On the other hand, there were plenty of caddis — the Rodney Dangerfield of early spring hatches — and though there were no risers, the trout were ready and willing to jump on a swung wet fly. The current pushes you in directions you wish it wouldn’t. The Usual size 12 was the fly, and the trout loved it. Great job by Jeff, who is turning into a dangerous subsurface machine. Whoa! Major Hatches in Connecticut Streams* NAME Size Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Notes Caddisflies/Sedges Winter Caddis (Dolophilodes distinctus) 20-24 Farmington hatch, Nov-Apr morning. 420cfs and clear. You will want to know about the fishing. It was a rainy, damp day, the sort of day that you don't usually see Hendricksons. Hard to believe. This river was coming down and got below 700 cfs until Friday nights storm brought it up to almost 900 cfs. Yesterday, we were fishing well downriver, and the splashy rises were due to an outstanding Hendrickson emergence. The Hendrickson hatch has finally made it to the Farmington River and last Sunday afternoon was my first chance to get up to river. I wish I could say I know for sure why there was so little activity on so many bugs. But I know when I’m beaten, so off I went to greener pastures. If you're like me I like to fish the Trout Management Area above Rte 219, I can always find water without crowds. The extended time frame of the hatch allows the fish to get pretty familiar with this food source. Connecticut: Farmington River Fly Fishing Hatch Chart - The Fly Shack Fly Fishing Shopping Cart × And its a moveable feat too. But, it really isn’t. The Hendrickson is the big story as far as hatches at this time of year. I did manage 1 nice Brown with bead head Wet fly. It offers anglers diverse water and great fishing opportunities. It was raining steadily, and the flies were still easy to pick out on a mottled surface flecked with raindrops. Spot A was a bust. This is a river that fishes best between 200 and 400 cfs. In the summer, Caddis and Stonefly nymphs are great to fly. Jefferson did a splendid job with his team of three wets. The Farmington River and a Spectacular Fish I went up to the Farmington River today with Dave Gallipoli. Nymphed. You dont suck, your just getting better all the time. Around mid-April when things begin to warm up is usually when these will hatch. Fly fishing hatch chart for Farmington River, Connecticut. I nymphed for about an hour, but had no takers. I know Paul had fun. Farmington River Report 12/2/20: The high water streamer tease, Support your local fly shop (even when it’s not local). This section has the highest trout population. Farmington River. Housatonic River Sunny, warm, good flows (264cfs, 52 degrees)…and anglers. Sometimes I have no idea what I’m talking about. Still, we managed to find some water to call our own not once, but three times around the upper TMA. (Apparently, sometimes I do know what I’m talking about.) Calling all Blockheads! That’s how my client David summed up his subsurface skills on the phone. We are seeing the heaviest hatches around 2pm give or take an hour. Best bets are 1st week in May. But not today. They are a great group, and they WILL catch rising trout anywhere and all year long with this fly. Ephemerella needhami (Little Dark Hendrickson) Mayfly Nymph View 6 Pictures I photographed three strange striped Ephemerella nymphs from the same trip on the same river: this one, a brown one, and a very very striped one. In a few weeks, thanks to Joe Drake’s initiative, our blog team will be fishingContinue Reading Unfortunately, the time-space continuum prevented me from attempting another daily double. It makes for good nymphing time, but I’ve yet to witness Hendricksons popping. Labels: Brown Trout, Dry Fly Fishing, Farmington River, Hendrickson Hatch, Rainbow Trout, Spring. And soon. The bite dropped off after all those seed thingys blew into the water. The water surface soon became littered with Hendrickson duns. Ava lands her first trout of the year on the Farmington River. Air was 60, clouds and rain. Hatch activity was decent (mostly caddis) but there was very little in the way of surface activity, not surprising given the water’s height and temperature. And cold! I have a feeling we will be seeing it soon. This is where it got good. Set on your ass, you feel that first shocking trickle that says the top of your waders have been breached. (I didn’t know you could fit that many cars into the Woodshop dirt lot. (Read all about it. He proved most uncooperative. To the fishing. And yes, the weather and the river were indeed as clear and lovely as they look. The famed Hendrickson hatch is early this year and well underway on the upper Housatonic River, yet it’s just getting started on the colder Farmington River. You will then receive an email that helps you regain access. 2 comments: Hibernation May 4, 2017 at 12:12 PM. In the summer, Caddis and Stonefly nymphs are great to fly. The two anglers below us were casting dries in a more moderate flow. Look for big dark mayflies hatching on the water sometime after 1:30 PM. Salmon River/Creeks Steelhead Report: Comedy is hard. You know that nature is always on time no matter when she shows up. Yes, so it would seem. Jefferson still managed to stick four trout, which was four more than I saw anyone else hook. Hendrickson Spinners #12 … The problem was there was nothing feasting on these easy meals. Two of the fish were active risers that I targeted; the rest were holding in likely places. At this point, the hendrickson hatch is winding down and it’s time to dig in and get our home ready to sell and prepare for our relocation to the Boston area this fall. Farmington River Report 5/2/18: Cold, slow, crowded and beautiful, Farmington River Report 5/6/16: Hendricksons (and then some), Farmington River Report 4/19/16: “I suck at nymphing.”, Farmington River Report 4/18/16: that was fun, Farmington River Report 3/31/16: Beware of the Double-H, Farmington River Report 5/8/15: We’ll take six. The fishing was quite a bit hotter. We fished a drop-shot rig under one of my home-brew yarn indicators; the top dropper was a size 16 soft-hackled Pheasant Tail, and our point fly was a size 12 BHSHPT or an Eagan’s Frenchie (thanks, Pete!) After’s Wednesday’s hatchstravaganza, I decided it was a moral imperative the go back to the Farmington on Thursday. And yes, we did see a couple of the H fly. This river was coming down and got below 700 cfs until Friday nights storm brought it up to almost 900 cfs. Spot C was the scene of a strong Hendrickson hatch (2:00pm-2:30pm) with one lonely trout making a few furtive slashes. Two anglers from Maryland were happy to share the water (thanks for the positive energy, guys! Fly fishing hatch chart for the Beaverkill River in New York ** Most Orders Shipping Same or Next Business Day! A fine, fat rainbow on the top dropper, a Squirrel and Ginger. Wind was a constant challenge, but I think we’ll take unfavorable conditions if a good bite is part of the package. I have a feeling we will be seeing it soon. Our hatch charts help you choose the right fly base on river and season. Exhibit A: As we waded into the Farmington at 2pm, I remarked to my client Paul, “We’re going to out fish those guys four-to-one.” Some splashy rises had me convinced we were going to clean up with wet flies in this snotty run. The Ferdon family owned the inn and lent their name to the pool below it. Bigger stoneflies are not a bad idea as well. I think that’s a first for me on this river (swinging wets over trout feeding on Hendricksons and not even getting a courtesy swipe). Here is an overview based on a few years of focusing on the Farmington after a severe case of Swift River Burn-Out. 2. The owner of this site is using Wordfence to manage access to their site. This is a lazy man’s hatch… Steelhead in Connecticut, albeit on a miniature scale. We have stocked the Salmon River again and so even though there is no tournament this year, there are fish! Really? Spot B was where I went for a swim. Holy Hendrickson! Sounds like a … If you think you have been blocked in error, contact the owner of this site for assistance. We gave them a brief sniff of the wets — nothing. I fished for a while in an faster run that dumps into a long deep pool. Lots and lots of anglers. So is steelheading. Since then, there have been a lot of new new fly anglers initiated in the way of the gentle art. For that reason a Hendrickson nymph is a great option if you decide to do some nymphing. Apr26 by Steve Culton. The hatch is well upstream at this point and within the entire catch and release only section. The geography of this event is significant because it ties another Catskill legend to the Hendrickson story. It must be the height of Hendrickson madness if the UpCountry lot is full at 8:45am on a Tuesday. I visited four locations on the lower river from Canton to Unionville, and there wasn’t a single subvaria to be found. From your waist down to your toes. Wordfence is a security plugin installed on over 3 million WordPress sites. What risers we saw never got into any feeding rhythm; it was all rather haphazard. My intent today was to get a big, preferably wild brown trout on a large articulated streamer. The West Branch of the Farmington is a great river that flows through beautiful Connecticut surroundings. Not a touch. Recommended Flies for the Farmington River. Jefferson took my Wet Flies 101 class today, and he chose a helluva fine day to be out fishing. I can tell you it didn’t happen today. Black Caddis (Brachycentrus) Other similar species: _Psilotreta: […] You can also read the documentation to learn about Wordfence's blocking tools, or visit wordfence.com to learn more about Wordfence.

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