Balau. Similar to Teak in color, this 5/4×6″ decking will perform admirably for years, even in wet climates. Batu (Red Balau) Decking. Balau decking is chosen for its rich hue and minimal knotting. Please find below our description of this specie in an attempt to give as much detail of this timber to help both the trade person and ley person make an informed choice. Although balau is a high-density hardwood, it is relatively easy to work. It is one of the most popular species in hardwood decking. Schreiner previously worked for a London-based freelance firm. Yellow Balau Decking Boards should be securely fixed down where they cross every joist either with Spax Stainless Steel decking screws. If your balau deck is exposed to direct sunlight for much of the day, the wood can become parched and cracked if you don't oil it at least annually. Balau is a Malaysian hardwood timber, light brown in its natural form. For this reason, it is mainly used in outdoor projects: while boat decks and shipbuilding are among its many uses, Balau is mostly used as a decking material in the UK. It is a hard, heavy and strong timber with an even texture that is well suited to deck construction. Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking 21x145mm Castle one face, Reeded one face. Commonly used for Decking. The hardwood comes from Indonesia, and we are the direct importer of record. If left untreated, as with all natural hardwoods, your deck will turn a silvery grey color. complete the build with PAR battens and stainless steel screws . Nova Batu hardwood decking closely resembles the rich classic look of Mahogany. Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. This is a classic reversible profile with a Fluted or Ribbed texture to one side and a popular Castle turret style to the other. As with all timber left untreated it will weather to product deep brown. Coarse texture, minimal distortion. Balau. Balau, also known as Bangkirai, is a durable hardwood and popular for machining decking boards. Also, if your deck is surrounded by plants that drop fruit-covered seeds, these seeds could mar the appearance of your balau decking if you fail to take proper precautions. Because the wood is imported, it is generally more expensive than domestic woods such as oak and pine. Starting out rich and dark, it loses none of its charm, but takes on a silvery hue as the years pass. For more information, see our full range of Hardwood Decking Products. BALAU – Shorea spp. Batu Wood (Red Balau – Mahogany) Hardwood Decking: Also known as: Mahogany, Red Balau | Origin: Indonesia | Janka Hardness Rating: 2,100 lb Batu Wood Color: Warm, rich Mahogany, reddish-brown color. Yellow Balau boards should be trimmed both ends to squared up and remove the wax ends. Balau decking is strong, heavy and very hard. Want a timber decking that is hard wearing and naturally durable? Our decking is machined from kiln-dried timber and with proper care this very durable and suitable for use as exterior decking. This wood can stand up to heavy use, allowing it to survive the years of trampling it will receive as part of your deck. Balau hardwood decking is one of the best alternatives to Ipe when it comes to durability and ease of maintenance. Yellow balau is golden yellow and slightly reddish brown in colour. Balau wood is not native to North America. Key features. Suppliers of high quality Balau hardwood decking in the UK. Red Balau decking has a beautiful reddish-brown color, but being a naturally oily wood, it needs to be sealed if you want it to retain that rich color through its potentially long lifespan. HYGIENE & DISTANCING MEASURES ARE TO BE ADHERED TO, INCLUDING THE USE OF A FACE MASK. This product also features in public projects. Balau is a hardwood native to Asia and a great choice for decking because of its durability and its eye-catching look. Contact Us. I had some Red Balau (from Batu, sold as decking material) that I made into an end grain cutting board. Description: A very dense and durable timber. You can treat this type of hardwood decking with our Treatex Yellow Balau Oil, which will help retain the initial colour whilst ensuring long life and durability. The whole process was an experiment, but the product came out really awesome. A rich, dark red colour, this truly is a hardwood decking option that oozes class. COVID-19 UPDATE: IN ACCORDANCE WITH GOVERNMENT GUIDELINES WE ARE FULLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SATURDAY MORNINGS. Balau decking is highly recognisable. It comes in a variety of hues such as teak, yellow-brown and purplish-brown with stunning red undertones. Red balau is a hardwood that hails from Indonesia and is highly sought after for decking, the world over. Balau wood is similar to teak in its maintenance requirements. She currently teaches writing to middle school students in Ohio and works on her writing craft regularly. If you intend to use your deck as an outdoor eating space, you must guard against spills and wipe them up promptly to avoid staining. Be aware of small holes referred to as “pin holes”. All our Balau decking is from sustainable, permanent forests, and carries an … Sealed balau does not need annual oiling, as the sealant holds in the wood's natural oils. However, if you sand away an old layer of sealant and don't reseal it immediately, you should oil the surface to protect it until you seal again. Striking in colour Balau decking has an array of browns, reds and oranges to deliver a stunning looking deck. Balau wood is generally kiln-dried for 30 to 60 days. After it has undergone kiln-drying, the wood is dried in the sun for several days to produce its yellowy-orange hue. Decking. The main workability issue is due to the presence of resin pockets, which means resin can build up on cutting equipment. Yellow Balau Batu is a heavy hardwood that is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. There are some negatives associated with the use of balau decking, however. Duffield TimberGreen LaneMelmerby, RiponHG4 5JB, Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 4.30pmFriday 8.00am - 4:00pm, Fluted & Castellated Reversible Decking DTD6. Golden Balau | Bankirai KAYU® -Golden™ Exotic Hardwood KAYU®-Golden™ Bangkirai – is a very durable hardwood, well suited to deck construction. These trees grow in hilly regions of Southeast Asia, so any balau wood used in American decking must be imported. Balau Timber is stocked as an exterior 'decking' profile. This decking solution is perfect if you want a deck that gets better as time goes by. Similarly, Titanic Belfast tourist attraction also makes use of it. With its durability and golden brown hues, Yellow Balau timber offers great value and is a popular choice for hardwood decking in the UK. If balau producers do not follow this procedure properly, they run the risk of dramatically reducing the lifespan of the wood. Before it is ready for use in decking, balau wood must move through a specific drying process to ensure that it doesn't crack or warp. If fruit-bearing trees surround your balau deck, sealing the deck will likely prove the safest option. Yellow Balau (pronounced Bal-Ow) - Bangkirai - is a very durable Malaysian hardwood. For further information please see the ‘How to fit Yellow Balau Hardwood Decking’ video on the home page of our website The stunning timber has light to mid browns and sandy red/oranges that really stand out when wet. Yellow Balau (Bankirai) is a durable hardwood from Southeast Asia and with a mix of warm colours from golden browns, light browns to reddish tones it makes it one of the most popular choices for decking in the UK. The wood is cut from forests in South East Asia. Heartwood from Batu or Red Balau hardwood ranges from a medium red to a deep red / brown with purple tinges and often has resin canals with white contents in concentric lines on end … Difficult to work because so dense. This is a Malaysian hardwood with natural durability and will gradually weather to a silver-grey colour. Like all timbers, if left to weather naturally, Balau gentles down to a welcoming silver. Most Meranti decking is a conglomeration of multiple Shorea species with variegated grain and color. Rarely necessary to stain. Yellow Balau is golden yellow and slightly reddish brown in colour, which will naturally fade to a silver/grey colour due to the bleaching effect of the sun. As its last layer has an attractive yellow colour, it’s the preference of people wanting a warm yellow look on … Balau is a hardwood that originated from Malaysia but used commonly all over the world. This wood can stand up to heavy use, allowing it to survive the years of trampling it will receive as part of your deck. By creating an account you agree to the Hunker, Park Bench Designs: Balau Facts and Teak Comparisons. This type of tropical hardwood is naturally resistant to weathering, insect attack, fungal infestation and decay - even if left untreated. Available Length 2.13m (7ft) £10.86 (inc vat) 942 in stock Add to Cart Our Yellow Balau decking could be the perfect option for your project. If balau is being nailed, the timber should be pre-drilled. Yellow Balau - is a very durable hardwood, well suited to deck construction. To achieve an enhanced yet natural appearance on hardwood decking, decking oil may be applied. In stock 10,000 metres ready for immediate dispatch. Erin Schreiner is a freelance writer and teacher who holds a bachelor's degree from Bowling Green State University. WHAT IS BALAU? Our Yellow Balau (not to be confused with Red Balau) is a heavy hardwood with a yellow-brown and purplish-brown colour with red undertones. Yellow Balau (Bankirai) is a durable hardwood from Southeast Asia and with a mix of warm colours from golden browns, light browns to reddish tones it makes it one of the most popular choices for decking in the UK. Origin: South East Asia. FAQ. With splinter-free boards that are smooth to the touch, Batua is considered a premium hardwood, free of defects and knots. Her work appears on eHow, and RedEnvelope. It's a hard, heavy and strong timber that is well suited to deck construction. Mouldings. Silva Timber holds large stocks of Yellow Balau Wood decking in a variety of lengths as well as a full range of decking installation accessories and aids. More. It is dense, heavy, strong and has very little knots that is well suited to deck construction.Our Decking is 21x145mm the profile dual-sided i.e grooved on one side and reeded on the other Balau decking is chosen for its rich hue and minimal knotting. The wood will darken to a deeper brown as it ages and weathers. Call us now on 01183 733363 / 07732718438. Hey everyone. Treatex Bangkirai Oil was created for exotic timbers like Balau, Cumaru, Ipe. Because of its density and durability it has become the premier choice for external and marine applications. Does anyone know if Red Balau is safe to put food on after I do the normal cutting board things (wash, condition, oil, etc)? For example, Boardwalkin Youghal, in County Cork, Ireland, is a project that has used Balau Hardwood. Yellow Balau Batu is […] One of the hardest, strongest and most durable of all… Hardwood Decking – Ipe Hardwood Decking x Various Lengths £ 11.20 – £ 25.93 View products; Balau Hardwood Decking Handrail 40 x 90mm x 4.88m £ 48.80 Read more; Balau Hardwood Decking Baserail 28 x 90mm x 4.27m £ 29.89 Read more; Balau Hardwood Decking Spindle … Since it is difficult for a consumer to determine whether balau has been properly dried, it is best to only purchase this type of decking from highly reputable merchants. It is a beautiful hardwood. She has been actively freelancing since 2008. Balau. It is in the last 20 years that it has become synonymous with hardwood construction in South Africa. Sourced only from countries that are leaders in ecological, sustainable forestry practices, our Golden Balau Hardwood Decking is a dense, exotic hardwood known for its strength and durability. We stock carefully selected 1st Grade reeded and smooth Bangkirai Balau decking sourced from the best suppliers. Hardwood Yellow Balau Decking Boards – Bangkirai – is the most commonly used hardwood deck board in the UK and it is a very durable hardwood. The timber is durable, with a little tendency to warp or twist (20 - 30 years life span) Particularly for decking, where a large quantity of wood is needed, this extra cost can be prohibitive. Email us Call: 020 8858 6441 Open: Mon - Fri 7:30 - … Yellow Balau (pronounced Bal-Ow) - Bangkirai - is a very durable hardwood and one of the most popular species in the UK for hardwood decking. Balau is a brown, yellow/brown or red/brown timber with interlocked grain, and a fine and even texture. Balau hardwood decking is really suited to a country with a climate like ours as it is so hard-wearing, knot-free and very pleasing to the eye with its different shades of orangey browns. Our Balau stocks are normally TFT (Tropical Forest Trust) certified, the boards are of Malaysian origin and are a yellowish brown colour with a moderately fine grain. ... Batu is an economical hardwood decking material that resists rot, decay, termites and mold, and can last 30-plus years. Balau decking is highly porous, so any spills will absorb into the wood if the stain is not wiped up immediately. Red Balau, or batu wood, is an amazingly high quality, durable exotic hardwood.Imported from Indonesia, Red Balau’s color makes it highly sought after. The wood is light brown to yellowish light brown in colour which will gradually turn dark brown over time. Sustainably Sourced and FSC Certified. With a rich reddish brown colour. Before you invest in decking material of this type, consider the drawbacks associated with it. There are some negatives associated with the use of balau decking, however. Balau Decking Boards Native to Asia, Balau Hardwood decking remains one of the most popular choices of decking material in the UK. Because this wood is naturally oily, unfinished balau must be oiled regularly.

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