The influence of the Liver on the Stomach is frequently seen in patterns of disharmony of the Stomach. The classification of Qi stagnation and blood stasis (QSBS) is the most common Zheng in liver cancer. Menses: irregular menstrual cycle, PMT, and bloating, Tongue: red with Heat spots in the Liver area, LIV2, LIV3, LIV8, YINTANG, P6, P7, and LI11. Moodiness,114,140 fluctuation in mental state,93,102,137,140 irritability81, Easily angered83,90,93 or supressed anger93, Irregular menstrual cycles88,96,138,140 or delayed menses,96,140 sometimes scant81 or sometimes heavy menses,148 uneven flow of menstrual blood140, Premenstrual breast tenderness81,136 and emotional tension related to menstrual cycle74, Poor or unpredictable ovarian response to stimulation. The herbs above are decocted in water for oral administration. Anger causes Liver Qi stagnation. Lucy, aged 33, suffered 18 months of subfertility. Symptoms of Liver Qi Stagnation: Feeling as though there’s a lump in the throat 6. Gemakkelijk bezorgd, bescheiden, frequent zuchten, futloos en een slechte stemming. Worry affects the Spleen and the Stomach and causes stagnation of Qi and retention of food. In de traditionele Chinese geneeskunde regelt de lever de qi bewegingen en balanceert emoties. Liver-Qi stagnation: add Xiang Fu (Cyperi rhizoma) and Chai Hu (Bupleuri radix) to spread the Liver-Qi. Liver Qi Stagnation can be a consequence of emotional and mental disharmony, 145 such as depression, anger, frustration, and resentment. Its movement through the vessels and meridians is powered by qi, while at the same time, blood reinforces the strength of qi. b) Heat from Lung-Qi stagnation A feeling of lump in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, a feeling of oppression or distension of the chest, slight breathlessness, sighing, sadness, slight anxious mood, depressed mood, crying, breast distension in women, feeling of heat, thirst, red cheeks. Signs of Qi stagnation include, but are not limited to: 1. The compositions of the formulas that regulate the Qi have the following characteristics: Herbs with a pungent and warm nature are selected because pungency possesses a moving capacity and warmth may activate the Qi movement. She then conceived, but the 12-week scan showed that the baby had died. Yifan Yang MD MSc, ... Jeremy Ross BSc CEd LicAc MNIMH, in Chinese Herbal Formulas, 2010. Sharp pain in the chest, shortness of breath and palpitations. Liver Qi Stagnation is a common TCM diagnosis that is usually present when symptoms are worst with STRESS. QSBS is the principal mechanism for a tumor to develop. Since qi and blood are so closely related, a deficiency or stagnation of one of the substances often leads to the same type of imbalance in the other one. According to traditional Chinese medicine, liver qi can stagnate (become blocked) as a result of stress or anxiety. With Chai Hu, for neck nodules due to Liver Qi Stagnation. Nourish Spleen Qi and remove Blood stasis. These herbs can descend the Lung-Qi and transform phlegm. Ze reageren relatief slecht op stressvolle situaties, vooral in de winter en de herfst en ook op regenachtige dagen. This one is simple. Tight muscles, headaches, jaw tension, and sciatica often have the same root cause: Liver Qi Stagnation. Liver qi stagnation can also generate heat, causing heat type bowel issues as well, making it seem complex in nature. Constitutional weakness is also a potential cause of stomach disorders, and is often an inherited trait. If the Stomach-Qi and Spleen-Qi stagnate, the manifestations are fullness and distension of the entire abdomen, reduced appetite, belching, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and irregular bowel movement. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, manifested ailments arise from energetic imbalances. If a patient has diarrhoea, but no stomach pain or no burning sensation with bowel movement, and the tongue is pale and the pulse is deep and slow, add Bu Gu Zhi Psoraleae Fructus and Wu Wei Zi Schisandrae Fructus, and needle SP-4 Gongsun and ST-25 Tianshu. The characteristic of the syndrome of Qi stagnation is distension in the affected region. Backgroud . Symptoms. Healthy Liver Qi can optimize a woman’s response to ovarian stimulation, regulate the embryo’s development, and support the process of implantation and early pregnancy. 3. Sadness or depression due to Lung-Qi deficiency: add He Huan Pi (Albiziae cortex) and Bai He (Lilii bulbus) to moisten the Lung and spread the Qi. There may be swelling in both ankles and palpitations. Blood stasis: Lower abdominal pain and a cyst that is hard, large, and unable to move, pain with pressure, dark face, dry skin, profuse or delayed menstruation, dry mouth with no desire to drink, black dots on the side of the tongue, and a deep, choppy pulse. You may also see Qi spelled as Chi. As discussed in Chapter 2, the Liver regulates the menstrual cycle by moving Qi and Blood.144 This promotes fertility. Lucy was shocked. Anger, irritability, and frustration are all signs that our Qi is not flowing smoothly. SHEN LING BAI ZHU SAN and TAO HONG SI WU TANG variation, Ginseng, Poria and Atractylodis Macrocephalae Powder, and Four-Substance Decoction with Safflower and Peach Pit, Bai Zhu Atractylodis macrocephalae Rhizoma 9 g, Dan Shen Salviae miltiorrhizae Radix 12 g. BL-17 Geshu, BL-23 Pishu, ST-36 Zusanli and SP-9 Yinlingquan. Herbs that treat Liver Qi Stagnation are recommended to anyone who is experiencing pain in the ribs, abdominal pain, feeling stressed out, tight muscles and ligaments, overly emotional, irregular menstrual cycle, painful periods, PMS, indigestion issues or anyone who feels energetically blocked. 146 Lack of emotional regulation causes complicated disorders in subfertility. The tongue has ecchymosis on the top or bottom with a white and thin coating. Look to our Free and Easy Wanderer formula. If the Liver-Qi stagnates, the symptoms are hypochondriac distension and pain, pain in the lower abdomen and the lateral sides of the abdomen, irritability, depression, distension and pain in the breasts, and irregular menstruation. Voor het fysieke lichaam is het nodig om de qi-stroom te corrigeren en de lichaamsspanning te verlichten. How to Balance This Body Type Qi stagnation – Qi stagnation increases yang at the expense of yin so … It increases Heat and Wind and decreases Blood, Nutrition, relaxation; Heat and Wind create pressure; That pressure compresses, constricts, tightens other areas and functions of the body; Heat rises. This chapter introduces the principles, methods and strategies for the composition of the formulas that regulate, smooth or spread the Qi. If the Liver is not up for the job, PMS signs such as painful breasts, irritability, mood swings and cramps show up. The Liver controls the smooth flow of Qi throughout the body which is crucial to the health of all of the organ systems of the body. Inappropriate anger 5. The syndrome of Qi stagnation varies according to the affected organs and regions: If the Lung-Qi stagnates, the symptoms are breathlessness, stifling in the chest, cough and wheezing. Paeoniae Rubra : Chi Shao : 9g This energy is called Qi (“chee”) in Chinese medicine. Depression 2. Symptoms include: De qi-dynamiek wordt verstoord door een belemmerde stroom. 154 schizophrenics who met both the diagnostic criteria of metabolic syndrome and qi stagnation and dampness obstruction syndrome were randomly divided into 2 : 1 groups. Qi . Lucy conceived after 2 months of acupuncture treatment and had a healthy baby boy. As the syndromes of Qi stagnation are more often seen in these organs, in this chapter the syndromes and compositions of formulas are introduced particularly for these organs. Wind type: the primary lesions occur in the upper part of the body (face and neck) with intense sensation of itching. This type is more compatible with PHN . ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, URL:, Irina Szmelskyj DipAc MSc MBAcC, ... Alan O. Szmelskyj Do MSc AdvDipClinHyp FRSPH, in, Acupuncture for IVF and Assisted Reproduction, lists acupuncture points that treat Liver, Wanzhu Hou CMD LAc DiplAC DiplCH (NCCAOM), ... Hanjie Wang MD, in, Treating Autoimmune Disease with Chinese Medicine, Deficiency syndrome and formula composition, Yifan Yang MD MSc, ... Jeremy Ross BSc CEd LicAc MNIMH, in, Syndrome of Qi stagnation and formula composition, Treatment guidelines according to the main patterns of disharmony, Dr med.Carl-Hermann Hempen, Dr med., Dr sc.

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