Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Review. The Pioneer Woman Artisan Dough & Bread Maker by Hamilton Beach, Fiona Floral. You get a bread maker, two dough kneading paddles, and a relatively small instruction manual. 99 $69.99 $ 69. Highly recommended as an entry model for those entering the baking arena. "@type": "Rating", Easily make homemade French bread, whole grain bread, cake and much more with the Hamilton Beach 29888 Premium Dough & Bread Maker. 2 stars. Vote count: 37. 154. Besides the Hamilton 29882 Beach Bread Maker, we’ve also written extensively about other top rated bread makers here. If you are looking for a particular function of bread machines, don’t miss this part! That’s 2 more settings than the Hamilton Beach 29881 and the Hamilton Beach bread maker … 3 stars. Three loaf sizes and Three crust shades add versatility to your baking. The Hamilton Beach bread maker is a machine that brings people together in subtle ways. The bread pan (that one in which you bake all your bread within the machine) is removable, so you can get your final result out more easily. }, Removeable Interior Pan. Bread makers have a variety of pre-programmed cycles to accommodate everything from a soft and sweet cinnamon bread to a crusty loaf of french bread. Whatever your taste preferences or dietary needs, you can satisfy them with Hamilton Beach® Bread Makers. Hamilton Beach is another big name in kitchen appliances and gadgets. Delicious bread baked to perfection, you’ll be able to fit this compact and sleek, yet inexpensive machine within the counter space of your home. Its three simple steps are easy to remember and follow. Tending to the needs of those with and without gluten intolerance, you’ll find that this machine has an incredible number of features. The Hamilton Beach Bread Machine has an abundance of features including: Attractive in design, the aesthetics aren’t the only aspect of this bread maker that you’ll find attractive. The Hamilton Beach bread maker is a machine that brings people together in subtle ways. If you are not going to use the Artisan Dough or Rise programs, then you might get the Hamilton Beach 29882 (read review) because it is one of the cheapest bread machines on the market. Cleaning the bread maker is also very easy and at the same time, you will find it very easy to use the bread maker. And guess what? The incorporation of a delay timer allows the bread machine user to incorporate ingredients when they need it. 4 stars. The good part is that the bread maker can help you with baking bread of 1.5 pounds of 2 pounds as per your requirements. You can create delicious loaves of bread that are preservative-free and even gluten-free for those with sensitivities. This makes the bread maker … December 5, 2020 1:07 pm × Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. If you’re someone who enjoys larger bread machines so you can create longer loaves, you’ll unfortunately not want this one (unless it’s not that much of a factor). Write a review. 6. Categories Reviews Tags Appliances, Bread Machine Post navigation. Overall, the machine is designed in such a way that you can make thick dough with the help of the machine as well. 2. We’re sure you will like some of the other bread machines too. Bread makers also have a dough setting that makes the dough but stops before baking it. You also get a recipe booklet with Hamilton Beach Bread Maker and a lot of recipes are included in the booklet. The machine bakes vertical bread loaves and there are several other advantages of purchasing this bread maker. 204 ratings. Overall, the performance of the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is impressive. It … There are several settings available and another important feature that has been incorporated in this bread maker is the presence of removable parts. Make the switch to fresh, homemade bread with this Hamilton Beach Premium dough and bread maker. One disadvantage of this bread maker is that it can’t create over 2lbs. 36 people found this helpful. For those who have very particular needs and desires when it comes to their bread, you’ll enjoy Hamilton Beach’s setting list that includes express methods of baking 1.5-2lbs. Average Rating: (4.5) out of 5 stars. 27. Verified Purchase. Helpful. You get a huge array of settings if you purchase this bread maker. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Review. Hamilton Beach 2 lb Digital Bread Maker, Model# 29881 Prices. Would definitely recommend this bread maker by Hamilton Beach! "@context": "http://schema.org", Click here for our other recommended bread machines! Easy to Use. Bread Makers Fill your house with the smell of baked bread. "reviewRating": { 4.0 out of 5 stars Good but needs work. "Keywords": ["Hamilton 29882 Beach Bread Maker Review"] Buy now from Amazon. "itemReviewed": { 15. Differences in cycles include the amount of time needed for kneading, rising, and baking. Compact and sleek for even the tiniest of homes, it can provide an abundance of bread despite its size. This is a premium quality bread maker which comes with 12 settings and a non-stick pan for easy cleanup. 154. in an express manner. The bread pan that comes along with Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a non-stick pan. For big family events like Thanksgiving or other holidays, this accessory is a blessing in disguise. The HomeBaker 29882 bread maker has many of the same features … The next problem was that these bread makers were expensive. Being able to create foods that go beyond bread allows you to eliminate other mini appliances in your kitchen. These are all the 12 settings available and to give you more information about these settings, you must know that it is possible to bake bread in just 58 minutes if you choose the express mode. Having an extra kneading paddle will allow you to save time and create more as another is washing. This makes the bread maker dishwasher safe and cleaning it is very simple and easy. "ratingValue": "4", I’ve never made my own bread before, but it sounds really yummy and I really like that you can customize the ingredients and determine the size of the loaf. I wanted to wait for a few dozen different yields of breads before righting a review so I’ll get to the point. The bread maker can help you in baking bread in variable capacity. I have … What Makes Hamilton Beach an Awesome Bread Maker? The bread maker can help you in baking bread in variable capacity. What adds on to the feature is the fact that you can bake gluten-free bread as well. It is cheap and it is also priced right. This will be the right fit for you. It also has both an automatic dispenser and a viewing window. The Hamilton Beach HomeBaker is a bread machine that doesn’t have a lot of frills, but it does what it’s meant to do – bake tasty, fresh bread. To add on to the features, you can even choose the size of the bread. Just add nuts & fruit - it does the rest. { 4 stars. "@type": "Person", Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a compact bread maker which is capable of baking vertical bread loaves. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a compact bread maker which is capable of baking vertical bread loaves. 1 star. It started leaking and the pan is now useless because the grease (or whatever it is) got all over the bread. Hamilton Beach. Thanks so much for your detailed review & pics of the Hamilton Beach Premium Dough and Bread Maker. Also, the bread maker can help you in baking whole grain bread. If your family size is over 4-6, you’ll want to find another bread maker. Smaller families or those who don’t eat often will find solace in this Hamilton Beach bread making machine. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is one such machine, which is neither bulky or expensive. If you have a small kitchen with not much space for the machines then Hamilton Beach Bread Maker can prove to be the right choice for you. The gluten-free setting and audible reminder to add fruit and nut are handy. The Hamilton Beach 2988C HomeBaker Breadmaker is an affordable bread machine that can make a 1.5 pound loaf or a 2 pound loaf. Beyond this, you’re able to customize to light, dark, or medium crust settings to please even the pickiest of people in your family or guest pool. It offers features such as gluten-free and whole-grain settings if you’re looking at purchasing a bread maker for a particular diet. of bread, dough settings, jam, cake, bake, whole grain, and many more. It has a Gluten-free setting but your success with that setting will have more to do with your ability to combine the right ingredients. I don't know what happened, but the bread rose over the inner pan and down the sides before the cooking began and I woke up to the smell of burnt bread. Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Maker – Gluten Free Setting, Programmable. Lastly, you can also set a 12 hour delay timer to get fresh bread in the morning. In doing so, this provides a seamless experience and allows you to start the baking process later rather than now – but you can put the ingredients in before you forget! In term of the size of the bread and crust color, you get options to choose from. }, © 2019-2020 Make The Bread - All Rights Reserved |, Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a true value for money, You can bake custom and even Gluten Free Breads from this Bread Maker, The machine is quite compact and it easier to find space in the kitchen for this bread maker. However, the ones we’ll be discussing may not affect the total performance of the bread maker. This lets you bake it in a conventional oven, add it to a This bread maker lets you create everything from a loaf of basic white to fresh focaccia dough with its 14 programmable settings. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it can also bake Gluten Free bread. Beyond this, your machine is equipped with an extra kneading paddle so that one paddle can be washed and the other can be used simultaneously. Even though this bread maker by Hamilton is very attractive on paper, there are naturally some disadvantages that others may not like. The aforementioned is largely due to the compact size of the bread pan in this machine. Read helpful reviews from our customers. Hamilton Beach 29885 Artisan and Gluten-Free Bread Maker, 2 lb Capacity, Stainless Steel. This one feature goes missing in a lot of bread makers but we are glad Hamilton Beach Bread Maker has this feature. Loaf Capacity, Stainless Steel (29888) at Amazon.com. If you’ve never handmade bread before, you may be looking into purchasing a bread machine. What is the difference between the Hamilton Beach 29882C and the 29881 bread machines?? 6. High-end bread machines can cost several hundred dollars, and if you only make bread once in a blue moon, you might not want to empty your wallet for one. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Review (Model 29885) Bread Makers, Reviews / March 11, 2020 by admin. It also has express settings for both loaf sizes so you can have fresh bread … The company has already mentioned a disclaimer that the quality of bread might not be as good on express mode but well, you are getting bread in just 58 minutes. One last advantage (although there are many others) that we’ll discuss is the 12 different settings for how to make your bread. "name": "Macy Wilson" express, jam, cake, dough, whole grain + bread setting, Delay timer for the addition of ingredients. This provides you with a healthy choice. Bread Maker Reviews » Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Maker Review. Bread making has really become popular but there are a lot of people who dread the complete process in their kitchen. 5 stars. A striking performance from a machine that boasts an abundance of features, you won’t regret welcoming this machine into your home. Developed with nutrition in mind, they feature settings such as gluten-free and whole-grain so you can bake wholesome breads using a … Overall, Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is something that you can rely upon and you will not be disappointed. Click here for our other recommended bread machines! The pan is non-stick … The built-in dispenser automatically adds fruit and nuts to your dough for a hassle-free kneading process, while the 14 preprogrammed cook settings let you explore different recipes, including gluten-free and artisan options. There might be increasingly costly bread producers available, yet this gadget still makes significant-quality portions at only a segment of the expense. If you want it fast and heavy (2lbs), there’s an express setting for you. The Pioneer Woman Artisan Dough & Bread Maker by Hamilton Beach, Fiona Floral. 90% Recommended (108 of 119) 5 stars. Simply add ingredients, select the cycle, and press start. 27. Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker Review. I got daring and decided to make a Cinnamon Raisin Bread overnight so I could wake up to the smell of fresh bread. It is on the lower end of the evaluating scale. To add on to this, the bread pan is dishwasher safe. 5 Best Canned Tuna for Your Kitchen. To get a better idea of this bread maker, let us look into the features that you get. Our Hamilton Beach 29885 Review. }, While all of the aforementioned features are attractive, you may be a bit overwhelmed as to how you can begin creating. Hamilton Beach Premium Dough & Bread Maker Machine: 15.5 pounds: One: 1, 1 ½, or 2-pound: Yes: Aicok 2LB Custom Loaf Bread Maker: 13.49 pounds: One: 1, 1.7, or 2-pound : Yes: Secura Bread Maker Machine: 13.8 pounds: One: 1, 1.7, or 2-pound: Yes: Which One Is the Best Bread Machine? The list is never ending. If you want gluten-free or to bake some pizza dough, you’ll enjoy this bread maker. $69.99 $ 69. As an Amazon Associate KitchenSurfing.com earns commission from qualifying purchases. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Hamilton Beach Premium Dough & Bread Maker Machine with Auto Fruit and Nut Dispenser, 2 lb. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn a small affiliate commission. It’s worth mentioning that the non-stick pan allows you to use it in the dishwasher and provide a nice cleaning without residue sticking to the pan of the bread machine. Fear not, as there are gluten-free and whole-grain recipes included for even the most amateur of users. Tending to the needs of those with and without gluten intolerances, you’ll find that this machine has an incredible number of features. This means that the residue doesn’t stick to the pan and it is also very easy to clean. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Video Review : Summary : Characteristically, The hamilton beach bread maker is a decent, top-notch spending alternative. To overcome this problem, some of the companies launched affordable versions. This beautifully designed stainless steel bread maker comes with 14 settings. This feature makes this bread maker good for a lot of people who prefer healthy bakes. Check Price On Amazon. The bread that you can bake using Hamilton Beach Bread Maker includes Basic Bread, French Bread, Quick Mode, Gluten Free Bread, Whole Grain Bread, 1.5 lbs Express Baking, 2 lbs Express Baking, Sweet Bread, Dough Only, Jam, Cake, Bake. "author": { Keep reading for our full product review. Price: $112.98: Price Disclaimer. This also makes cleaning it very simple. Check them out now, so you have more options to choose from. Hamilton Beach 29885 Bread Maker Review The Positives. There are fewer local bakeries and more mass-produced bread items than ever before. 99. 4.5. For those who want to incorporate nuts and fruits within your bread, you can do this, too! One needs not be tech savvy to operate a Hamilton Beach Bread Maker. First impressions: this is a beautiful bread machine with a stainless steel shell. 0 . The product manual gives you a detailed guide on how to use each setting. A bread maker allows you to control the number of additives in your bread… I emailed Hamilton Beach to see what I might have done wrong and they replaced my bread maker. Kitchen Maker HQ is supported by its audience. Conclusion: The Best Hamilton Beach Bread Maker In my opinion, the newer model, the Hamilton Beach 29885, wins first place. of bread at one time, nor can it provide more than 2lbs. Hamilton Beach offers 12 that will allow you to bake most breads. Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker, White (Discontinued) $61.14 $79.99 . This can be suitable for any kind of taste that you have. Reviewed in Canada on February 4, 2019. }, "@type": "Thing", Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881/29882 Features At A Glance In doing so, you can free up some extra countertop space and have more room for other dinner creations while your bread bakes. In having this feature, you’ll be able to make items beyond bread, as well as make them to perfection. Which bread maker model would we buy? 3 stars. Still, to give you an idea, you can bake 12 different types of bread using Hamilton Beach Bread Maker. Instead of fumbling to clean the pan while it’s attached to the machine, simply pop it out. Processed food seems to be taking over our grocery stores. Convection Bread Maker Review, Without preservatives, gluten-free capabilities, 12 settings – French, gluten-free, sweet, quick bread, 1.5lb express, 2lb. Let us check out more details about the Hamilton Beach bread maker. Yes, the first few bakes would be required to get the perfect bread but this machine will surely help you with a good return on investment. Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker Review . "@type": "Review", Convection Bread Maker Review. This bread maker is surely the right purchase for people with less space in the kitchen. The total weight of this bread maker is 12.75 lbs and in terms of dimensions, they are 16.38 inches x 12.3 inches x 12.75 inches. © 2020 |, Cuisinart CBK-200 2lb. For a cheap price, a baking enthusiast can enjoy this user-friendly kitchen gadget. "image": "https://makethebread.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Hamilton-Beach-29885-Bread-Maker.jpg" Many companies understood the need and they came up with this quality bread maker. The best part is that the bread maker lets you customize the recipes as well. There are several settings available and another important feature that has been incorporated in this bread maker is the presence of removable parts. The Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is another bestselling bread maker of Amazon. That is real service! Everything I like in a bread machine. The Hamilton Beach 29885 might be slightly more expensive than the previous model (check price on Amazon). "bestRating": 5 0 Comment Report abuse Jay. The pan has a seal in the bottom which is apparently packed with grease. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker lets you customize the bread as per your taste. The Hamilton Beach 29881/29882 bread machine is a great budget choice. With the help of this customization, you can even go ahead and bake gluten free bread for you. Create made-from-scratch bread from the comfort of your kitchen with the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker. It can also handle whole-grains but the recipes seem to indicate a percentage of grain flours such as whole wheat rather than 100% whole wheat. Unboxing the HomeBaker is a pretty easy and straightforward process as there isn’t really that much inside that you need to worry about. While this is the quick and easy option, it’s not the healthiest one. The little things matter when it comes to investing in household appliances. Best Buy has honest and unbiased customer reviews for Hamilton Beach - Artisan Dough and Bread Maker - White. Submit Rating . "name": "Hamilton 29882", Practical and inexpensive, those with and without gluten intolerances can once again enjoy eating together without fearing that they won’t be able to. With a bread maker manufactured by Hamilton Beach, you’ll be able to provide your friends, family, and guests with delicious bread within a short period of time. Average rating 4.8 / 5. The addition of non-slip feet makes it so that surfaces that are oily or reacting to the vibration of the machine will eliminate the possibility of it moving on you. Overall, this is a fantastic bread maker that provides exactly what it says it will – in a timely manner, too! Brand: Hamilton Beach: Model: 29882: Weight: 13.5 pounds: Rating : 4.2 / 5.0: Hamilton Beach makes great bread machines that will do everything you need, at very reasonable prices. We purchased the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker so our reviewer could put it to the test in her kitchen. Hamilton Beach 29882C HomeBaker Breadmaker. If you like stainless steel, then you probably like the look of this bread machine. Reviewed: Hamilton Beach 29888 With Fruit And Nut Dispenser The first thing you might notice about the Hamilton Beach 29888 bread maker machine is the stainless steel exterior.

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