Some gardeners also… The Felco pruners cut every other sample perfectly and effortlessly, and performed better than any of the other tools we tried. Felco Model Number 2 Original. FELCO 2 Classic Pruning Shears / Secateurs have a durable yet easy cutting adjustment. In our tests, it was easy to see why the Felco 2 pruners have earned such a great reputation among generations of gardeners. ARS VS-8R. But from what we could determine, this pair was harder than any other pruners we tested, except the Okatsune (60). The Fiskars Quantum Hand Pruner is not made to slice scallions, and it left dangling onion bits on more than half the cuts. Odds are, you won’t need to do this, ever, judging by how long people keep their Felco pruners, but to my mind, it’s a slight flaw. If you have smaller hands, this pair is a great option. You will be shocked by the unbeatable prices. Buy other Felco secateurs on Amazon. The ARS HP-VS8Z pruners cut better than any other pruners we tested, leaving fewer bits of bark and ragged ends of stems than every other pair. The scallions proved surprisingly challenging: Most models cut the green and white parts cleanly and consistently, while others squeezed them into mush. A minority of commenters on Amazon also complain that this model is prone to rust. Most home users would be better off with a pair of pruners that can tackle a broader range of branches. I judged the tools by the quality of their cut—whether they mashed the material or left fibers hanging, whether they required a great deal of force to make the cut, and whether they cut consistently throughout the testing. The handles come in three sizes: the ARS HP-VS8Z, the 8-inch model I tested; the ARS HP-VS9Z, a 9-inch model for larger hands; and the ARS HP-VS7Z, for smaller hands. Suitable for Small/Medium Hands. But these were tiny flaws. Its bypass blades opened and closed smoothly, and required only slight force to cut thick branches. The Felco 2 is Felco’s classic, professional pruner; Felco 2 cuts up to 25mm diameter; The Felco 2 features forged aluminium alloy handles, cushion and shock absorber and riveted anvil blade; Felco 2’s weight: 240g; Length - 215mm; Full spare parts are available for the Felco 2, with common Felco … But the cuts were clean, and the blades didn’t strip bark from live branches. These are perfect for people with large hands with a ergonomic non slip coating to give you extra grip whilst pruning. The Gardeners’ Friend pair also comes with a little mineral-oil-saturated sponge embedded in the handle for cleaning and oiling the blade, which saves you the bother of getting a rag out. Exciting, entertaining and smart - read about popular products and trends, get tips and be notified about new exclusive offers and promotions every week. Unfortunately, the ratchet action doesn’t improve the Gardena’s performance except on the thickest branches. Corona does offer a smaller model, the Corona BP 3130 Classic Cut Forged Bypass Pruner, but it’s rated to cut branches only up to ½ inch in diameter. Small High Perform1 Hand Pruner. If you want to pay a fraction of the price for performance that’s almost as good as that of the best pruners out there, the Corona BP 3180 Classic Cut Forged Bypass Pruner is a great budget pick. Fiskars P83 … Included in the table are 5 columns: Model – Felco … The angled cutting head creates a natural extension of the hand for even greater ergonomic comfort, while rubber shock absorbers deliver a soft closing action that protects the wrist against strain. The main difference was that the ARS HP-VS8Z cut large branches slightly more smoothly than the Felco 2, requiring a little less force, and making a flatter, cleaner cut. Otherwise, it features the same smooth, perfect action, and has the same sharp blade, as the ARS Signature Heavy Duty Pruner. De, signed for right-handed pruning. We have a great range of products to help create the perfect landscape, so why not browse our complete Garden range today. You Will Find Carrying Out These Tasks A Pleasure With The Ergonomic Grip And Finely Machined Alloy Professional Cutting Head.felco Essential Secateurs Perfect For All Types Of Cutting And Pruninghandles Made From High Tech Composite Materialsdesigned For Large Handsbypass Blades Made From Finely Machined Alloymeasures 21cmweighs In At Only 190g, The Very Useful Felco Leather Secateur Holste, r Will Make Sure Youre Quick On The Pruning Draw And Is The Perfect Way To Keep Your Secateurs Safe And To Hand.the Genuine Leather Holster Simply Clips To A Belt, Trousers Or Pocket, Securely Houses The Secateurs At A Convenient Hip Height And A Combination Of Steel Rivets And Heavy Stitching Ensures This Holster Stays Put.the Leather Holster Measures 24cm In Length And 10cm Wide At The Top, Narrowing To 8cm Towards The Bottom And With A Riveted Metal Clip On The Back Are Now Available With An Extra Storage Facility For Your Felco Diamond Steel Tool Sharpener felco Leather Secateur Holsters Measures 24cm In Length10cm Wide At Top Tapering To 8cmfelco 910+ Contains Additional Pocket For Storing Your Felco Steel Tool Sharpener (available Separately)made From Genuine Leatherintegral Metal Clip On Back Attaches To Belt, Trousers Or Pocketsafely Stores Secateurs At Hip Heightconvenient When Plenty Of Pruning Requiredhelps Prevent Secateurs Being Lost Or Misplacedheavy Duty Stitching And Metal Rivets In Construction, The Felco Model 2 Bypass Secateur Is Highly R. ecommended By Professionals And Comes With All The Features That Make Felco Secateurs So Popular.these High Quality Secateurs Have Comfortable Lighweight Handles, A Hardened Steel Blade With Wire Cutting Notch, Riveted Anvil With Sap Groove And A Toothed Centre Nut Mechanism Which Easily Aligns The Blades For A Clean Precise Cut.add To This The Lifetime Guarantee And That All Parts Can Be Replaced And It Is Easy To See Why These Are The Secateurs Of Choice For May Horticulturists. The Corona pruners are sturdy, but a lot of women can barely get their hands around them when they're open. Olga Kraus, a certified horticulturist with over 20 years of experience working in the nursery trade, and one of the pro landscapers we consulted at the Ecological Landscape Alliance, said, “The Felco 2's I have been using for 25 years were joined last year by a pair of Felco 6's.” Gardeners writing reviews on the arborist supply site Tree Stuff have similar stories: One person has had the “same pair for 13 years and counting.” Another has owned a pair for 12 years—“longer than I've done tree work, and they're still on the first blade.” And here’s a perfect example, also from a Tree Stuff reviewer: “I have [had] ... a set of these pruners for 16 years for personal use and 5 of the years professionally. The Felco Essential Secateurs Are A Great Ent, ry Level Model And An Ideal Way To Begin Your Relationship With Felco, The Renowned Swiss Master Secateur Makers.designed For Larger Hands, These Secateurs Are Suitable For All General Pruning And Cutting Work. The ergonomic shape of the tool offers hand and wrist protection through a cushion-shock absorber & non-slip coating whilst optimisation of the force exerted is provided by the ideal shape of the handles & angled head. The original secateur from Felco, the Fel2 secateurs are favoured by most professional gardeners. NEW. Another Felco difference is how much easier making a cut feels with these pruners. When I used the ratchet, it crushed and tore the canes on a majority of cuts. nal pair of Secateurs in an ergonomic re-designed shape for comfort & efficient use. However, I needed to use two hands to force it to close on the ½-inch dowel and the ¾-inch buckthorn branch, and both the ⅜-inch and ¾-inch branches were slightly crushed in the process. You may not notice for the first few cuts, but after 15 or 20 minutes of use, you're going to start feeling it, especially if you're an older gardener. When I tested the Corona RP 3230 on berry canes, I could not get it to cut ¼-inch canes without engaging the ratchet—and in the time it took to make three ratchets, the canes were well mashed by being held under pressure against the anvil blade. Felco secateurs Cutting blade 2/3 - for model 2,4,11,400 - new and sealed We’ve included bypass, anvil and ratchet types. Tool adjustment key included for cutting head and closing lock adjustment. Garden Shears, Pruning Shears, Bypass Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 25 mm, Length 21.5 cm, hangeable Blade, Bypass Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 20 mm, Length 20 cm, hangeable Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 25 mm, Length 22.5 cm, hangeable Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 25 mm, Length 21 cm, hangeable Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 10 mm, Length 21 cm, Soft Grip, Exchangeable Blade, Bypass Blade, Length 22 cm, Garden Shears, Pruning Shears, Soft Grip, Byp, hangeable Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 30 mm, Length 27 cm, Garden Shears, Pruning Shears, Anvil Blade, M, ass Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 25 mm, Length 21 cm, hangeable Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 20 mm, Length 20 cm, ass Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 10 mm, Length 18.5 cm, hangeable Blade, Bypass Blade, Length 22 cm, hangeable Blade, Bypass Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 25 mm, Length 22 cm, ass Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 10 mm, Length 19 cm, Garden Shears, Pruning Shears, Soft Grip, Max, hangeable Blade, Bypass Blade, Anvil Blade, Max Branch Diameter: 20 mm, Length 19.5 cm, - Official Felco replacement product - High q, uality carbon Steel - ONLY Suitable for model 5 - New, sealed pack - Replacement instructions included, - Official Felco product - Lightweight High Q. uality Leather - Riveted for extra strength - Attaches to belt (via belt loop) or clips to pocket -... uality carbon Steel - ONLY Suitable for model 9 and 10 - New sealed pack - Replacement instructions... - Authorised Genuine Felco products Felco 2 s. pecifications: - Length - 21.5cm - Weight - 240g - Cuts up to approx 25mm (1 inch) diameter branches -... - All parts are Authorised Genuine Felco prod. The Corona handles are straight with just a slight arc at the end, which partly explains why they can feel awkward if your hands aren’t quite large enough to grasp them. Wirecutter editor Michael Zhao happens to own these pruners, and he said he’s had such problems: “They have a wide neutral stance, so they’re not good for people with smaller hands. The Corona BP 3180 is an economical choice that can easily trim delicate scallion stems and slice right through raspberry canes. Pruners have one job on this earth, and that is to make straight, clean cuts without hurting your hands. The Felco 2 also crushed our ¼-inch dowel a little bit, while the ARS HP-VS8Z made a perfect, round cut. For this guide, I surveyed members of the Ecological Landscape Alliance and received recommendations from eight professional landscapers from all over the continent, asking about their favorite pruners they used themselves, as well as the models they give to their landscaping crews. We were also concerned about the availability of ARS models, as this Japanese brand isn’t as widespread as the Swiss brand Felco in the United States. Angled cutting head. But those flaws aside, they’re close to perfect. Locking segment nut for easy adjustment of cutting head. Be aware that this is intended as a guide only. While the stems tested the tools’ finesse, the woody pieces tested their delicate force. After reviewing our picks and considering long term testing, we’re confident that the Felco 2 pruners are still the best you can reliably get. The blades should rest so tightly against one another that, if you look at their edges together, no light should shine through. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. The Coronas seem to be designed for landscaping crews full of big, burly guys with wide palms. The Corona BP 6310 had a hard time cutting scallions, and required significantly more force to close than most other bypass models; I needed two hands to cut the ¾-inch buckthorn. The ARS has stunningly sharp high-carbon steel blades that have been tempered for hardness and resilience, and the tight, precise tolerance between the two blades creates a silky-smooth cutting action. According to Fiskars, the Fiskars PowerGear2 “multiplies leverage to give you up to 3.2x more power on every cut.” However, power is not the same as finesse. These are minor differences, and most people might not even notice the distinction if they mainly prune branches smaller than ½ inch in diameter. To simulate typical garden use, I tested the pruners by cutting a variety of delicate and woody stems: I hacked up scallions, ¼-inch-thick raspberry canes, ¼-inch and ½-inch wooden dowels, ½-inch Norway maple branches, and common ¾-inch buckthorn branches. This is a fantastic general purpose pruner however for those with small hands try the Felco model 6.. Buy Felco 2 secateurs … Some powered cordless secateurs claim to make pruning effortless. The Felco 2 pair required some minor effort to close on a Norway maple branch—that task was easier with the ARS model—and the Felco blades slightly crushed a ¼-inch dowel, which the ARS managed to sever more smoothly. I earned a certificate in field botany from the New England Wild Flower Society in 2007 (now known as the Native Plant Trust), and I co-founded the Lexington Community Farm Coalition, which is devoted to preserving working agricultural land. We have a great range of products to help create the perfect landscape, so why not browse our complete Garden range today. rdened steel plaque coated with diamonds. The best secateurs for pruning your garden ... (the Felco 2 secateurs are a design classic, which have been in production for 70 years and come with a lifetime guarantee – more on … To keep up to date with our latest news, offers & promotions, be sure to follow us on Facebook . The price volatility was the clincher, and we decided that recommending the Felco 2 as our first choice would give readers a nearly perfect tool that wouldn’t be a hassle to find and buy. Anvil or Japanese cutters aren’t your only two options when it comes to picking the best secateurs. Buy FELCO Hand Bypass Secateurs and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! 3. The Ultimate Felco Secateurs Comparison Guide! Top 13 Best Secateurs of 2020. 1. d winning, red-handled pruning shears/secateurs made in Switzerland… the FELCO 2 is the standard-bearer of the Brands core values of quality, reliability and durability. The Felco 2 is ½ inch longer than our also-great pick, the ARS HP-VS8Z. Like the top picks, the Corona BP 3180 accepts replacement blades, springs, and screws. Price class: Medium Blade ... 2. Felco No6 Compact Secateurs Constructed to th. Felco Hand Pruner Replacement Blade (6/3) for Felco Hand Pruners F6 & F12 - Spare Cutting Blade for Garden Pruning Shears & Bypass Clippers (Single Pack) 4.8 out of 5 stars 633 $15.99 $ 15 . The Burgon & Ball RHS GTO/SC Bypass Secateur is like the Royal Horticultural Society that endorses it: respectable. In general, the harder the steel used to make pruner blades, the longer they’ll stay sharp. The Felco 14 is another smaller tool we’ve tested and found to be as consistently excellent as the other Felco tools we’ve tried over the years. In testing, the PowerGear2 tended to crush live branches and dowels slightly, and it required more force to close than other pruners. They were the smoothest-feeling pruners we tried, slicing straight through both hefty branches and wispy scallion tops with no hesitation, jarring, or jerking, and they never got stuck. Like this Felco Leather Secateurs Holder? Although ARS doesn’t publish maximum cutting diameters for its pruners, the ARS HP-VS8Z even managed to cut through a ¾-inch branch with aplomb—unlike several other pruner models that were rated to cut 1-inch branches. I also combed through consumer, tool, and gardening sites, poring over articles and posts in Popular Mechanics, Fine Gardening, Organic Gardening, The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times (parent company of Wirecutter), and an assortment of blogs. New. To keep up to date with our latest news, offers & promotions, be sure to follow us on Facebook . In your envelope or package, please ensure that you include your secateurs … Every other pair of pruners jerked or stuck on something in our test, but not this pair. Stihl Professional Secateurs. Lifetime guarantee with all parts replaceable. They probably want regular oiling that I’m not giving them.” Still, even with these issues, you could keep the pruners going for years with replacement top blades, springs, and screws. The Felco (and ARS) models are just a bit easier for men and women of more modest size to handle. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Copyright 1999-2020 PriceRunner International AB, Felco secateurs Cutting blade - model 5. 100% sustainable with all parts replaceable. To keep up to date with our latest news, offers & promotions, be sure to follow us on Facebook . The Okatsune 101 7-inch Bypass Pruners are a favorite among bonsai enthusiasts. Although it’s supposed to cut materials up to 20mm (.79 inch) thick, cutting the ½-inch dowel and the ¾-inch buckthorn branch with this pair was challenging. The reason this model isn’t our top pick is that the Corona BP 3180’s cuts on large branches weren’t quite as clean as the cuts that the ARS and Felco pruners made, because the Corona pair didn’t cut as smoothly and easily, and because users with small to medium hands will find them unwieldy. The Gardenite Ratchet Pruning Shears are slightly larger than other pruning shears, and they require a second squeeze at the end of every snip to engage the ratchet for a clean cut—even on soft scallion tops. The Felco Model 2 Bypass Secateur Is Highly R ecommended By Professionals And Comes With All The Features That Make Felco Secateurs So Popular.these High Quality Secateurs Have … The Flexrake LRB205 Ratchet Anvil Pruner did a mediocre job of cutting scallions, tearing four out of 10, and it could not cut through raspberry canes without engaging the ratchet. Our search focused on the bypass style, which has the precision you need to make clean cuts in live growth, whether it’s woody branches or delicate stems. 99 … Read more in our Privacy Policy. Beyond a sharp edge, the ARS tool’s blades have a very precise bypass tolerance straight out of the box, which is critical to that smooth, never-stuck cutting action and the perfect results you see on every cut. I give frequent talks to historical societies, garden clubs, and book groups about New England landscape history and agriculture. No US merchants currently offer this model. The Quantum also cut the ⅜-inch Norway Maple branch unevenly and tore bark. Blade with wire cutting notch. Felco F910 Leather Secateurs Holster Felcos m. ost popular holster because it’s so useful plus extremely well-made using heavy-duty grain leather, waxed thread and extra riveting for long lasting use. I hope that either Burgon or Ball takes care of that soon. Out of the box, we found this blade-to-blade tolerance to be precise and accurate, but all pruners go out of alignment eventually. We also wanted a model with replacement parts available—even if they’re properly adjusted, and cleaned and sharpened, pruners are mortal. The FELCO 903 Sharpener Keeps FELCO 2 Blades Sharp & Ready to Prune! The tool's plastic latch extends out slightly beyond the level of the handles, which can be irritating if you’re using the pruners without gloves. Compared with cheaper pruners, Felco tools not only work better but also last longer—you can adjust and repair them, you can replace parts, and you'll find that they’re just plain tougher and more durable than the competition. However, the handles spread very wide, and the anvil blade is broad as well. We have a great range of products to help create the perfect landscape, so why not browse our complete Garden range today. Overall dimensions: L22.5cm, D2.5cm. Ideal for smaller hands but also comfortable and powerful for larger hands. ARS makes the rest of the tool as carefully as it does the blades. $23.95 $ 23. Spear & Jackson Ratchet Anvil Secateurs. The Gardenite also required more ratchets to cut through branches: four to cut the ⅜-inch Norway maple branch, five to get through the ¾-inch buckthorn. Our picks for rakes, blowers, and mulching mowers will take care of autumn leaves—and we’ve got tools to help you prep for spring, as well. We wanted a pair of pruners that was properly adjusted out of the box, and easy to tighten if it became loose. This reliability comes from their production process, which takes place in a former Swiss watch factory. There are better options. AM Leonard pruners are almost as comfortable as the ARS HP-VS8Z, though this model required two hands and force to cut a ¾-inch branch. 4.6 out of 5 stars 4,380. The Zavaland Pruning Shears were the only pruners in my sample that were completely incapable of cutting through scallions. Invest in a true Swiss icon Felco Secateurs are known across the globe for being the absolute best choice for everyone from the budding gardener to the green fingered Felco … They cut live branches and dowels perfectly—really, perfectly—with little torn bark and smooth, flat cuts, but they failed to cut through scallions on three out of 10 attempts. Crafted in forged aluminium for a lightweight but sturdy feel, the blade and screw-mounted anvil blade is made of high-quality hardened steel for a clean, precise cut and features an easy, durable cutting adjustment and wire cutting notch. In 2010 I published Boston's Gardens and Green Spaces, a Boston Globe Local Bestseller. Secures to belt or pocket by means of a high-tension metal clip on the reverse side. Felco tools also have one major advantage over the great ARS model: Felco pruners are everywhere. World of Felco is part of one of the UK's leading garden centres, Sunshine Garden Centre When it came to looking for an exclusive brand of secateurs to distribute online, the choice was easy - Felco.

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