The photo album captures the majestic beauty of this extraordinary landscape in vivid and captivating detail. 3.Canberra lies directly in the path of the migrating Bogongs and the bright lights create big problems for moth navigation. Bogong moths have a wingspan of about 50mm, and can be recognised by their dark brown mottles and two light spots on each wing. Diann Witney from Charles Sturt University says people from many different tribes would come together to carry out business and hold ceremonies. In 1997 the event was renamed Mungabareena Ngan Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Winds and storms along the way can blow them as far off course as New Zealand and Melbourne. Collecting the moths was made easy by the moths' habit of each resting on the one in front, so that they could be collected simply by holding a container beneath them a running The new approach is represented by a new logo featuring a Bogong moth as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. As with alpine skiing, bushwalking was concentrated around the concept of how personal connection to land shapes and defines identity. Sal is a Koori artist of the Ngarigo and Yuin nations. As they grow, Bogong moth caterpillars change their body color from green with some pale lines, to dark brown. Ultimately, these clubs motioned the development of national parks, through their long connection to and concern for the protection of the environment. In the 1940s, it was a thriving town with facilities to support 300 workers and their families. Logging to intensify in Snobs Creek Valley, We need a national aerial firefighting fleet to protect mountain environments, Public Seminar – Snow-gum dieback and forest decline, Logging in rainforest buffer zone in East Gippsland. Every once in a while, they flutter out of the cave in the evening for a few hours, then flee back to the shelter again. Nutty in flavour and high in protein, these insects were traditionally roasted and the cause for great celebration. Some time in November, the moths arrive in the Alps and head straight for the dark cool crevasses of the rocky caves scattered throughout the Bogong Plains, near Mount Bogong in Bogong National Park. As the summer storms begin to build, the barometric pressure drops, telling the moths it is time to head south. The photos, aside from capturing the alpine landscape in sublime detail, represent the significance of the land to Tom, Jean and Oliver. Mount Beauty couldn’t have a music event at a mountain bike park without enjoying the trails. Scientific Classification Where: Darling Downs, Queensland, and the Bogong Plains, Victoria ( near the town of Mt Beauty). The attention to detail captured in the photos as well as the personal connection to their homemade alpine gear reveals the strong relationship that both Tom and Jean had to the region. Over 50 years ago the secret life of the Bogong moth was revealed by one of Australia’s great entomologists, Ian Common. Some accounts say that moths were roasted in hot ashes to burn off the wings and legs, then mashed into “moth meat”, which had a nutty taste like walnuts. The Ngan Girra Festival (formerly the Bogong Moth Festival) is held on the last Saturday in November, 2002. From 1994 onwards, a Bogong Moth Festival event at Mungabareena preceded that at Mt Beauty ( e.g. At night, the lights from towns, fires and other human activities attract the moths and they can become quite a nuisance. The Indigenous Bogong moth ceremony was held between October/November through to January/February the following year and represented the intimate relationship the Aboriginal tribes held within the land around them. However, they also acted as a gathering of the tribes. The hill there would have been used as a pathway and a spotting, vantage point.” We come together for a night of fearless truth-telling in honour of the Bogong … Their need to escape the heat has driven these moths to evolve one of the most amazing migration strategies of any Australian animal. How much of an impact are humans having on their population? To follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, enter your email address below. Serve hot. ( Log Out /  Coffs Harbour NSW. We live in Porepunkah in the Ovens Vally.Years ago we would hear dozens of Bogong moths beating against the windows after dark when we had lights on inside. The Bogong Moth is native to Australia. What the bogong moth shows is that you can look ordinary while leading an extraordinary life. Other clubs, such as Mountain Trail’s Club (1914) and Sydney Bush Walkers (1927) both expressed similar connections to the environment which bushwalking was able to provide. Many have not survived their stay in the mountains, or been eaten by predators. Mr Ted Edwards who is a fellow with CSIRO Entomology says that although the moths are so easy to see in their millions during their mass migration, surprisingly little is known about them. The establishment of this club just 70 years after the first Europeans settled in Australia is a testament to the power of the land in drawing people into establishing connections, and a culture which persists in other areas around Australia today. The 2020 winners have been announced, and just like always, they reveal a stunning microscopic view of animals, plants, insects, and humans. One of the most significant events that transpired in Alpine Australia was the annual Bogong moth (Acrotis infusa) migration. *Where: Darling Downs, Queensland, and the Bogong Plains, Victoria ( near the town of Mt Beauty). Along the way the moths will be guests of honor at the annual Mungabareena Ngan-Girra Festival, formerly known as the Bogong Moth Festival, where … Geryon (back left) and Acropolis, plus the sharp point of The Parthanon mid left, from the Minotaur. Sal’s art is contemporary in style, inspired her life experiences. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Acropolis (left) and Geryon from the Overland Track, The Acropolis and Mt Geryon from Castle Crag, TAS, superb country. Climate change pushes the Mountain Pygmy Possum closer to extinction, The Aboriginal name for the moth is bogong and today the Bogong Moth Festival once more calls people together to celebrate peace and good living when spring transforms the Victorian high country into … New South Wales has Kosciuszko National Park named after its highest mountain and a European explorer. This created concern about the endangered mountain pygmy possum, which relies on them for food. Attached below is a great overview taken from the ABC Science website (from 2002). The Backcountry Film Festival is a pre-winter tradition in Melbourne, with screenings usually happening in autumn. The most important food festivals in Australia are: ‘Tastes of Prom Country' Food and Wine Festival, Melbourne Fo… Robert Vyner, the only known eyewitness of this process recalls in 1865, how pebbles were used to grind the moths “into a paste by the use of a small stone and hollow piece of bark, and made into cakes”. 2.There is a carpet of dead moth bodies 1.5 metres thick on the floor of some Alpine caves, built up from thousands of generations. Sometimes they burnt large patches of dead, dry grass and this freed up land for new plants to grow. Dr Love says the Bogong Moth study dealt with environmental and health issues that potentially impinged on the cultural traditions of many Indigenous groups who have a connection with the moth and its habitats. Over ensuing decades, the town’s dynamics shifted from an industrial hub … The few who flutter back home in February and March don’t have anywhere near the visibility of the thick swarms which headed south in November. Flatten the ball to a height of 2.5 centimetres, lightly flour the surface and cook in ash, camp oven, or domestic oven until cooked through. So begins the cycle once more. The winning image of 2020, of a young zebrafish threaded with neon-orange lymphatic vessels, reveals the species could help researchers find treatments for brain diseases. Mount Beauty couldn’t have a music event at a mountain bike park without enjoying the trails. Other towns and cities in Australia sometimes also host the festival. As soon as they arrive back, seven months after crawling out of the ground, they mate and the female lays up to 2000 eggs. During a trip to Sydney in April this year to visit Nancy Pallin and her sister Kate (who unfortunately could not be there) about a new collection proposal, we viewed a number of significant artefacts. As caterpillars, the bogong is a crop pest, and millions are killed each year by pesticides. The Bogong moth migrates in its millions annually from Southern Queensland through NSW, Canberra and eventually into Southern Victoria to escape the summer heat. 1.2K likes. ... a bogong moth and a hot air balloon. Nowadays, festivals are organised to celebrate different food and drinks, from wine and beer to beef and chilli sauce. ‘The favoured method of cooking is BBQ. 1 cup powdered milk Other info: Bogong moth facts: In their tens of millions, they travel up to several hundred kilometres each night, feeding on flowering gum trees as they go. Diann Witney, Charles Sturt University ‘State of the Climate 2020’ – what does it mean for mountain environments? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Posted on 29 October, 2020 by Jess. A Bogong moth has a light to dark brownish, mottled body and a wingspan of about two inches. Traditionally, when the Bogong moth swarmed in the cool regions of Mount Bogong during summer, local tribes would gather to conduct ceremonies and feast on this protein-rich food source. For example, no-one knows what their conservation status is. Jean, Tom and Oliver are just a few people who have been draw into the Alpine region and become captivated by its chilly brilliance. Distribution ( Log Out /  Georgina Boardman works for Mt Hotham Resort Management Board and manages the Mountain Pygmy Possum recovery program on the mountain. ... 2011 – Festival of International Arts and … FESTIVAL PERFORMERS: Ed Caunt and Paul Dyason from Albury … In search and rescue missions it was often one of the Club’s members that led rescuers. Alpine skiing in Australia was first established by miners working at the Kiandra gold mines in the 1860s. Photo: jjprojects, Flickr Creative Commons. Australia’s remaining ancient forests, The King of Hotham: My Father – Gillian Salmon, Central Colorado: paradise at 12,000 feet, Speak up for the people who manage our parks, Snow gum die back linked to climate change, Deer hunters want more access to Victorian wilderness, Federal government accepts need for publicly owned air fleet, New 'iconic' walk with private huts planned for Tasmania's Tyndall Range, Federal government accepts need for publicly owned air fleet, Speak up for the people who manage our parks. Bogong moth festival. Before any kind of contact with European civilization, the island was owned by Australian Aboriginalsball, worshippping Dreamtimeball. Today the festival is a living cultural show that explores the richness of traditional and contemporary Indigenous cultures. However, it was their trip from Kiandra to Kosciusko which captivates our attention. Our Bogong is a celebration and sharing of crafted spoken word pieces from master storytellers. Analysis revealed it to be arsenic, which moths are carrying into the alpine area in their bodies. Change ). The Bogong moth is one of the most interesting insects in Australia. Among the best known of their activities was the late autumn Bogong Moth festival with neighbouring groups gathering to feast on the fat-rich insects in the High Country. Today the festival is a living cultural show that explores the richness of traditional and contemporary Indigenous cultures. Add sufficient water to make a stiff dough and shape into a ball. Firstly, they recognise the lack of availability of outdoor wear within Australia that was suited to the alpine region. Butterflies have thin long ones with a clubbed tip, whilst a moths antennae is more of a feather type shape and feel. Through bushwalking, national parks have expanded to reciprocate the emotional connection people in Australia have had and do have with the Australian landscape, and their desire to protect it. There are many questions left to be answered about the bogong: why do the moths travel so far to avoid the hot weather? Shedding Light on Lepidoptera in Ecos magazine, April 1999, p:33, Special thanks to: The opportunity to climb the mountains was an important spiritual experience.” (Matthew Higgins, Rugged beyond Imagination: Stories from an Australian Mountain Region p. 13). Ahmad Fauzan/Nikon Small World. The Bogong Moth Festival is held in late November at Albury in New South Wales. It is not known how long this migration has taken place, but some estimates place this journey approximately 16,000 BP, or the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), following a rise in earth’s temperatures and a retreat of glaciers. Conversely, the site name may have followed on from pre-colonial interaction. biomass power plant planned for New South Wales far south coast. Sadly, in 2020 the festival couldn’t go ahead as a screening because of COVID-9 lockdown. Mix in the remaining dry ingredients. Bogong Village was established in 1939 as field headquarters for the Kiewa Hydroelectric Scheme. We bring you the top 20 best photos from this year’s contest, and […] Bogong is an Australian Aboriginal name for Moth and the Bogong Moths scientific name is "Agrotis infusa" belonging to the family Noctuidae DESCRIPTION The main physical difference between a moth and a butterfly is their antennae. Each forewing sports a single dark streak with two pale spots on it. It’s not just a bumper sticker, it’s a hypothesis, another reminder that Alpine grazing ‘trial’ is just about politics, Why cattle will never again roam free in the Victorian high country, ‘Protect our Winters’ arrives in Australia, Wild magazine article on Protect Our Winters, climate change and the ski industry – an Australian perspective, Everest women’s seven summits eco-action tour, POW alert: we need a strong climate change Bill for Victoria, Climate change, snow sports and mountain environments, Commercial development in Tasmania’s World Heritage/ conservation areas. The Moth Hunters J. The bogong moth (Agrotis infusa) is a temperate species of night-flying moth, notable for its biannual long-distance seasonal migrations towards and from the Australian Alps, similar to the diurnal monarch butterfly. The giant Bogong Moth is a spectacular act with a five metre wing-span that can be seen by a large crowd over a huge area. The Ngan Girra Festival (formerly the Bogong Moth Festival) is held on the last Saturday in November, 2002. Traditionally, when the Bogong moth swarmed in the cool regions of Mount Bogong during summer, local tribes would gather to conduct ceremonies and feast on this protein-rich food source. Their natural response is to dive down to the ground to find a dark place before the heat of the day sets in, and suddenly there are moths everywhere. It was during winter however, that the land called to people and alpine skiing thus developed. Bogong moths hatch in early spring as cutworm caterpillars, and begin feeding on the grasses and crops of the Darling Downs in Queensland. Traditionally, when the Bogong moth swarmed in the cool regions of Mount Bogong during summer, local tribes would gather to conduct ceremonies and feast on this protein-rich food source. This is made more difficult by a lack of data on how many moths there were before the 20th century. We come together for a night of fearless truth-telling in honour of the Bogong and … The current Festival’s finale is the big “Kup-Murrie”, a traditional feast where Bogongs are cooked and served. Using a mortar and pestle (or near equivalent) pound up the moths with the powdered milk. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Backcountry forum gathering at Hotham July 2013, The news – random news & headlines from the High Country, ‘Alpine cattle grazing completely deplorable’, Alpine grazing. Their route, followed for thousands of generations past, now passes over the bright lights of Canberra and other large cities. Before arsenic found its way into the moths, they made a fine dinner. These movements included the purchase of the lease for Blue Gum Forest (in the Blue Mountains), the formation of the National Parks and Primitive Areas Council and the development of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. Bogong moth eating is a very old tradition in Australia (at least 50,000 years old) - and no wonder - they are pretty big juicy looking buggers. During the autumn and winter it is found in southern Queensland, western New South Wales, western Victoria, and also in South and Western Australia. Perhaps one in 1000 moths will make it all the way back home, feeding on nectar along the way to keep their energy up. While there is nothing wrong with that it's time Victoria renamed its high country National Park Bogong after our highest mountain recalling the great summer Bogong Moth Festival. These artefacts included skiing equipment used by their parents Tom and Jean, and an extensive photo album. This second post explores Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal practices which enabled strong connections between people and their environment. Channelling a little bit … The moths remain in these cool caves all throughout the summer. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Citizen scientists: keep your eyes peeled for Bogong Moths! Learn how your comment data is processed. Bogong Moths were and are a popular food source for the Aboriginal people, especially in the Snowy Mountains where they are common. Why do they sometimes leave the shelter of their caves? Bogong Moth Art and Holistic Services, Sydney. Further south, near Albury in the hard-pressed Murray-Darling Basin, a Bogong Moth or, as it is now called, Ngan Girra (‘gathering place’) Festival is held every year on the last Saturday of November, featuring ‘indigenous performers, spear and boomerang throwing competitions, bush tucker and indigenous kids’ activities’ (‘Bogong Moths’). ‘Traditionally many groups went to Alpine regions and conducted ceremonies while supported by a moth diet. When: Bogong moths fly south from Queensland every spring to wait out the heat of summer in alpine caves. Both men were proud advocates for the protection of land and through their bushwalking and conservation clubs, enacted a series of environmental protection reforms which have shaped the purpose of national parks and conservation areas in Australia today. They are usually referred to as cu… Until then their breeding grounds had been a mystery.

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