners and medical bills from injuries. Post a Job. As a professional pet sitter you need to protect yourself from the unexpected. Since 1998, we've provided our members with the freedom to book their own clients with their preferred method of scheduling, and the ability to run their business how they want. Currently, in the UK, there is no legislation that requires any insurance cover for Pet Sitters compulsory. Insurance for dog walkers and pet sitters is a must! If you're a pet sitter, business insurance is a smart purchase. Whether you’re a casual pet sitter, a tireless dog walker or run a barking pet boarding business, Tradesman Saver’s tailored pet sitting insurance automatically includes public liability cover – the most important insurance policy for a dog walking business. No matter what precautions you take, there are some animals … A Pet sitting insurance policy from Pet Care Insurance (PCI) starts at $139/year and includes coverages like animal bailee, vet bill reimbursement, general liability and coverage for basic grooming and obedience training. This is to cover you against any unforeseen circumstances and to protect your customers in the event something happens while a pet is in your care. As a pet sitter, you are concerned about the health and safety of the pets in your care as well as protecting the home in which they live. KennelPro provides coverage for large and small scale franchisees or for the franchisor. The cost of pet insurance will be determined by the policy type but will also vary depending on the type … However, we strongly advise that you take out adequate insurance. The plan provides excellent coverage for business liability including pets in your care and fidelity bonding. 23 February 2020. Business Insurers also provides access to Bonds for NAPPS members. Make sure your business - or dog - is protected. The Standard Liability policy covers you/your business including all employees, independent contractors and volunteers that work in your business. Business Insurers of the Carolinas has been a proud provider of insurance and bonding coverage specifically designed for pet sitters since 1992. Browse through the listings or Advertise Here. This includes general … With this has come the advent of pet … Insurance for pet sitters is designed specifically to protect your pet sitting business from bodily injury and property damage claims. Find out what genuine customers have said about Care of animals. Pet Sitter Liability Insurance. We also provide additional options to meet such as … The NAPPS bond has been designed specifically for professional pet sitters and includes the broadest definition of an employee, to include all owners and officers, full and part time employees, independent contractors … Pet Sitting Insurance New Jersey. PSI members have access to policies designed exclusively for … Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi and Dog Walkers Insurance Cover. As a member with Pet Sitters Associates, you receive insurance coverage for the pets that are in your care, so you and your clients can breathe easy. … [citation needed] Most pet sitter insurance plans provide coverage for pet transport. By becoming a member, you can list your business in one of the largest pet care … By working directly with the largest pet sitter associations and their members for almost 25 years, we have gained a unique understanding of the types of claims that … While the level of coverage will vary based on the insurance provider you choose, pet sitter insurance typically provides coverage in three key areas: 1. However, because bonding is very specific coverage, it’s not the … Pet sitters insurance from Petplan Sanctuary offers a range of cover if your business involves caring for other people's pets in the owners home. 2. pet sitting, dog daycare, grooming, pet taxi, dog training, pet portraits, and … Pet Sitter Insurance / Dog Walker Insurance / Pet Taxi Insurance / Pooper Scooper Insurance. You may need pet sitter insurance if you own any type of pet service business. “When someone becomes a member [of NAPPS], that’s really the first thing that we tell them to do — to get pet sitting insurance. Pet Care Insurance Reviews. Most people would rather do almost anything else than get into the details involving liability coverage. by Professional United Pet Sitters LLC The following companies are known to provide quality pet sitting insurance to individual pet sitters as well as professional pet sitting businesses. The policy is designed for the professional pet sitter and as such can be customized to your individual business needs! Our policy automatically includes … Whether you actually own a pet sitting business, or simply do a little minding part-time, you will for sure want to consider having the proper insurance to protec t you just in case anything should go wrong. Pet Sitting Insurance covers all your requirements. As a Pet Sitter, in-home Pet Boarder or Animal Minder you are responsible for the safety of guest animals and for their actions whilst they are in your care. ABOUT PET BUSINESS INSURANCE As our name suggests, Pet Business Insurance specialises in providing insurance cover for all types of pet businesses.

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