Synonyms: atomic number 70 and yb. pronouncekiwi - How To Pronounce Ytterbium trifluoride. How unique is the name … Thereby definition is - by that : by that means. Information and translations of Ytterby in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Kungälv This page was last edited on 7 … Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. This is a comprehensive travel guide for Ytterby in Sweden. What does Ytterby mean? When was the first name Catrine first recorded in the United States? Flag Word/Pronunciation × Embed; Share; Link × X Crowdsourced audio pronunciation dictionary for 89 languages, with meanings, synonyms, sentence usages, translations and much more. Ytterby definition: Pronounced Iterbe. See more. Its discovery can be traced back to the oxide yttria. yttert y pronunciation - How to properly say yttert y. Wikipedia. B2. The village has a quarry , which is a deep pit in the earth from which minerals are removed. Compare with erbium and ytterbium. Currently popular pronunciations. How to pronounce toimii in English. Ytterbium is the most volatile rare-earth metal.It is a soft, malleable silvery metal that will tarnish slightly when stored in air and therefore should be stored in vacuum or in an inert atmosphere when long storage time is required. Ytterby, in Sweden. The following sports clubs are located in Kungälv: Kungälvs VBK - multiple Swedish champions in volleyball in the 1980s and 90s; IFK Kungälv; Ytterby IS; IK Kongahälla; Kungälvs SK; Kungälvs simsällskap; Kongahälla AIK; References. Information and translations of ytterbium in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. terabyte noun; terawatt noun; terbium noun; tercentenary noun; tercet noun; cucumber. Yttria definition, a white, water-insoluble powder, Y2O3, used chiefly in incandescent gas and acetylene mantles. When yttria was … Ytterby (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈʏtːərˌbyː]) is a village on the Swedish island of Resarö, in Vaxholm Municipality in the Stockholm archipelago.. See yttrium in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary Check pronunciation: yttrium » YThi [1]Chemical discoveries. … Fun Facts about the name Ytterbium . Yttria, the first rare earth to be discovered, turned out to be a mixture of oxides from which, over a span of more than a century, nine elements—yttrium, scandium (atomic number 21), and the heavy lanthanide metals from terbium (atomic number 65) to lutetium (atomic number 71)—were … From the topic. ‘The elements more abundant in Earth's crust seem to have more mentions - iron and oxygen have far more pages than yttrium and scandium.’ ‘Edwards notes from chemical analysis that there are traces of yttrium which are undoubtedly of diagenetic origin.’ Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, … Nearby words. It is relatively stable in air, not oxidizing as quickly as some other rare earths. Definition of Ytterby in the dictionary. The chemical element of atomic number 70, a silvery-white metal of the lanthanide series. Meaning of ytterbium. The oldest recorded birth by the Social Security Administration for the name Catrine is Monday, December 4th, 1882. Popularity: Back to Top. Pronunciation of Wanchang with 1 audio pronunciation and more for Wanchang. See Erbium. pronouncekiwi. : modern Latin, from Ytterby, the name of a Swedish quarry where it was first found. הגייה על Moivre עם 3 הגייה אודיו, 1 תרגום, ועוד Moivre. This crude mineral eventually … Symbol Er. Information and translations of ytterbic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Dictionary Collections Challenges Community Contribute ... Ytterby [en] Gaetz [en] Uce [en] bioluminescent [en] Last updated July 21, 2020. Ytterbium was isolated in 1878 by Jean Charles Galissard de Marignac who was a Swiss chemist working at the University of Geneva at the time. Kungälv (Swedish pronunciation: ... Bohusbanan railway (Ytterby station) Sports. The name of the village means "outer village". The pure element is metallic with a bright, silvery luster. In 1794 Finnish chemist Johan Gadolin isolated yttria, a new earth or metallic oxide, from a mineral found at Ytterby, Sweden. Definition of ytterbic in the dictionary. At a quarry and mine near the village, the rare earth mineral yttria was discovered and named for the village. Oxford Learner's … Back to Top. Sign in to disable ALL ads. So were the elements ytterbium, yttrium, and terbium. Pronounced '' IT-ree-em,'' this element is named after Ytterby, a village in Sweden. The element was discovered close to that town, and Yttrium was named after it. Use Youtube to practice the pronunciation of toimii in real conversation. What does ytterbic mean? What does ytterbium mean? Catrine Johansson is a soccer player for the Kopparbergs/Göteborg FC and Ytterby IS. Fun Facts about the name Catrine. Ytterbia definition, a colorless compound, Yb2O3, used in certain alloys and ceramics. Food. From budgeting tips to finding the best spots, this travel guide has got all the insider information to explore Ytterby like a local. Word Origin mid 19th cent. Erbium definition is - a metallic chemical element of the rare-earth group with atomic number 68 that is used especially in lasers, infrared light filters, and optical fibers. Catrine was born on December 18th, 1991 in Sweden. Word Origin early 19th cent. How to say Ariki in English? Other Dictionary Sources A soft silvery metallic element; a rare earth of the lanthanide series; it occurs in gadolinite and monazite and xenotime . See more. Ytterby (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈʏtːərˌbyː]) is a village on the Swedish island of Resarö, in Vaxholm Municipality in the Stockholm archipelago. Ytterbium definition is - a soft metallic element of the rare-earth group that occurs especially with other rare earth elements in minerals and that has few commercial uses. Elvedin Džinić is a soccer player for the NK Rudar Velenje, NK Železničar Maribor, NK Maribor, R. Charleroi S.C., PFC Botev Plovdiv, Zagłębie Lubin, and Slovenia national under-21 football team. Add fact ! The nearest major city to … Gadolinite definition is - a black or brown mineral that is a source of rare earths and consists of a silicate especially of iron, beryllium, yttrium, cerium, and erbium. Ytterbium is named after the town of Ytterby near Stockholm in Sweden, and makes up the fourth element to be named after this town, the others being of course yttrium, terbium and erbium. See terbium in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. noun . Meaning of Ytterby. : modern Latin, from Ytterby, the name of a village in Sweden where it was discovered. Pronunciation of Ariki with 1 audio pronunciation, 15 translations and more for Ariki. Yttrium got its name from a town in Sweden named Ytterby. Write it here to share it with the entire community. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Ytterbium trifluoride on pronouncekiwi. A rare earth element of the lanthanide series associated with several other rare elements in the mineral gadolinite from Ytterby in Sweden. How to use thereby in a sentence. Its salts are rose-colored and give characteristic spectra, and the pink oxide … Yttria definition is - yttrium oxide Y2O3 obtained as a heavy white powder and used especially formerly in incandescent gas mantles. Etymology: NL., fr. Have a definition … Have a fact about Ytterbium trifluoride ? The name of the village means "outer village", implying that its location is its most noteworthy feature. How unique is the name Ytterbium? Pronunciation / ˈ ɪ t r i ə m / (IT ... after Ytterby (Sweden) and its mineral ytterbite (gadolinite) Discovery: Johan Gadolin (1794) First isolation: Friedrich Wöhler (1838) Main isotopes of yttrium; Iso­tope Abun­dance Half-life (t 1/2) Decay mode Pro­duct; 87 Y syn: 3.4 d ε : 87 Sr: γ – 88 Y syn 106.6 d ε 88 Sr: γ – 89 Y 100% stable: 90 Y syn 2.7 d β − 90 Zr: γ – 91 Y syn 58.5 d β − 91 Zr: γ – Category: Yttrium. Definition of ytterbium in the dictionary. It slowly oxidizes in air, forming Yb 2 O 3; the metal is readily dissolved in diluted acids—except hydrofluoric acid (HF), in which a protective layer of YbF 3 forms on the surface and … Listen to the audio pronunciation in several English accents. Check pronunciation: terbium. The village in Sweden where the element erbium (Er) was discovered. How do you pronounce toimii in English? Meaning of ytterbic. איך אומרים Moivre אנגלית? It has atomic number 68 and an atomic weight of 167.26.

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