I actually stopped playing Earthbound for a while because of that place. Then go south from the Exit Mouse area. March 12th, 2009 | EarthBound, Uncommon Knowledge I’ve just updated my MOTHER 2 vs. EarthBound site again (M2EB for short). ). They perform in Twoson and, later, Fourside. Based on its Super Smash Bros. Melee counterpart, this stage represents the EarthBound universe and serves as one of the home stages for Ness. As you go back to Fourside, the miner's brother drives up in his excavator and gives you the diamond that they found. the Runaway Five are stuck in another phony contract. 2:33 - Don't sell Big Bottle Rockets. ... Rest in the shack next to the maze and head back to the Fourside… and if you spoke to Miss Fake at the Topolla Walkthrough part 52. When you If you are attacked by more than one enemy at once, fire off a Big bottle rocket to take care of one of them. Department Store to make the Photo Man appear. Walk up the steps of the Fourside Museum to make the Photo Man appear. Magnet Hill, Fourside Sewer ← Dalaam; ... Go into the Fourside Museum and talk to the woman at the front desk. Go down the ladder there, then go east. The Fourside Dept. Back to the Miners' Shack. Fourside is a parody of New York City, as stated in the EarthBound Player's Guide, mentioning the skyscrapers, bustling streets, and shady politicians. Before the Runaway Five go, they're going to give one last performance. way as all the others. Receive the Diamond. any farther south, then go northwest. Sell the Pop Gun and the Defense Spray if Jeff has them, and call Escargo Express to store the Bad Key Machine and the Pak of Bubble Gum. go to the left. same strategy as before. Now that you've fed the miner, it's finally time to get past the traffic jam and on to Fourside. Maybe she'll have a change of heart when you offer her the gem. However, he can't continue because of the monsters in the mine. You can go south you are too low on PP or HP. from the eastern tunnel of the desert, then go west. EARTHBOUND WALKTHROUGH v1.1 ~~~~~ This is the Earthbound Walkthrough! When you're over the bridge, you'll be stopped by George, who will give you the only thing they've found so far -- a Diamond. guarding to get an IQ Capsule. EarthBound Walkthrough. You fight Belch #2 (I forgot his new name) and at the end, Poo still hops in with his PK Starstorm finish, regardless of whether Poo is already in your party. Explore Fourside, encounter an enemy and enter the Topolla Theater. Here is the answer to all of your possible questions about this game. Use Flash on it, then use your strongest PSI attacks. Fourside (フォーサイド) is a starter stage in Super Smash Flash 2. In MOTHER 2, his name is Monomochi Monotori, which has some meaning to it. into a small area and open the gift box to get a Calorie Stick. Description: A big, beautiful, and expensive-looking gem. Paralyze it and bid it farewell. Diamond Man. If you read the sign on the dinosaur exhibit, the Photo Man will take your picture. path splits. Fourside's nickname, the "Big Banana" (also mentioned in the Player's Guide) is also a parody of New York's nickname, the "Big Apple". up the ladder, and go west to find another Guardian Digger. Fourside. It pollutes the air around you and tries to run you over. Then go to the left and go up the ladder. Then open the gift boxes that it was guarding to get a Fourside is the fourth town Ness and his friends visit. This is the second of three videos in the video walkthrough / playthrough / runthrough / etc of the SNES game EarthBound. Take it to the manager of the Topolla Theater. (If you After you kill the Guardian Digger, you can open the gift box that it was Monomochi might mean something like “guy who owns lots of stuff” and “Monotori” could be taken as something like “guy who takes stuff”. When you're over the bridge, you'll be stopped by George, who will give you the only thing they've found so far -- a Diamond. Go into the office of Miss Fake, You should consider taking an Exit Mouse or two so you can leave the cave if Go to the Topolla Theater and buy a ticket. Then open the gift box to get a Coin of Defense. I'm doing this only because I avoid using them for this walkthrough. After you get rid of the monsters in the gold mine, you return to Fourside. There is a dinosaur museum here, a cafe, along with a theater and a very large department store. Through Dusty Dunes Desert. You will find some Exit Mice. Killer, he can use it to get Walkthrough part 53. Once you return to Fourside with Poo, most everyone has new stuff to say. Afterward, leave the cave. Walk up the steps of the Fourside Museum to make the Photo Man appear. However, the path is guarded by the Plague Rat of Doom. To reach it, you can go north Its attacks aren't very strong, but it can put you to sleep or paralyze you. the theater manager. Gutsy Bat Use: weapon for Ness (Offense +100, Guts +127) Obtained: Bionic Kraken. The Fourside Sewers is an area in EarthBound that, as the name implies, is a sewer network below Fourside. EarthBound Walkthrough EarthBound was originally released in 1994 for Super Famicom, with the title Mother 2. This turns When you are done you can walk back to the bus stop to get a ride to Fourside or you can … The Photo Man will take your picture as you Go down it, then Afterward, open the nearby chest to get a Guts Capsule. At the in the gold mine. Her cruel words can hurt you. There's no way you're going to get your hands on a million dollars to help out the Runaway Five, but you do have something valuable. You can talk to the miner near the entrance. If you gave food to the miner earlier, Then go back to the path into a stronger weapon for Jeff if he repairs it overnight, which he can do leave the mine. EarthBound Wiki Guide. i didn’t really have access to guides when i first played it. Their names are George and Gerardo Montague. when the path splits if you want to get a Secret Herb. Go to the junk shop in northeast Fourside and buy the Broken Gadget. As a reward, he gives Ness, Paula and Jeff his Pair Of Dirty Socks. This is the best weapon Ness can get. Go between the two trees that are between the Monotoli Building and the Department Store to make the Photo Man appear. Continue going north, then go left when you can. If Jeff has the Shield Pay to enter the museum. Watch out for his lectures; they lower your stats. Next, go back the way you came, and go north when the path splits. Explore Fourside, encounter an … Preliminaries. Then go back to the path The DDD is a sweltering desert that spans the distance between Threed and Fourside. ... FOURSIDE To get to Fourside, you must go through the Dusty Dunes Desert. Buy a ticket, meet the Topolla Theater manager and learns that Runaway Five are in … next split, you can go right to get a Teddy Bear. A lot of the usual changes still apply, such as every time “demon” is mentioned in MOTHER 2, it’s replaced with “evil” or “evil power” in EarthBound. EarthBound Walkthrough. It looks expensive... what to do with it? In EarthBound, the Montague brothers are the guys who give you a giant diamond after you get rid of all the giant moles in the Dusty Dunes gold mine. You can go down the ladder to find a Super Bomb. Go between the two trees that are between the Monotoli Building and the Go into the theater and watch their show, then talk to them backstage. and go north to find another Guardian Digger. Some people just don't know when the party's over. oh yeah, totally! Top Contributors: TheJis, Xero, Samuel-IGN + more. On the way you will meet some of the most dangerous enemies in EarthBound. Go into the alcove in the north to battle a Guardian Digger. back at you. Battle it the same way as the other Use the same strategy Store opens once the Runaway Five is free. Mine would easily be the Fourside Department Store. Don't miss it! Open the gift boxes near the Exit Mice to get a Picnic Lunch and a Croissant. Fight it the same Being a large city, it features many things to do. EarthBound Wiki Guide. There is an illusion of Fourside created by the Mani-Mani Statue called Moonside. So this is Ohio!? Watch your HP when this Cranky Lady starts swinging her bag at you. Continue on this path and you will reach a Guardian Digger. get a Bomb. The Department Store of Fourside ← Fourside; Moonside → The Department Store of Fourside. Be at max HP/PP before entering the store. Theater, you will discover that the miner has made a lot of progress. It is home to many new enemies, such as the Filthy Attack Roach, the Deadly Mouse, and the Stinky Ghost. you might have missed. Luck Capsule and a Platinum Band. After you've talked to the miner and rested at the shack, make your way back to the bus stop and hop a bus to Fourside. Then keep going east to find the final Guardian Digger. The game now splits into different directions here. There is a traffic jam! It was first seen in the demo v0.8 trailer showcasing Fox. It also leads to Magnet Hill, which is the fifth Your Sanctuary location. two. as always. are ready, go back to Fourside. Runaway Five changed to Runaway Brothers: No more scratching your head over why Runaway Five when they are Six (and a little word cameo to … a Big Bottle Rocket (or ignore it, because you can come back later when there Go south until you can't go 3:21 - Photo Spot: just before the second tunnel. You are free to explore and pick up any gift box items that Go to the arms dealer on the second floor and buy a Hyper Beam for Jeff. This latest update deals with Fourside stuff after you clear out the gold mine. Special thanks to The The Guts increase can give Ness SMAAAASH!! You really don't have a choice so start making your way up the stairs. It is accessible through a door in the cafe, and mimics typical night life in the city, featuring many bright lights. Meets a man and gives him his grandma's momento, Contact Lens. You're overdue at this point for some equipment upgrades, so you better go check it out. Go north from the entrance of the mine until you find a ladder. EarthBound Walkthrough - Onett 1 - Onett 2 - Giant Step - Onett 3 - Twoson 1 - Peaceful Rest Valley - Happy Happy Village - Lilliput Steps - Twoson 2 - Threed 1 - Snow Wood - Winters 1 - Threed 2 - Grapefruit Falls - Saturn Valley 1 - Belch's Factory - Milky Well - Dusty Dunes Desert - Fourside 1 - Gold Mine - Fourside 2 - Fourside Dept. After leaving the holding cell, go to the Drugstore and buy a Hard Hat and a Copper Bracelet for Jeff. The Bionic Kraken has a 1/128 chance of carrying this weapon. It covers the entire game and also has enemy stats, item info, PSI lists, maps, hotel and shop info, FAQs, and tons of tips and tricks. Earthbound FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions. Now that you have defeated all five Guardian Diggers, there are no more monsters The Runaway Five (Japanese: トンズラブラザーズ Tonzura Brothers ("Runaway Brothers")) are a Jazz band in EarthBound. are no more monsters in the mine). You can open the chest along the way to It might be best to go to Fourside first, since enemies in Scaraba tend to be strong, especially with Poo's lower levels. After walking through the desert to get past a traffic jam, you finally reach didn't give him food, give him some now, then leave the area and come back.) In the game, a boy named Ness and his friends must put a stop to the evil alien Giygas. I guess you'll have to … Open the gift box along the way to get You can go to the right After that, Jeff can use Bottle Rockets. Guide and Walkthrough by JZeth v.2.0 | 2006 | 253KB Guide and Walkthrough by Kodos86 v.2.0 | 2002 | 143KB Guide and Walkthrough by kylohk v.1.2 | 2013 | 344KB The Starmen.Net EarthBound Walkthrough Created by a long list of Starmen.Net staffers and forum-goers, this is the biggest and most comprehensive EarthBound Walkthrough you'll ever find on the web. These ranges do not count weapons or defensive items, and Ness's chart does not factor in the boost to his IQ and PP that he receives after Magicant.In addition, the chart does not factor in any changes to stats that can occur with rock candy and other items. In MOTHER 2, their names are Shouji Mochii and Chuuji Mochii. If Jeff doesn't have a Big Bottle Rocket, buy 1 or 2 of those, and buy a few Super Bombs if you can afford them. Gold Mine Maze. i wouldn’t recommend the experience, really, just because there’s some parts of the game that can be a little not-fun if you don’t have some sort of hint as to where to go. The Monotoli Buildingis also located here. (Besides, you have nothing better to do, right? Pe… Use the The following charts list the stat ranges for Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo in Earthbound, through level 99. References to Earthbound/Earthbound 2 changed to MOTHER 2/MOTHER 3 (References to the games are written all in caps). The Bionic Kraken seems to appear only after the first teleporting sphere, which is located about halfway through the cave. The adventure gets even hotter than the sand when our party travels beneath the dunes to defeat a quintet of giant moles that have taken up residence in a gold miner's cave. Word on the street now is that the Grand Department Store has finally reopened after a long period of being closed. Talk to her to find out that You can go back to Fourside and figure out what's going on at the museum, or you can head south to Scaraba. Then open the nearby gift box to get a PSI Caramel. After you've talked to the miner and rested at the shack, make your way back to the bus stop and hop a bus to Fourside. It will be the last time in the game you'll get to see them in concert. and go north. In EarthBound, the powerful political guy in Fourside is known as Geldegarde Monotoli. Makes enough sense. So kick back for a minute and enjoy the show. Go back to the Exit Mouse area and keep going north. You can either return to the drugstore on foot and then take a bus, or you can simply walk east and through the tunnel. rid of the Guardian Digger's Shield α, which will deflect physical attacks Each section below has screenshots and an in-depth walkthrough for each area in EarthBound. EarthBound Walkthrough. Then go back hits roughly 40% of the time. This Earthbound Walkthrough is now complete. Fourside 2. Go back to the Exit Mouse area, and this time, go west, then south when the Last Edited: 14 Aug 2013 8:11 pm. Despite being called the Runaway Five, when they perform, they have six members: two singers (who also dance on stage) and four instrumentalists. Go back to the miner's house in the desert. Lots of neat trivia and info, give it a look! when his IQ becomes 34 or greater.

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