Building the capacity for evaluation is the purpose of the ACER Portfolio Project: to develop valid and feasible methods by which teachers can demonstrate the ways in which they meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers at the Highly Accomplished level. TQAs: Highly Accomplished and Lead Administration Essentials . The decision to pursue higher levels accreditation is a significant one and there are many factors to consider. Evidence Guide for Lead. Ms Harris said to become accredited as a Highly Accomplished Teacher you must first produce a portfolio of evidence. Pyramids can be found in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Europe and The North American Continent. Unfortunately, detailed information about the accreditation process can be difficult to find and, due to state-based differences in requirements, there can be a lot of conflicting advice given online. Teachers are responsible for deciding when to submit their evidence within the maximum timeframe. Highly Accomplished teachers contribute to their colleagues' learning. Are you working towards accreditation at Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher, or have responsibility for supporting others through the process, and would like support with writing quality annotations and supporting referees? NESA Evidence Guide for the Highly Accomplished Teacher Standards – September 2014 3 of 66 They maximise learning opportunities for their students by understanding their backgrounds and individual characteristics and the impact of those factors on their learning. Click on the image to travel to the document. Assessment Stage 1. Menu. Once you have our feedback on your sample, you can apply our recommendations to the remainder of your submission. In this one-day workshop, we will develop your ability to identify and select quality documentary evidence and construct annotations that demonstrate evidence of process and most importantly impact. Highly Accomplished Teacher — Assessment Rubric. Their collaboration has resulted in evidence guides for the Highly Accomplished and Proficient stages of AITSL's Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Understanding the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Review and feedback on annotations and evidence. The examples given are by no means prescriptive. Directed by J. Michael Long. The documentary evidence supplement is designed as a companion document to the Guide to Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in Australia and the Certification of Highly Accomplished and Lead Teachers in Australia.These documents will assist all personnel involved in national certification to understand the process and their role within it and provide them with tools, … Krill, Simon Oliver, Jessica Stanwyck. You are battling the classrooms in schools right across Australia. They regularly initiate and engage in educational discussions about effective teaching to improve the educational outcomes for their students. Referee reports-validate and verify evidence. During this full day workshop, we will guide you to plan your submission by suggesting core evidence sets to execute in your own context, generating impact on the knowledge and practice of your colleagues and ultimately improving student outcomes. They have been devised, debated, discussed, changed and … The evidence should be relevant to current teaching practices. widespread use of evidence-based teaching practices. They may also take on roles that guide, advise or lead others. Here is a link to the useful documents in order to understand and apply for Highly Accomplished Teacher Status. Added to this is a statement about the role of the teacher librarian and then a short list of examples of evidence. According to Gripton, the process of becoming Highly Accomplished can be intimidating, but as you make your way through your evidence and as you talk with colleagues, light does appear at the end of the tunnel. Such a Highly Accomplished application is treated as a new ‘Looking back, I have no hesitation in saying it was … Highly Accomplished 2.5: Support colleagues to implement effective teaching strategies to improve students’ literacy and numeracy achievement. Candidates are advised to refer to the Policy for Accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher and the Evidence Guides for Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher for requirements. sPHERE OF INFLUENCE. With O.H. To edit. Evidence guide for the highly accomplished teacher standards. Email Reply To Customer Complaint; General Manager Administration Resume Working Party A working party to develop this document was established at the ALIA Schools Committee Meeting of May 2013. NESA Policy for Accreditation at Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Section 7.1, page 8. may submit substantially the same evidence in an application for the Highly Accomplished Teacher level in a subsequent year, provided it is accompanied by a new written statement and new annotations that demonstrate achievement of the Standards at the Highly Accomplished career stage. We’ll ask you questions about your annotations and double check that you have included both evidence of process, and most importantly evidence of impact in your documentation. AITSL National Professional Standards for Teachers AITSL National Professional Standards for Teachers Graduate Status Highly Accomplished Knowledge Evidence Guide for the Proficient Teacher Standards Highly Accomplished and Lead of students relevant to specific standard descriptors Examples of. 24 Hours Tow Truck Service. The policy outlines the purposes and principles … AITSL has provided a Teacher Self-Assessment Tool to support this reflection: . Submission of evidence, decision-making and feedback. The process to achieve Certification as a Highly Accomplished or Lead Teacher. OFFICE LOCATION Level 4, 22 Harry Chan Avenue Darwin, Northern Territory The certification process has five main elements: Pre-assessment. How were they constructed, and what was their purpose? We can review and provide feedback on a sample of your annotations and evidence sets to ensure that you are approaching your submission the correct way.

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