Ich teste den Korg Prologue 16 mit 61 Tasten und 4 analogen Voiceboards zu je vier Stimmen. Die achtstimmige Version beinhaltet nur deren zwei und ist mit ihren 49 Tasten – im Gegensatz zum REV2-8 von DSI – schon aus Platzgründen nicht auf 16 Stimmen erweiterbar. As well as an extra octave to its keyboard, the Prologue 16 … The reviews you made on Vermona 14′ analog, Baloran the river and the sounds you created on both of them made me dream. Ovo izdanje dolazi u dva modela koji pokrivaju potrebe muzičara ne samo za nastupe, nego i za studijske potrebe. Korg Prologue-16 photo (2000 x 1200 px), Youtube: (thanks to Bert for contributing this link). Prologue 16 se sastoji od 61 dirke, 16 glasova, plus Split, Crossfade i Layer modova što ga čini idealnim za pravljenje kompleksnih i bogatih zvukova. Today, many companies produce high-quality - excellent! But je has lost Juno’s warm, earthy sound as well. The implementation of “user” oscillators (as well as “user” effects) should be done with the Software Development Kit (SDK), which Korg offers for download on its website. With 8 or even 16 voices you can have much more thick pads and long decays compared to four voices. 25th May 2020 #3. I could buy them but not only I am not a musician, but I have not any knowledge in synth… so, it would have been a waste! ), but others are enormously experimental. In 2005 composer Arvo Pärt said: “Playing one tone really well is enough”. And so the super-synth has now finally arrived: the prologue. I found the same philosophy in the Schmidt eight voice synthesizer. The prologue-16 and the prologue-8 pro-vide respectively 16 and 8 analog voices. It’s got a very tight/strict and limited tone. These “optical rasterizations” (usually 10 levels with fine subdivisions, like on a measuring tape) are a given with most synthesizers / audio devices / technical instruments. The arpeggiator is very useful, the options speak for themselves. (As with so many modern synthesizers, by the way). KORG's analog synthesizer development in recent years has culminated in the Prologue, which was designed using 11,000 discreet electronic components. Copyright © 2020 KORG Inc. All Rights Reserved. 5. prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer equipped with a full-sized keyboard. You can preorder the Korg prologue-8 today for $1,499.99 and the prologue-16 for $1,999.99. Korg Prologue 16 vs Roland Jupiter-Xm. Yes, he got rid of awkward MIDI implementations with this sale. Specifikacija: Keyboard: It’s extremely cold (EXTREMELY), it’s very rigid and you’ll waste 2 LFOS right out the gate on ever patch just trying to breath some movement into the small sounding DCOs that VCO synths don’t need (for contrast I’ve also Owned Prophet 6 and currently own OB-6 *AND* Korg Prologue). Grund genug, nach Marburg zu KORG & More zu fahren und sich einen Tag mit dem neuen KORG Prologue im Keller einschließen zu lassen. The 250 factory sounds are from Francis Preve, Henning Verlage, Ian Bradshaw, James Sajeva & Nick Kwas, John Bowen, Kazuto Okawa, Luke Edwards, Tim Mantle and … well … KORG Inc. themselves. Bling is something that I’ve grown to expect from Korg in recent years. KORG present the Prologue synthesizer! I’ve had both, I really did NOT like the Rev 2 beyond it’s modulation ability. I really like what I hear. KORG’s analog synthesizer development in recent years has culminated in the prologue, which was designed using 11,000 discrete electronic components. Activation, and off you go … well … we thought so, but we were definitely wrong. Clavier synthétiseur analogique Korg Prologue-8 : 96 photos, 45 vidéos, 21 extraits audio, 13 news, 9 prix, 5 annonces, 4 discussions dans les forums, 3 avis, 2 fichiers à télécharger, 1 tutoriel et 1 test DSI definitely has Korg on modulation, especially Rev2. What types of sound will you create by combining the expanded digital oscillators with analog synthesis? Combine these wave shapes with prologue’s gorgeous analog filters, and prepare for sounds you never thought possible. Also note that you can … Second, I would like like you didn’t mistake on my words and thoughts: I like your site very much ! Sound design is – in our opinion – the core of the prologue. And then, once the first key is pressed not only do I hear a voice that is unique, I see it as well. To make it more precise: the instrument’s polyphony is not its unique selling point, but rather its voice architecture. The high-quality digital effects feature pristine 32-bit floating-point processing, and add a further polish to the sound of the prologue. The user oscillator section lets you load oscillator programs of your own creation. Oscilloscope function shows the waveform visually. But the Prologue is a wonderful sound machine anyway, and more than enough to make lots of great sound and music, like the OB-6, in ways I didn’t find with Prophet 6 and esp Rev 2. The range is based on the same VCO found in the Monologue/Minilogue range. Second: The LFO again. Enter the Prologue, which as the name suggests, boasts something on a slightly grander scale, and with the design ethic that Korg have come to be recognised for. Start with sample code provided by KORG. Korg Prologue je potpuno programabilan i kompletno opremljen sint najnovije generacije. Die Klangerzeugung basiert auf zwei analogen Oszillatoren und einem dritten digitalen Oszillator. However, a number of scandals with several Japanese industrial companies have seriously shaken that image in recent years. – but, the listening of your demos made think this: only 14 sounds created while you created “quite” the double for The River, the Analog’ 14 or the Quantum. I'm based in France, Prologue 16 is 1.6k and the Rev2 8 is 1.3k. A whole “noise universe” opens up here, it goes far beyond ordinary noise and is one of my favorite prologue applications.” (Burb). The prologue provides 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots, and users can use the prologue Librarian software to load into their prologue new oscillators and effect programs created by developers with the prologue SDK (Software Development Kit). Opis Korg Prologue 16 Sintisajzer. The arrangement of the envelopes should be – in our opinion – reversed. Tough and stylish body made of aluminum and wood. Its sound covers every sonic possibility: fat basses, powerful leads, and the beautiful pads that you expect from a polyphonic synthesizer. They designed two versions, a 49-key eight-voice unit called Prologue 8 and a 61-key version with double the voices named Prologue 16. Ovi instrumenti definitivno donose zvukove koji prelaze granice postojećih analognih sintisajzera. But that shouldn’t distract us from what is a very capable desktop 8-voice synthesizer. After all, considering other companies’ Toys’R’Us-synth-manufacturing-policies, Korg’s effort to build high-quality (pro’s) instruments can’t be rated high enough. Working with SDK requires a firmware upgrade which is scheduled to come out in July 2018. Soundwise, prologue delivers both classic (vintage) analog sounds, and new, unheard modern analog sounds. Oder eigentlich zwei, denn es gibt den Prologue 8 mit acht Stimmen und 49 Tasten sowie den Prologue 16 mit 16 Stimmen und 61 Tasten. The prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with 8 or 16 multitimbral voices. - ALPHABETICAL: Sort programs alphabetically. Newly developed multi-engine equipped with three types: noise, VPM, and user. • Korg Prologue 8 49-Key $1,299 • Korg Prologue 16 61-Key $1,799. This has to do with the futuristic look of the chassis, stylishly curved inwards. Das ultimative Multi-Voice, Multi-Timbre, Multi-Engine Instrument. Because these cautions were based on the laws and societal understandings at the time when each manual was produced, they might not be appropriate for the present time. “The prologue is a keyboardist-oriented analog synthesizer featuring the best of There are four types of noise generator, indispensable for percussive sounds or sound effects. Korg and its prologue are high quality. The prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with 8 or 16 multitimbral voices. Dass so mancher Vintage-Synthesizer der 70er und 80er Jahre teils unerreicht hochwertige Klänge liefert, steht außer Frage. You’ll particularly notice the difference in high-volume stage performances where maximum dynamics can be utilized. However, we would have preferred a small adjustment (we’re just dreaming, of course). Maak kennis met de de Prologue, die, zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, iets van een ietwat grootse schaal biedt, en dit met de designethiek waar Korg bekend om is geworden. Opis Korg Prologue 16 Sintisajzer. Modal Electronics 002. “Es genügt, einen Ton schön zu spielen” sagte der Komponist Arvo Pärt im Jahre 2005. Same thing for the Novation Summit (still a beautiful review, as on Waldorf’s Quantum). - synthesizers: Doepfer, Cwejman, MacBeth, Moog, GRP, Synthesizers.com, COTK, Studio Electronics, John Bowen and others. The LFO can operate in 3 speed areas (FAST / SLOW / BPM). prologue-16: ~ 1,439 Euros/USD, Open / Download: Image 1 of 7. And there are two MIDI busses (USB and MIDI IN/OUT, sadly no THRU). Prologue 8 + Korg SQ1. In both MONO and UNISON mode, the prologue performs as a first-rate solo synthesizer. Here it’s the other way around. Antworten. Korg Prologue 8 vs Yamaha MODX6. 16 Voice polyphony; 61-Key keyboard velocity-sensitive with Layer and Split work; Korg Prologue 8 und Prologue 16 Synthesizer Korg hat mit dem Prologue einen neuen analogen Synthesizer angekündigt. On the sonic front, both the Prologue 8 and 16 deliver massively and we found them very inspiring to work with, ... Read the full review: Korg Prologue 8. So visual maintaining of the instrument requires a bit more work than necessary. This adjusts the way you hear the sub-oscillators and how many there are (monophonic mode), how strong the spread of individual voices is (Unison Mode), and which chords are played (Chord Mode). At this point, the compressor compensates for what the sound generator has misses. All musical efforts are focused on the sound itself. The factory presets are brilliant. An open API (Application Programming Interface) for user-created oscillators and effects。. … thanks for your comment! The attention to detail expected of a flagship extends to prologue’s playability and design as well. Doch tatsächlich leben wir “heute” in einer nahezu perfekten Zeit. - LIKE: Sort by programs that you "liked." Lack of imprinted scalings, laborious cleaning procedures, slightly difficult rear-side access … who cares! Korg Prologue 49-key 8-voice Analog Synthesizer | Sweetwater Korg Prologue 16 of 8 koop je bij Bax Music met de laagste prijs garantie en 60 dagen niet goed geld terug garantie. Dalla tradizione KORG nel settore dei sintetizzatori analogici, ecco prologue-8 e prologue-16 Analogici polifonici programmabili! This engine is – we quote Korg – built with a carrier and a modulator. Solid chassis, extremely solid, high-quality pots, switches and buttons, attractive wooden side panels, internal power supply: Prologue hardware speaks for itself. Having delivered a range of smaller and cheaper analogue synths over the last few years, it’s time for something altogether more ambitious in the form of the new Prologue, a flagship synth available in 8-voice/49-key format ($1,499.99) or a full-fat 16-voice/61-key option priced at just under $2,000. Ye, please. - LIVE SET: Sort programs registered in a live set. There is nothing new here. In other words, it is sufficient to play one tone 'beautifully'. 4th Place: Rev 2. Maybe you’re tired of those eternally same Jupiter 8 string imitations. Korg Prologue 8/16. Korg’s expertise.” (prologue user manual, page 3). Free custom oscillator available and third-party content featured! Sure it has mod power but the sound just isn’t there for me. The price of the Prologue is the limit of my budget. This is just one of many examples of how many useful little details the prologue has been provided with. LFO frequency up to 2 kHZ sounds good in theory. First: The LFO. Korg Prologue-8 photo (2000 x 1200 px) Its most important building blocks are: These features are the key to a different sound, one that goes – at least to some extend – beyond the typical analog clichés. Prologue 16, sa 61 dirkom(16 voices) i prologue 8, sa 49 dirki(8 voices). The 16-voice design gives you everything you need to start layering complex sounds. The user effect slots let you load effect programs of your own creation. Let’s start with the oscillators. The further sound path of the prologue – mixer, filter, amplifier – can be more or less skipped. Those are just peanuts compared to the big plusses of the instrument’s high-quality hardware. With focus on “special” lead sounds, effects, basses, novel sound effects, exciting arpeggio performance, and much more. (I still listen to Vermona an Baloran’s sounds demo, and will enjoy to read through). 1st place: OB-6/Prologue 16 (choose your flavour and requirements – 16 voice poly VCO *IS* great esp with layers) All in all, Korg prologue hardware fulfills all criteria of a reputable professional synthesizer. Honestly I couldn’t sell my Rev 2 on fast enough, it barely made it into songs except for some sci-fi style sequences that proved useful (but the Prophet 6, OB-6… JD-XA and Prologue all did it better… more vibe, more character, more inspiring). Voor 23:00 besteld, morgen in huis. Korg Prologue 16 vs Roland Jupiter-Xm. Great Synthesizers is an online magazin with reviews, pictures, documents and soundfiles of analogue and digital synthesizers & related music gear. It always seemed likely that Korg were working towards something big. KORG’s analog synthesizer development in recent years has culminated in the prologue, which was designed using 11,000 discrete electronic components. Korg Prologue 8 & 16. The standard POLY mode lets you play chords with up to 16 or 8-note polyphony. Every detail has been improved on from minilogue and monologue. It provides a four-octave range, and six arpeggiator types including manual set. With two effect units provided (a modulation effect and delay/reverb), you can choose from a wide variety such as chorus or ensemble, warm tape delay, or diverse reverbs. Image 4 of 7. – that this synth desserves more of your usual creative researches. While the oscillator’s classic part (VCO 1 / VCO 2) does not need much explanation (here, OSC Sync uses ring modulation, cross-modulation, all that the heart desires), the MULTI ENGINE – developed specially for the prologue – is the spectacular essence of this instrument. Although the prologue is a flagship instrument, it still retains the inviting feel and accessibility of its predecessors. And you’re absolutely right – the prologue is not just another vintage emulation, but a modern analog synth with a sound of its own … Big compliments to KORG for developing something “new” …. What a blessing to have “real” wheels on the prologue. The synthesizer Korg Prologue 8 is usually 40 € more expensive than Yamaha MODX6, but the difference is so small that this can vary.. True about the Rev2s key-bed and aftertouch. prologue’s body emanates beauty and the presence of a boutique synth, and newly redefines the look of a classic synthesizer. 3rd place: JD-XA and others CHORD lets you play chords with one finger. A sound-designing dream. All diesen (alten wie neuen) “großartigen” Instrumenten ist Great Synthesizers gewidmet. Image 7 of 7. Excellent: Sync In / Out for quick synchronization of prologue and other gear (Korg instruments, but bascially all trigger-modules, such as analog drum computers, step sequencers, LFOs, etc.). It seemed to reach a crescendo over the summer but Korg refused to admit there was any problem. With 8 or even 16 voices you can have much more thick pads and long decays compared to four voices. This took a while. Just spotted some details have leaked re: Korg’s new analog poly: Prologue, the new hybrid analog synth from KORG A 49-key, polyphonic analog polyphonic synthesizer and the 61-key, 16-channel version, which can be described as a “hybrid” synth by integrating a digital motor into the center of its fully analog circuit. Grazie alla cortese sollecitudine di EKO, ai buoni auspici di Guido Mazzella e all’ospitalità di Gabriele Brisinello/Your Music, siamo riusciti a mettere le mani sul KORG Prologue 8 e a spupazzarcelo per un bel periodo di tempo.. Di Enrico Cosimi. Great sounds. Prologue 16, sa 61 dirkom(16 voices) i prologue 8, sa 49 dirki(8 voices). Korg Prologue 8 vs Yamaha MODX6. - CATEGORY: Sort by program category. Roland Jupiter-Xm. What truly distinguishes the prologue is its enormous sound design potential. After release of the 4-voice polyphonic minilogue (that stepping stone to a pro’s synth) we would have expected its bigger brother to arrive soon. Newly developed L.F. COMP. The Novation Peak is the only polyphonic synthesizer in our roundup that doesn’t come with the traditional keyboard attached. I had the Prologue-8 when doing the report, but returned it in favour of other instruments. Details also discussed in the excellently user manual. This video review gives a great rundown of both models in the Korg range. I was going to buy Rev2 - 16voice but i kept hearing people were having issues with voice cards. Ovo izdanje dolazi u dva modela koji pokrivaju potrebe muzičara ne samo za nastupe, nego i za studijske potrebe. However, right now I’m thinking of purchasing a Prologue-16 … and with that, there’s a good chance to add more (and better) soundfiles to the demos already listed. … thanks for the note! Sixteen slots are provided, and one type of morphing wavetable oscillator is built-in as a preset. Korg Prologue im Test, Foto: Korg KORG Prologue – Analog, 16 Stimmen und das für unter 2.000 Euro ! Click here for youtube videos featuring prologue. With 16 types of oscillator and the SHAPE knob, you’ll be intuitively guided through complex sound design. Korg Prologue 16 sintisajzer može biti novi moderni analogni "polysinth" sintisajzer koji ste dugo čekali. 2020-05-29. I wouldn’t say it compares with the A4 polyphonically. As well as an extra octave to its keyboard, the Prologue 16 … 3. Sure it can do plenty but like the Rev 2 it didn’t sound the best doing much of it. Your choice but not many fans of rev 2 other than for its spec. A much-respected monophonic analog synth, available in various colors. It goes without saying that velocity can be immediately implemented into the Arpeggio line. Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Metal knobs with a sense of weight, diamond-cut silver indices, and oak wood side panels are some of the details that emphasize the high quality of this Made In Japan instrument. Japanese-made high-quality natural touch keyboard. The thing is: 8 analog voices sounds like a pretty decent setup. Korg Prologue 8 & 16 I wasn't too sure if I was going to do a follow up Bank for the Korg Prologue as there's been a lot of new Oscillators and FX that have been expertly made by others. The active, realtime oscilloscope is a feature that I’ve seen on many soft synths but I’ve never had the honor of working with a hardwa… Image 2 of 7. The prologue is a polyphonic analog synthesizer with 8 or 16 multitimbral voices. Enter the Prologue, which as the name suggests, boasts something on a slightly grander scale, and with the design ethic that Korg have come to be recognised for.

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