Whenever I view Youtube videos in full screen on my second monitor, the screen goes black but I can still see my cursor. Yesterday, I had the same problem with black screen in plasma. I updated the system with sudo pacman -Syu, after that i rebooted my laptop booted into the system but the kde desktop doesn't showed up just black screen with the cursor.But if i run any program from the terminal, the program starts normaly, i tried some basic solution but with no result: Re: Arch Linux KDE 4.11.2-1: Black screen with mouse cursor Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:06 am So it seems like the installation is fine now. The laptop is a Lenovo Ideapad z475 and, as per the "Beginners' Guide", I've tried to use i915.modeset=0 and video=SVIDEO-1:d, still the same black screen however.. I did fresh install by following official wiki, then I install kde plasma. It is not a "full" solution to the black screen. User icon (avatar) SDDM reads the user icon (a.k.a. The issue gets fixed if I pass nomodeset to kernel cmdline. The graphics card is AMD(ATI) AMD Radeon HD 6470M & HD 6520G How i can solve it? Im running kde neon with plasma 5.12.3. Booted up a Deepin Session and initially I had the same black screen as with the nouveau driver. As soon as i did this my screen went black with only mouse cursor visible. I'm using manjaro linux based arch with kde plasma desktop. Mouse cursor. I use plasma profile 17.0, amd64 and .xinitrc A further update: I installed the nvidia driver for my card from Arch repo (nvidia-340xx). Hello. Keep in mind that this was a solution for my system. Arch Linux KDE Plasma Black Screen after login. According to some searches I have tried to solve the problem with updating and upgrading using these commands: sudo apt update sudo apt upgrade sudo apt dist-upgrade I'm using kde plasma 5.15.3. If you get a black screen with blinking cursor when starting GDM then remove "nomodeset" from kernel parameters. Rebooted and made sure XFCE ran with new driver. While booting the installation program (via USB), the screen goes black, it looks just like the screen has been switched off. "avatar") as a PNG image from either ~/.face.icon for each user, or the common location for all users specified by FacesDir in an SDDM configuration file. I'm running Arch Linux and using KDE Plasma as my desktop environment. It doesn't show KDE splash or desktop. In my case, before the black screen, I noted that plasma worked incorrectly. Now it shows black screen with cursor after entering password on login screen. Valid Plasma mouse cursor theme names are breeze_cursors, Breeze_Snow and breeze-dark.. This issue is on arch based distros. That was fine. Black screen after upgrade to Qt 5.8 and Plasma 5.9 Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:52 pm I'm on Arch Linux, and after i upgraded to Qt 5.8 / Plasma 5.9, i get a black screen and only a mouse cursor, instead of a desktop. There were problems with panels, the panel disappeared, next I had two panels one at the bottom and the new one at the top, and finally black screen. To set the mouse cursor theme, set CursorTheme to your preferred cursor theme.. Since I have upgraded kde plasma my desktop won't start showing me a blank screen with mouse cursor in tty1. Ask Question Asked 7 months ago. I was running some programs and used sudo xkill on an open tab in the panel(i think it was for discover). So any suggestion to solve, Thanks in advance. ... because I can move the profile the mouse seems invisible on the other hand when I type the password and enter I have a black screen but this time I can see the mouse.

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