You can use the inspection period to ask the seller any extra questions about the business. If you have ever considered following your dreams of owning a business in a child focused and fun loving environment, this is your chance to seize on a rare opportunity. Finally, there is an operations specialist who works to support the operations and manufacturing manager. From their thousands of affiliates to their incredibly skilled internal team, every facet of this company stands for quality, integrity, and profitable results. This Exact Match Domain Represented by: Technology, Internet & Website Business Brokers Listing ID:  WC2125. These avenues, along with additional site and mobile app monetization, are highly profitable scaling opportunities that are sure to skyrocket this company’s already impressive KPIs. This online business is the quintessential Amazon FBA Business – they have mastered Amazon’s A-9 Search Algorithm and have a tried and true system for finding product opportunities on Amazon to rank their products quickly after getting them to market … sometimes ranking in the top 10 within days. allows business owners to sell businesses for as low as $69.95. September and beyond month’s performance will depend on how quickly their customers fully re-open and ramp up their operations, which we would anticipate that it would be as quickly as possible. Experiencing rapid exponential growth, this 10-year-established company carries unimaginable potential for sustained revenue and growth in the right hands. Price Range(US$) Price(US$) Profit Range(US$)* *Profit(US$) Sales Range(US$) Sale(US$) Filter Shared Listings. By offering quality products and allowing their customers to pay for them over time, they’ve strengthened a loyal community following. These represent additional immediate opportunities for growth. The company’s emphasis on creating products with demonstrable, medical science-based efficacies combined with world-class customer service have naturally led to near perfect customer feedback and top-tier product ratings. There is also an operations and manufacturing manager who bags and preps both grain and compost for sterilization and pasteurization, and runs the sterilization and pasteruization cycles. • Key employee – License Holder • 6 Foreman + 3 Project Managers • 2/3 workforce at $20 & under hourly wage range • Training program allows for employee certification. Offering an immense contact database of more than 250,000 engaged members on social media as well as their broad range of subscribers to their owned site, this company is both effectively designed and profitably optimized to deliver unrivaled revenue along with momentous brand awareness and customer loyalty. Selling in the United States, Canada and Mexico through various Amazon Channels and its own Shopify storefronts, the company has negotiated unbelievable payment terms with sourcing manufacturers and has extremely low product concentration levels. Whether adding this company to a communications network or looking to make this a base of operations, this opportunity is sure to be an incredible asset for present and future business suc This Affiliate Network Represented by: Technology, Digital & Internet Business Broker Listing ID:  WC2084, Specializing in custom steel fabrication to L.A. code, architectural metal fabrications, including stainless steel and aluminum, welding projects where special attention to detail, along with technical support, is a must. The seller will consider seller financing up to 75%- depending on buyer qualifications and deal terms. Benjamin Moore independent dealers get the best of both worlds. This leaves limitless room to scale through the use of stronger Social Media practices, paid campaign initiatives, SEO improvements both to their owned site and Amazon listings, extended purchasing platforms, and expanded SKU lines. Over $150,000 of Tenant Improvements and Fixtures, Furniture and Equipment come with business. We have one of the largest databases of Maryland business opportunities featuring both small and large businesses. This Lead Generation Website Represented by: Website Closers Tech, Internet & Digital Business Brokers Listing ID:  WC2130, Route Composition: 9 P&D Routes Total Revenue: $919,501 Net Operating Income: $156,026 Listing Price: $632,000 SELF-SUFFICIENT OPERATION WITH A NEWER FLEET - Fully overlapped and ISP compliant - Remote ownership opportunity - FT Manager + Driving Assistant Manager run all daily operations, logistics, and maintenance at the terminal - Purchase this business with creative financing options such as truck debt assumption, Route Composition: 7 P&D Routes Total Revenue: $830,154 Net Operating Income: $126,329 Listing Price: $491,000 7 ROUTES FROM A LARGER OPERATION - This operation is fully overlapped and ISP compliant - Great opportunity for a hands-on investor. Bridge Mergers and Acquisitions does not provide accounting, tax, or legal advice. is the world's most popular website for buying or selling a business. Corner location, 5 minutes drive from free way. All vehicles are fully stocked with common electrical replacement components as well as being equipped with cell phone communication for the fastest possible response times to all their customers maintenance needs. Already leveraging extensive marketing initiatives such as affiliates, blogging and SEO, this offering is perfectly positioned to scale rapidly through the addition of outside selling channels such as Amazon, Walmart, and brick-and-mortar technology hubs such as Best Buy and Target. For larger orders ($350,000+), the company is able to break up payments even more with 1/3 at NET 30 from the time the product is delivered to the US, 1/3 NET 45 from delivery, and 1/3 NET 60 from the time the product is delivered. The company considers margin, competition, barriers to entry, ranking opportunities, longevity, and intellectual property capabilities when deciding on a product to add to their balanced selection. From research and development to product design, testing, the patent and trademark process, etc., the owners of this phenomenal business have a hand in every aspect of bringing each offering to market. This low owner involvement company has no employees and is currently operated pool-side for much of the year and represents less than a 30 hour a week commitment of time from anywhere in the world. Babysitting. Here are some from nearby areas. The first is a shipping and receiving manager who works to pack and ship orders. All potential buyers will need to complete the NDA and provide valid photo ID. Once created, these cutting-edge SKUs are developed in the eyes of the consumer through web pages, domain acquisition and purchase point creation. In addition to services, the business has created and features their own product line of various beauty products which are used and sold to clients in the studio and available through e-commerce sales via their website. 6% Global Conversion Rate. With scale opportunities present in channel expansion, subscription development, bundling options, additional advertising efforts, social media utilization and numerous other strategies, this company is positioned for effective and rapid growth. Real estate is not included in the sale of the Business. 7-year business is a major drayage player in the Port of Long Beach, Port of Los Angeles. Once in a lifetime opportunity to walk into an A+ business and start making money! Form more information contact Business Resource. Technology, product, and equipment improvements have changed the face of the industry in dramatic ways over the years. Strong EBITDA. The location is excellent being surrounded by residential and shopping areas and just minutes from the Gulf beaches. Leveraging Amazon’s streamlined tools, these paths to expansion are sure to be easy to traverse. This 20 year established business provides dog grooming, bathing and nail clipping services to a loyal customer base. Leveraging a highly effective array of powerful advertising practices, this company drives more than 1.8 million new site visitors per month to their 2 main selling websites alone. The Global Wi-Fi Modules Market size is expected to increase dramatically due to the impact of COVID-19 and the increasing need for Internet Access when away from the office. Seasonality and Concentration are not a concern with this business, so if one or two SKUs were to go out of stock, or becomes difficult to source, the overall sales continue to run strong. This business is ready and able to board more brands in more verticals. Online Businesses for Sale BizQuest has more Online Business for sale listings than any other source. While COVID-19 decimated much of the global economy, this company continued to outperform. With an extremely talented and results-driven team in place around the world, this company and its brands are highly visible and known for reliably delivering impressive returns. is the world's most popular website for buying or selling a business. Opportunities for expansion in this industry are nearly limitless with room for more affiliate members, advertising partners, and service offerings. Situated for significant and seamless scaling in a variety of ways, this business is ready for expansion onto almost any international channel. This skilled team of digitally focused media buyers has over 2,400 global affiliates selling for over 30 eCommerce CPG brands. In operation for more than 20 years, the business is established and is core to the fabric of this community. A new owner could easily double the revenue by implementing a sales and marketing team. • Franchisees of this company enjoy high margin and low overhead through multiple revenue streams • Currently have 17 successful franchise licensees operation in 7 major states throughout the US. Sales for 2019 were $220,000 with owner benefit working part time of $73,000. There are tremendous growth opportunities for a new, motivated buyer to expand the business in the thriving Colorado housing and construction market. 586 … Current ownership spends 50 hours each week on growing and maintaining this highly lucrative company. Great for those who love passive income. Their main responsibilities include team structuring, enterprise planning, client management, invoice tracking and bookkeeping. Business for sale in Melbourne. The Launch Opportunity There is an Existing Opportunity for you in Rockville, MD & Columbia, MD. The dispensaries offer quality products, which attracts knowledgeable and loyal customers. Wi-Fi modules covered universal Wi-Fi modules, routers, range extenders, repeaters, bridges and more. Owner Financing available with $800,000 down. Business for sale in Darwin. Very well run and continues to sell high numbers of retail sales year after year. In addition to the owner, this company employs 5 part-time partners who are in charge of video production, social media, name database maintenance, podcast research and podcast co-hosting. Thanks to the nature of this brand’s sector, its highly rated ASINs, strong brand presence and ability to ROI right out of the gates due to respectable payment terms, this savvy retail business is ready to be taken to the next level thanks to its “next level” scale potential. Cheap businesses for sale Buy and sell competitively priced Shopify stores with low operating costs, established suppliers and wide inventory for complex product differentiation and strategic markup pricing. **** This vast list can easily be minimized through the addition of a general manager. Business has a small footprint 400 sq foot location with both indoor and outdoor dining. The current ownership dedicates a total of 10 hours per week to maintaining and growing this company. Excellent strategic add-on. This opportunity is an established profitable landscape maintenance and service business delivering high quality service The majority of the customer base is commercial and is concentrated geographically to provide for quick access and increased productivity from the team due to limited travel time. Sigma Mergers & Acquisitions is a Dallas business broker that represents manufacturing, service and distribution companies from other industries between 500k and 50 million. 3200 square feet of retail space, great lease and terms, unbeatable location, and covid proof as sales are still strong! A new owner can choose to run the business as is, and reap the rewards, or to invest in the growth of the company, which would primarily consist of acquiring new of inventory and selling on other channels as well as internationally. Centered on the promotion of nursing programs across the US, this market leader drives unparalleled traffic for both its own website as well as the websites of institutional partners that are looking to gather applicants and consumers. With highly effective scale opportunities at its immediate fingertips, this company would do extremely well on social media. Like many businesses, these innovations have enabled this Company to provide a longer-lasting, better quality, more efficient product for its customers at the most economical prices available in the industry. Award Wining and Renowned bakery in NYC, featured in various magazines such as The New York Times, Time Out, Harper’s Bazaar in business since 2000. Currently, this opportunity carries over 30 advertiser brands. With an average monthly visitor rate of almost 1 million unique leads, this outreach website drives unrivaled revenue while delivering phenomenal results. 4.30.20: Revenue $1,399,000; Seller Discretionary Earnings $321K This business provides electrical installation for ground-up new construction and office upfits for manufacturing, light industrial spaces with a specialty in office upfits & medical offices. eBay supports a variety of website businesses for sale including internet businesses, manufacturing businesses, marketing businesses… Additionally, all non-vegetarian dishes are prepared with separate utensils, fryers, and pans. The Little Gym concept is that fun environments are very conducive to preparing children for life's adventures. Approx. More fantastic avenues to growth center on strategic partnership building with other wellness companies such as nutritionists, gyms, yoga studios, and spas. All equipment, including a fleet of delivery vehicles, are top of the line and are in good repair with no deferred maintenance. This is a platform business. From turnkey internet businesses to online retail businesses to profitable retail businesses online, has a wide variety of online businesses for sale. Flippa was the first-ever marketplace used for selling websites, and they’re still one of the best. The owners and employees are lead craftsmen in the specialty products market. Buyer CWI or LA City welding license, auto CAD skills and C51 contractors license a plus. Florida, also commonly known as "The Sunshine State," is a peninsula located at the southeastern tip of the United States. He is passionate about the process, having created and sold four of his own businesses to date, and helped hundreds of other businesses do the same. Presently, they are only doing outdoor dining and 100% of sales are online since the onset of Covid-19. **** All the financials, lease information, and Franchise information available only after signing attached NDA *****. MUST HAVE GOOD CREDIT PROOF OF FUND INTERVIEW WILL BE TAKEN BY COMPANY. Exchange Support securely transfers the store to the buyer and the seller receives the funds from Escrow. The core of the owner’s daily tasks revolve around sales operations as they track inventory, order products, and respond to consumer concerns. This rapidly growing brand is gathering awareness, customer loyalty, and a strong community following through organic traffic, social media use, and word of mouth. The business does a steady, high volume of quality Mediterranean style food featuring mezes, classic falafel, salads, beef, lamb, chicken dishes, hummus dishes, and much more. Consistent income, margins and profitability remain the hallmark of this store that continues to perform despite Covid-19. Established for over 21 years with $780k+ in sales and $198k discretionary earnings Now available for acquisition. The Company is one of the most established manufactures of its kind in the nation. The lucky new owner of this company will be able to take the reins easily and seamlessly as this offering does not require any type of technical background. As a learning hub and streamlined nursing outreach center, this digital community is perfectly designed to scale effectively and efficiently as its industry continues to develop and grow. Business Owner believes top business strengths include: • Financially Sound • Strong Reputation for Workmanship • Passion for the work and for employees of the Company This Business is being sold as an Asset Sale where the Business Owner retains cash, receivables, prepaids and pays off any payables/liabilities at the time of sale. Leveraging direct advertising, programmatic advertising, and strategic content placement, this revolutionary company drives unmatched high-quality, targeted traffic. Regarding the team more specifically, this Internet Retailer has taken a specific approach to how they choose the products they sell. The new owner will be able to provide a renewed focus and energy on taking the business to new levels while becoming a highly respected pillar in the community. The company values their long-standing relationships with their customers and suppliers. We recommend that Buyer’s due diligence professional verify calculations, and we are confident that your due diligence professional will arrive at similar conclusions. Local area residents and tourists frequent this shop, which has a broad and organized product offering, set in an environment of tasteful design and artistry. Established in 1996, the website is an international marketplace of businesses for sale. This company is optimized for profitability, showing amazing 95%+ margins with minimal staff and leverages a strong set of optimized marketing strategies to keep this business growing at minimal overhead cost. Saga of Tanya the Evil | Youjo Senki Merchandise Store, Businesses offering seller support after sale. This Internet Company has a 70% Year Over Year Growth Rate along with an average order value of $27.67, bringing phenomenal revenue and the foundation for stable scale to a capable buyer. The facility is owned by the seller and is designed for this use with 4 grooming stations and bathing stations. The company is known for its ability to work within tight timelines during manufacturing plant shutdowns, and for its consistent on-time delivery. One of the World's Largest Singapore Math Enrichment Programs is Now in America! This experienced company knows all of the tools of the trade when it comes to product listings. Good software system and website in place. Carrying only proprietary offerings, this incredible opportunity drives ever-increasing returns across more than 14 international markets, including, North America, Asia, Europe and more. Current ownership does not yet leverage their exceedingly engaged audience to sell in-house products such as baby supplies and care items, conduct high quality lead generation nor have they yet sponsored existing products and brands as professional influencers. SERIOUS INQUIRE ONLY CALL FOR MORE DETAIL @847-529-9778 ? With a pool of 50,000+ unique customers, this lucrative business has over 260 SKUs and an Average Order Value of $81.00. It is hard to overstate the dramatic shift to eCommerce from the coronavirus pandemic. Sort by. With a low necessary workload based on current sales, this business requires little oversight and is already scaling organically on its own. This business is the go-to commercial and industrial plumbing contractor for companies like Simmons Foods, Tyson Foods, Cargill and Rockline Industries due to their extensive expertise and state-of-the-art equipment. is the world's most popular website for buying or selling a business. It is recommended that an incoming buyer be familiar with digital and direct response marketing as well as the eCommerce industry in general. So many brands have been built on the Amazon platform, and this Affiliate opportunity gives brand owners the opportunity to also build off Amazon. There are immense opportunities throughout this space for expansion through new affiliate partnerships, additional client advertiser relationships, internal technology development and business development. Dream Vacations. The company has historically hit its targets and is scheduled to gain $3.9M in cash flow alone in 2021. This team knows how to select products and how to launch them – every single product that has been launched to date has done well – each and every one of them a home run. Zip codes for homes include 32082, 32250, 32233,32081, 32225, 32256, 32257. Extended product lines such as more focused and streamlined technologies within this space are also immensely impactful for revenue growth. Local fishing boats supply the Company with their finest daily catch. With the Atlantic … The management structure is designed to allow the owner to delegate day to day tasks to the existing management team. If you like country side, Fresh Air and secluded area, right on the Foothill of Tahoe, in beautiful city of Placerville, then you hove to Owen this new station with the Real Property. This opportunity connects these parties to drive incredible results. It offers the first leg of trucking moving customer supplied containers and trailers to distribution warehouses within about a 100 mile radius. Active online website and HUNDREDS of proprietary RECIPES. Over 25 years of very successful business and sales. This position requires the use of specialized equipment along with heavy lifting. Covers all markets so income stream is steady during all market fluctuations (vacations rentals, long term annual rentals, sales, listings property check etc, Currently the owners work from home so should not be a problem with relocating the business. - Facebook (3000 Followers) - Email List (12,000+ Subscribers) Please get in touch if you are interested in pursuing. Confidential Listing. They have very stringent hygiene and disinfectant protocols. Operating out of their own 3,000 square foot warehouse, along with a 500 square foot outdoor space, this business ships out an average of 100 orders per day. Other products are gathered locally, such as key materials for manufacturing. Business for sale in Canberra. Additionally, there are many opportunities to increase client volume through additional marketing and PR initiatives. All systems, crew and equipment in place. From current profits to limitless future potential, this is one acquisition that no entrepreneur should pass up. An authoritative market leader for a decade, this exceedingly profitable company is an incredible investment that is set to bring lasting success to the lucky entrepreneur that acquires this it. Everything is optimized to make money, this website is made with passion and testing. This business has a few performance factors that make it stand out from the eCommerce crowd: 1. As a maintenance provider, the Company benefits from having an in-house neon plant as well as utilizing a variety of mobile equipment ranging from pick-up trucks, to a 30' remote bucket truck, to a 72' remote crane. This cutting edge, strategically poised company will be a fantastically profitable acquisition for any capable buyer. This is a great business to invest in when successful it can generate a huge income for you on the side I am just a bit too busy to manage this by myself and this can be a very valuble start. Each advertiser product has gone through a strict vetting process to ensure quality, however, adding different niche advertisers such as supplement and nutraceutical brands is another opportunity for rapid scale, in the right hands. From the creation of in-house parenting product lines and children’s items such as clothes, diapers, formula, food, and toys all the way to the development of parenting apps, creative naming apps, and relationships with leading writers across both genres and mediums; this expansive offering is perfectly poised to grow in any direction a capable new owner may take it in.

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