To convert meters (m) to feet (ft), note that 1 meter equals 3.3 feet. ... Form Flow Stik 7ft Surfboard 50.5 Litres of volume ***needs small repair on nose*** Not currently watertight Nose has a small crack Comes with *boardshop 7ft bag *Fcs2 5 medium carver fins *7foot jjf dakine leash Collection only Bic Mini Nose Rider Surfboard 7ft 6 Green . United States of America ; International (English) Trouver un revendeur. My first preowned surfboard suffered from multiple dinks and dings caused during transport to and from the beach/coast since my home was situated 200 miles inland. £294.99. Product Details. Sell Bic Surfboards Mini Mal 2013 7ft 3. Well, I wound up getting a Premier 7'2" funboard, about 21.25" wide, and 3.5" thick. Surfboards . the 7.9 is more towards the longboard, harder to turn but fun to move around on (yes its a funboard but its fun to move abit). Real high quality surfboard if your aware this has triple stringers and super strong plus surfs really well. SHARE THIS Tweet Share Whatsapp Correo. 7'3 Mini Malibu . I'm also liking that as I get better I can take advantage of its smaller shape. High volume board at 38 litres so it's super buoyant and catches everything. Name The Bic Mini Malibu 7ft 3 surfboard; Ability Beginner/Intermediate; Rider Kid/Male/Female Up to 80kg; Conditions Anything from knee to head high waves; Construction DURA-TEC technology; Dimensions 7ft 3 x 21.25 x 2.5; Volume 46 litres; Weight 5.6kg; Fin System FCS Thruster; Fins Included FCS M5 Thruster Set Urgent. volume = 1/3 × π × 0.3 2 (3 × 1.68 - 0.3) = 0.447 in 3. And if you have paid by PayPal, they will even refund you the cost of return. That's why we give you 100 days to return an item, 30 days for promotional items. Click & Collect. Boards are available in a choice of technologies, including Dura-Tec and Ace Tec. Planche de Surf Bic Mini Malibu , Red Bic Surfboards - 7ft 3 Actuellement indisponible. Mini Mal Sunset Surfboard - 7ft 8. I have owned my bic Mini mal for a about five years. 7'3 Mini Malibu. Skip to main Skip to main content. 7″0 Mini Mal Shape (All new 2020/21 shape) Dimensions 7″0 x 21 1/2″ x 3″ Volume 65 Litres. A fabulous entry-level board for new surfers, it features a refined combination of stability for ease of paddling and enough performance to make it a fun board for the more advanced surfer. ive ridden on a bic 7.3 not too long ago. Over the years our boards have featured in magazines, TV adverts and even professional surf championships. ... 7ft Mini Mal Surfboard. A perennial favourite in the Bic Dura-Tec range, the 7ft 9 Malibu or Natural Surf 2 brings “big board” stability and wave catching in a more manageable package for the smaller lighter weight surfer. Maroubra. $350. Availability: ... Volume technology; 7'3: 21"1/4: 12.5 LBS: 46 L: DURATEC: Related Products. Paddling is made easy via the bigger outline of the board and the volume of the board makes it easier to stand up. (Min. Read more . Price includes 3 fins, leash and 2 bars of wax. Funboards typically occupy the 7ft - 8 1/2 foot range and are a hybrid of sorts between shortboard and longboard characteristics that include thicker rails and wider bodies for more float and stability. The talented individuals that make up the Bic Shaping Team are diverse in their creative direction but unite in their shared passion of surfing. The mini-mal surfboard dimensions are 6’8 by 21” by 2.75”, giving it a 45 L volume. SUPERFROG SERIES. This is a very popular smaller Mini-mal well suited to smaller adult beginners and intermediates. Real high quality surfboard if your aware this has triple stringers and super strong plus surfs really well. Custard Point have been designing and shaping custom surfboards in Newquay Cornwall since 1983. €435.00. The 7'3" Big Mini-Malibu is a classical board, perfect to learn and improve. Featuring a medium full nose and shallow mid-entry there is enough volume for smaller days and weaker surf. A Mini mal board will generally range from 7ft up to 8ft 6" and have a width of around 21 inches to 23 inches. For Surfers and By Surfers , … If you have payed by PayPal, they will refund you for the cost to ship the article back. We tell you all everything about surfing, bodyboarding and Shape. The two mini-mal sizes are: 7’ by 22” by 3.125” 8' by 23" by 3.375" Bic Mini Mal 7ft ( 7 foot ) Surfboard - Good Begin . £599.99. This would be around 24 litres in volume. Portstewart. Gumtree See price. I ride a 7'6" funboard and really like it. BIC occupe en France des positions de leader : N° 1 dans les produits de papeterie et les briquets, N° 1 en volume en rasoirs féminins non rechargeables et N° 2 en volume dans l’ensemble des rasoirs non rechargeables. Enter the mini mal, a slightly smaller version of the “mal” or longboard design and by far the best type of surfboard for learning to surf on. Bic Surfboard 6'7" 38L White Like Mini Mal Beginner to Intermediate With Fins In good used condition. In the early 2000s BIC Surf developed the One Design concept in surfing, where all competitors use the same equipment to level the playing field for all competitors. Mini mal is a shorter longboard with length varying typically between 7’0 and 8’6. I bought myself a shortboard because i prefered something more maniable (sp?). DURA-TEC Technology . I'm leaning toward the 7'3" - 7'6" route because they sound like boards that are both easy to transport and fairly easy to learn on, but I'm guessing price might be the main factor. I've owned or surfed on enough other boards to give this rather ubiquitous surfboard a fair review. Windsurf . View Range Pop Stick Range Shortboard shaped soft surfboards from 5'6" to 7'0" ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers. Mini-Mal Surfboards 7’ – 8’ These are smaller than longboards, which makes them easier to transport around. Send an Inquiry to this supplier. Sports & Outdoors Hello, Sign in. Contactless Pick-Up will then be arranged with you. (21 3/4 width). 10 Item ... Mini Mal 2 items; Beginner 3 items; SUP 1 item; Length. Ideal to improve. $ 399. Bic surfboards are now branded as Oxbow & S I C. The Dura-Tech models are now branded as Oxbow & the Ace-Tech models have been improved slightly & now fall under the S I C brand. Struggling after 5yr absence - need a bigger board. Gumtree. La 7’3’’ Mini-Malibu est la planche parfaite pour surfer toutes les vagues. 7’3″ MINI MALIBU OXBOW + FREE 7ft Leash + 2 x Surf Wax + FREE Delivery The Mini-Malibu is the perfect all rounder. 7'9" Malibu REF. Board Features Length: 7'3" Width: 21 1/4" Thickness: 2 1/2" Volume: 46L Construction: Dura-Tec (ACS) Included Fin Set-Up: FCS M5 fins What We Say About This Board "This board will appeal to smaller surfers looking for a first board. 101695. Ref. mini mal: Dimensions: 7ft 6 x 21 3/4: Description: classic mini mal.this is the most popular size for guys up to 13 1/2 stone colours: blue deck fade, or to customers own colours! The style of board is a 'funboard'. $319.95. Bic mini mal 7ft ( 7 foot ) surfboard - good. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. You can decrease these figures by up to -20% if you are young and healthy, or increase them up to + 20%, the more children you have and/or the more beers you drink. Mini Mal Surfboard . A minimal to longboard size surfboard could be at least 65-80 litres+ of volume. If for any reason you wish to return a product , you have 100 days to do so. Versatile and a joy to ride, the Mini-Malibu surfboard will take you from your first ever surfing experience through to gliding down the unbroken wave face or ripping up the lip! They are thicker and wider than Shortboards, giving them much more volume. Mega Softboard Clearance Sale! Lets compare this to a performance shortboard that say Kelly Slater might ride…he might ride something like a 6’1 x 18 ¼ inch shortboard. Spec. Still amazing value bullet proof products ;-) Demo boards available to hire. 8'4" Magnum REF. Free postage. The more CL and volume a board has, the more stable it is and the easier it is to paddle. A Mini mal board will generally range from 7ft up to 8ft 6" and have a width of around 21 inches to 23 inches. 282,50 € Ref. La planche de surf Bic Mini-Malibu 7'3" Original est un grand classique qui à permis à de nombreuses personnes d'apprendre à surfer. If you want to return an item to us, we will give you a full refund (return within 14 days) or a voucher (return after 14 days). ... Over 300,000 boards sold around the world since the beginning of BIC SURF! Just as a note; MiniMal is (out here, at least) mainly viewed as a brand by BIC, for "Mini Malibu". The less CL and volume a board has, the easier it is to maneuver. Surfboards, leash, covers, wetsuits, accessories , you will find in our online surfshop many top brands: Creatures, FCS, Shapers, Xcel, Pride, NMD, Versus, Sniper, Agent Eighteen, Zion, Eurofin, Bic, Mystic, NSP, Far King, etc ... We are a passionate team, so feel free to contact us, we will be glad to help you. With the 7.3 the turns are decent, its ez to follow the wave and surf it nicely. We are recognized by Confianza Online and adhere to its quality chart. Gerard has been with the brand since the beginning and still is today. To be precise, their nose is wide like a longboard. Skip to main What first drew me to the bics was their durability. Bic surfboards start there lives being developed and copied from an original blank designed by a world renowned surfboard shaper. Strong and durable. Ref. I'm a newcomer to the sport, and found longer boards to be more my type of surfboard. Shop BIC MINIMAL SURFBOARD 7ft 3. 20) Send. Sorted Surf Shop has selected some of the best boards on the market so that you will be able to get the board to suit you surfing needs. Croyde Surf Hire Bic 7'3 Mini-mal Surfboard [BIC-7ft3in Mini-mal] - Due to Government Covid-19 restrictions The Shop is Only Open for pre-arranged CLICK & COLLECT. The Mini Mal style of surfboard works perfectly for beginners or infrequent surfers by offering more volume, width and length than a standard board. Pretty good condition, with fins and leg rope. This Bullet paddles extremely well with the extra volume under the chest area which will see you out in the water for longer and catching virtually any wave. Categories . With a range of boards ranging from 7ft to 9.6ft, we will help you to find one that suits your needs and your height to help you learn on the perfect board. The quality of products and service we provide are THE priority. The AQSS Mahi Mahi is a sleek, strong and super stable Mini Mal. Durable enough to survive learn-to-surf wipeouts that leave other boards on the beach, this low-cost board will bring you hours of fun on a great range of wave conditions. or Best Offer. Appealing to those who are looking for more volume and better glide than a funboard, but aren’t interested in a full-size longboard. Great for a beginner or intermediate for summer fun waves. See details. Show Filters. Bic Mini Mal 7ft 3 surfboard. is your online Surf, Bodyboard, Skateboard and Stand-Up-Paddle shop. The style of board is a 'funboard'. DISCOVER BIC Sport SUP New Design . Perfect beginners surfboard or an intermediate surfer want a wave catching machine. I'm about 5'7" and 150 lbs, so I guess I can swing with the 7'6"... ya probably however i find it easier to popup on my 7.4 thruster than on my 7.8 fun. Perfect beginners surfboard or an intermediate surfer want a wave catching machine. I'm dithering between one of the two longboard types. Surf Board Bag 7'3. ... A pop-out is a plastic composite like the ones made by the folks at BIC. $25.95. 7ft … 101698. (Plus de 2m : 2/3 jours) Votre surf shop depuis 1978 : LOISIRS 3000 - 237 rue Eugène Berest - 29200 BREST / 02 30 30 03 36 non-surtaxé (10-12h / 14-19h - Samedi non-stop) Sort by: Name Price Most Recent Best Sellers. Weird. I take her out for her 'maiden voyage' tommorrow afternoon, provided one of Florida's thunderstorms don't hit again. ... Volume technologie; 220 cm: 54 cm: 5.6 kg: 46 L: DURA-TEC: Produits apparentés . Shop All Kayaks Blog . Will also throw in my old day bag as I won't be needing it anymore — seen better days but free! He designed most models in the BIC Surfboard range, including the legendary 7’9 and 7’3 models, both of which have seen more than 100,000 units produced and shipped from the production facility in Vannes, Brittany. We specialise in Longboards, Mini mals, and alternative shortboard shapes like Fishes and Magic Carpets. Choose from five different types of boards: shortboard, fish, funboard/malibu, longboard, and SUP. Round-nosed and usually three-finned, they are typically 7 to 9 feet long, 21 to 23 inches wide, and 2 1/2 to 3 … Surfboard Hire is available by pre-booking online here. DURA TEC: This building process guarantees perfect replication. BORNEO REF. ** We have a huge stock of more than 5000 articles. Try. From how to duck dive, until how to make a surfboard, or how to plug a bodyboard leash, we explain everything we know, almost everyting. High volume board at 38 litres so it's super buoyant and catches everything. Le Bic 2,1 m 3 mini mal est le modèle unique de plus vendus au monde de surf avec bonne raison. The major advantage to these boards is that they will fit into some cars — but you need to be a very small person or have developed skills on a longer board before you find alot of success surfing a mini-mal. Bic Mini Mal 7ft ( 7 foot ) Surfboard - Good Beginner board Portstewart, County Londonderry Bic Mini Mal 7 foot surfboard Ideal board for beginners I bought this board in July and I’ve just bought a new one, so reluctantly selling this, it’s a great board and in great condition has a tiny wee dent on it that’s really unnoticeable and As the surf jumps up, step back and the board transforms. 1. The ease of paddling is key to make sure the surfer catches as many waves as a possible. It bottom turns well and I think I'll be able to carve a nice cutback eventually. I'm 5'8", 155 and since I'm kind of small I need a board that's stable enough for a beginner, but something I can also duckdive. BIC MINIMAL SURFBOARD 7ft 3 in Sports & Outdoors. It comes in six different sizes, two of which could be considered in the mini-mal surfboard template. £190.00. You will get your money back, you don´t need to give any explanation. Date Listed: 19/09/2020; Last Edited: 19/09/2020; Condition: Used; Similar Ads . Easy paddling, stable board and good handling which allows you to practise bottom turns. This Bic mini mal is a fairly standard beginner surfboard. The TAHE 7ft 6 Mini Mal Nose Rider Surfboard is perfect first time board for those learn how to surf and want a stable platform and loads of volume to catch all the waves you want. Skip to main Disponibilité : Pas de stock. World of watersports. 0 bids. Conical Frustum. Can I Expect Some Smaller Swells During Winter? The Bic 7ft 3 Mini-Mal is a really good all round board, in small weak conditions you can still get your quota of waves as it paddles and takes off like a long board. $79.95. The 7'6" fun shape really works for me. 7'3" Mini Mal SURF WAHINE . Great as a summer fun board for the more experienced surfer. To convert kilograms (kg) to pounds (lb), note that 1 kilogram equals 2.2 pounds. Il représente une valeur incroyable pour l'argent, la carte d'entrée de gamme est un fabuleux et grce à sa combinaison de la stabilité, la facilité de pédalage et potentiel de performance. Bic Mini Mal 7’3 Surfboard (21 1/4 x 2 1/2, around 46L). 7'3 Mini Malibu 2017 . Bic Mini Mal 7ft ( 7 foot ) Surfboard - Good Begin . A mini-mal is a short malibu board, ... Full of volume and stability. Check items to add to the cart or select all. Bic Dura Tec Mini Mal Padded Surfboard - 7ft 3: Sports & Outdoors. Pay by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer quickly and safely, Stocks are automaticly uptadated, so you always have an accurate information. This combination makes the board more stable, once the surfer is up and riding, and crucially makes the board easier and faster to paddle. Before accepting the application you should read the basic information on data protection presented here. by bluesnowcone » Tue Aug 15, 2006 8:30 am, by drowningbitbybit » Tue Aug 15, 2006 9:29 am, by Mitur Bin'esderty » Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:54 am, by SINGLEFIN74 » Thu Aug 17, 2006 6:34 am, 8 hours ago by ConcreteVitamin17 comments, Subscribe for the latest news, offers and more …. He designed most models in the BIC Surfboard range, including the legendary 7’9 and 7’3 models, both of which have seen more than 100,000 units produced and shipped from the production facility in Vannes, Brittany. They are suitable when you want to surf on smaller waves and are known as ideal surfboards for beginners. Cochez les articles à ajouter au panier ou tout sélectionner. 27,00 € Points clés. 6 0 Surfboard. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. The Bic 7ft 3 Mini Mal surfboard ia one of our best selling surfboards do to the durable construction and ability to catch so many waves. Prices: £440 : Model: Standard Mini Mal: Dimensions: 7ft6x21.75(shown) available 7ft2 to 7ft11. See sizes available (shipping within 2-3 days). Since 28/11. funboard surfboard. Oxbow Mini Mal Surfboard 7Ft 3 is in stock and available now. Fish Surfboards look like… a fish! ... Volume technology; 7'3" 21"1/4: 12.5 LBS: 46 L: DURA-TEC: Related Products. O'Pen Skiff . Stand Up Paddle . Free delivery and returns on all eligible orders. Kayaks . I chose a Bic because it's economical, moderate weight and length (I drive a midsize sedan), and it's pretty solid as well. does not guarantee the validity of product information or the credentials of sellers.

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