Edgar calls Cheryl into his office to confront her after learning from Evelyn that she is campaigning for Prom Queen. He is upset with Betty, telling her not to ever do it again, before leaving, with Fangs not far behind. He was the owner ( before the Lodge family) and is the current manager of the Pop’s Chock’ lit Shoppe, which is like the home kitchen of residents of Riverdale since everyone is there at sometime of the day. Riverdale Farm is a 3-hectare (7.4-acre) municipally operated farm in the heart of Cabbagetown, an urban neighbourhood in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Edgar, having listened in on their discussion, tells Betty to stay at the Farm. The Farm believes that if you can get close enough to death, you’ll see the truth. Evelyn and Kevin then tell Betty that she won’t be publishing that article because they will tell everyone about the shady man that her mother killed in the kitchen, how Betty and Jughead dumped his car in Swedlow Swamp, and how FP dissolved the body with lye in the woods. Edgar states that they’ll ascend without Betty as she was never a true believer. Evelyn tells Betty that she shouldn’t have ran off afterwards. The Black Hood is back, and Betty suspects that the Farm may be his next target because Betty told him about her mother’s engagement to Edgar, and how he plans to adopt Juniper and Dagwood after the marriage. [2][3], After escaping the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a much further along Polly was still very much intent on raising her and Jason's children at the Farm, but at the time, she lacked the funds to do so. Meanwhile, Betty becomes increasingly suspicious of Chic’s strange behavior and enlists Kevin’s help to … Inside the freezer, she finds blood bags and organs. The connection to the massively fatal Waco siege, where David Koresh’s heavily armed cult and the ATF bureau battled it out in1993 Texas for 51 days, is obvious. Edgar explains that everyone Betty cares about is in the room, her mother, sister, best friend, cousin and sister. Betty reveals to her mother that Edgar is already married to Evelyn, but Alice is well aware. While it sounds crazy, Cheryl insists that she saw and talked to him. Gentrification, Major spoilers ahead for HBO’s Industry. Cheryl and Toni race down the hallway in search of an exit. As Betty is leaving the Blue and Gold, she passes by the Chemistry class, where the Farm is having their meeting. Charles has been dead and buried for the last five years. Toni says that she’s just a daughter who wants her mother back, just like Toni wants Cheryl back.[15]. Betty convenes with Martha, the escapee from the Farm, in the bunker. Toni joins Cheryl, Evelyn, Fangs, and Kevin in the Farm. Betty jumps out the bushes telling Kevin not to go through with the ritual, but he does so regardless, seemingly without any pain or injury. When Marty shows up to the next practice, Archie confronts Mr. Mantle in a show of solidarity with Reggie. This will be Betty’s first testimony, which is essentially an open, non-judgmental conversation about all the bad things she’s done in her life. During one of the Farm’s meetings, Edgar tells them that many tribes consume the bodies of their elders when they die to absorb their wisdom. Edgar asks if she’s ever lost someone. They head down into a stairwell, where the door is locked but a tiny window, just barely large enough for them to squeeze through, is unlocked. The Farm has been a shadowy figure on Riverdale in some aspect or another since The CW show's first season. Edgar then asks that Alice and Evelyn help him gather the flock into the chamber so that they can ascend. Riverdale Farm prides itself on its results. Edgar wants to get back to the interview, but first he wants to show Cheryl something that he thinks she’ll find illuminating. They even have those Scientology engram meters on the table. Alice says he’s the most beautiful boy she’s ever seen. Martha ran away after she died. Its ultimate message is a rejection to nihilism. She has to stay to protect Polly, but she makes Cheryl promise that she’ll find Betty to make sure she’s safe from the Farm and her father. You Have 10 New Netflix Treats To Binge This Weekend — Here’s Wha... Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse), group sex à la fellow Archie Universe series, Cheryl’s live-in girlfriend Toni Topaz (Vanessa Morgan), Reggie is physically abused by his father Marty.

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