With a brass nut,TP6 tailpiece, and Dirty Fingers, it was certainly a one of a kind Gibson for its time. Re: Distortion vs Gibson Dirty Fingers Dirty Fingers bridge is a single mag 500T. Gibson Pickup Wiring Diagram P-94Rand P-94T GREEN & BARE TO GROUND WHITE LEAD BLACK LEAD The P-94 pickup comes with two insulated lead wires plus a bare wire twisted with a green lead (note: there may be a red wire included, this is a “dead” lead which you may cut). Like you, I was unsure whether the dirty fingers have more than one conductor, but I assumed that in order for the pickups to be out of phase at least one pickup will have to be multi-conductor. Re: dirty fingers by gibson « Reply #6 on: April 12, 2012, 09:38:59 AM » The DC resistance values are typical, and there was and is only one Dirty Fingers Model. ... Gibson reflects that the Dirty Fingers and 500T models are louder than the Iommi. Gold Covers for Dirty Fingers? Gibson Gear ; Gold Covers for Dirty Fingers? Hello all, just a few questions about the gibson Dirty Fingers pickups. I recently decided to try a reissued model in the bridge of an Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro. I'm under the impression that stock pickups on a GK (Gibson-Kalamazoo) 55 were supposed to have been T-Tops, but that Dirty Fingers became the de facto stock pickups because so many folks were after hot pickups at the time. If you're trying to improve your overall sound, the '57 Classic is easily the best choice. Hardware and Plastics March 2018 in Guitar. My 347 was actually the best sounding single coil Gibson I ever had, which really isn't saying alot. The Dirty Fingers is more neutral and powerful bridge and can go from Blues to hard rock with all shades in between. Anything other than 16Kohms then they're most probably fake. Gibson does recommend the Iommi humbucker for both the neck and bridge positions. Dimarzio super distortions vs Gibson dirty fingers , anyone tried em ?? Velvet Brick Pickups These came stock in the Sonex 180 and the Gibson "The SG" made between the years of 1979 - 1983. 1983 double-black open coil Gibson Dirty Fingers. Dirty Fingers HB's will only exacerbate (make worse) that hard sound. All of the Gibson pickups on the list above are high-quality products - but that doesn't mean they're the right choice for everyone. The Dirty Fingers humbucker has returned after a 20-year absence to once again deliver the critical union between power and dirt. Ok so I want to get some new pickups for my Les Paul, I need some opinions on the Dirtyfingers pickups and the Burstbucker pickups. Less chunk and that upper mid peak actually shifts up to be a treble peak. They are high gain, but need no batteries. International buyers welcomed. So if High Gain distorted tone is all you are interested in, then the Dirty Fingers pickups will be a good choice for you. Not all, though. ... Yah you gotta let that Gold Dirty Fingers logo show as a warning to whats in store for the crowd! DC resistance? They are like 1400 ohms under wound compaired to a DD. 2,737,842"). Some guitars (The Gov. Very powerfull, dark and fuzzy. Most sites list them as bridge pickups. I had one for a while and couldn't figure out what to do with it. These will push an amp into distortion at a much lower level and much quicker than almost any other passive pickup. Sign in to follow this . By CERNUNNOS, July 14, 2011 in Gibson Gear. Very nice! Authentic 1984 Tim Shaw Dirty Fingers Humbucker Pickups. Andertons list them as position: both. Dirty Fingers are Gibson's highest output passive pickups. I'm going to be getting a Epiphone Tribute Les Paul Standard Tribute in Faded Cherry Burst. My current 'playing' guitar is an ltd ec-1000 with a dirty fingers in the bridge. Is there a DF neck model? Quote; Share this … If you're looking for an immediate change in your sound, the P-94R Neck and the Dirty Fingers are the top choices. It was odd because the pick attack was kind of weak while its response to fretting nuance was strong. For unbridled crunch and wailing lead tones, all with singing sustain, this pickup was born to rock out—yet it boasts surprising clarity for mellower moments. Cold Sweat has a rather extended treble response, which I think is pretty nice. Patent number baseplate (stamped with "Pat No. Last updated: 13-10-2010 About 2 years ago I compiled a list of DC-resistance values and magnet-types to help me identify the pickups currently in use with Gibson/Epiphone(w/1 or 2 exceptions), this after someone tried to sell me a couple of fake Burstbuckers. But keep in mind that some early- or mid-1980s Gibson models had different Tim Shaw era pickups--e.g., Dirty Finger high-output or Velvet Brick P/Us. The Gibson IMDF-DB Dirty Fingers Humbucker Guitar Pickup is an electric guitar pickup with a humbucker design, a ceramic magnet, 4-conductor wiring and comes in black.The Gibson "Dirty Fingers" humbucker is an accurate replica of the famous super-hot humbucker introduced by Gibson in the 1970s. That's a valid point, but I'd still wait for the resistance readings before making any conclusions. If you are set on installing Gibson Pickups then I'd say Burstbucker 1 (neck) & 2 (bridge) w/A2 magnets would work well OR even the rarer Gibson Custom Humbucker set that only came with Gibson Heritage R8, R9, and R0 guitars in 2013/2014. I love both of these pickups in the bridge, I had the 500T/496R set in an older epiphone, then an epi elitist (swapped out for an invader/alnicoIIpro). Now I dont know which is which! If the 500T is the Gibson pickup that pegs '10' on the output scale, the dirty fingers is the spinal tap '11'. It also has a really strong personality, it's not as "hi-fi" as the EMG pickups. Easy assembly. im looking to swap out a PAF style pickup in a les Paul. This is a very high-output pickup, but also very clear and present. Still one of the cheapest Gibson semihollowbodies you can buy and kind of fun in its own way. The Sonex Deluxe, the lowest price model, used Velvet Brick humbucker pickups, not Dirty Fingers. Inked with "4 041083". Indeed, the brand is listed as "Dirty Fingers", not Gibson. I have a Gibson Dirty FIngers PU that was given to me and I was wondering if anyone here has ever added a pickup cover to one of these pickups? Gibson Pickups. Often overlooked and forgotten it is now hard to find info on these pickups because everyone confuses them with the Dirty Fingers. Same recollections for me. I stand by my original response. A single volume and tone control keep it simple. It acts as a low resistance widely-spaced shorted turn around the pickup. Cold Sweat has a very mild mid range. It has a long-leg baseplate, so it probably came out of a Les Paul originally. V and Explorer, the 2017 V) come with 2 DF humbuckers. Im confused. And while some Gibson P/Us from this period are easy to tell apart from TS P/Us, some are apparently not (without looking inside). ; whether or not the pup was really a Dirty Fingers or not didn't figure into my purchase, I just liked the sound of the pup. Firebird 42PE 4250 CCW 3.5 A2 Mini Bucker 42P 4250 CCW 3.35 A5 PAF 42PE 5000 CCW 4.0 A2 or 3 T-top 42PE 5000 CCW 4.0 A5 Dirty Finger 44PE 8000 CCW 8k both coils screw poles, 3 ceramic bars P-90 42PE 10,000 CCW 8.0 A3 or A5 Alnico aka "staple" 42PE 10,000 CCW 8.0 A3 or A5 Installed bridge on a Gibson reissue SG61, microphone provides the versatility that I expected from this instrument. This pickup has super high output. Plenty of wire for your application. I am pleased to say, it is every bit as good as the old models. i tend to gravitate towards hotter pickups , I have a set of Bill Lawrence hb's in my les Paul custom . I figure that I should be able to tell them apart by measuring the DC resistance … Followers 0. Under the hood, the Iommi packs a healthy DC Resistance, but a bit more Inductance and a little less capacitance. Seller swears up and down that the Dirty Fingers is used in the Epi factory to make the Prophecy GX which is supposed to explain why its coming from China and the gold screws. Gibson Dirty Fingers Plus pickup, it utilizes the Quick Connect System™ Bridge Position (although they say they are for neck also) The Gibson Dirty Fingers Humbucker is the pickup so loud it refused to be silenced. I also think the Dirty Fingers have alot more mid range grind. Hi Gentlemen, I purchased a The Paul II with what was advertised as a 1970s Gibson Dirty Fingers pick up in the bridge. My first Dirty fingers was an original 70s/80s model in the bridge of a Gibson Les Paul, and I loved it. The Dirty Fingers have a certain 'messed up-ness' to them, which I think can be cool in some situations. I took them out of my LP Classic then, foolishly, forgot to label them (they look identical). riffpowers Frets: 223 . They feature a unique steel mounting plate on the back of the pickup that differs from ALL other Gibson pickups, and has 2 height adjustment screws on one side and one on the other side. Removed from my vintage Flying V. Pickups DC resistance read 16.79K and 16.68K Includes original pickup rings. The closest thing to a dirty fingers is the Kent Armstrong Mega Distortion. The Les Paul ’70s Tribute takes its firepower from a pair of Gibson’s mighty Dirty Fingers™ humbucking pickups, a legendary component of ’70s firepower, and among the two hottest pickups that Gibson has ever designed. I'd say both pups have a similar bass response. Hi, Does anyone know what the DC resistance of Gibson 496R and 500T pickups is? The Bricks were designed by Bill Lawrence, working for Gibson. I bought the guitar because I liked the sound and feel etc. Demonstrating a variety of clean and dirty tones achievable from the Gibson Dirty fingers pickups on my Epi Les Paul Custom Prophecy. Firstly, it is a very hot pickup. ... Having heard & played with the Dirty Fingers pickups, a slight reduction or change in tone may not make a large difference. The ES-335 Studio is loaded with a single Dirty Fingers Plus humbucker, one of Gibson's hottest pickups. Also what would be a nice fit to go on the bridge with the dirtyfingers on the neck? Re: Gibson Dirty Fingers The Dirty Fingers were odd pickups. Springs and screws. The tone is the best, this is how a guitar should sound. That translates to power with some heft and clarity. It doesn't say "Geuine Gibson" anywhere; only "Genuine Dirty Fingers". Connect either the white or black lead wire to the volume I am interested in buying a Dirty Fingers Humbucker for my guitar and I was just wondering how versatile it is if anyone has it. The headstock is silkscreened with a gold Gibson logo and Les Paul Model.

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