JimMerrill. Its richly grained Sitka spruce top pairs beautifully with ovangkol back and sides to give you a powerful, well-balanced tone with punchy midrange focus and clear treble — a sound that is amplified flawlessly by the … Normally a straight grained wood, Pau Ferro does occasionally exhibit interesting figure. For electrics it may have a greater effect. There were some rosewood 400's made two years ago (?). Perfect for all performing artists. Non-Cutaway. I personally don’t … Ovangkol, used for the back and sides of the 414ce, is tonally similar to rosewood, but with a slightly fuller midrange and a bright high-end reminiscent of koa. It's not nearly as bright as my other Taylors. I'm afraid to polish it though because Taylor says not to put anything on the satin finishes....except Ken Smith polish and I'm too lazy to order that online...heh. It has a deeper sound that I anticipated. i would say that ovangkol tends to be a little bit brighter sounding than rosewood, and some of the figuring on some 4 series guitars can be quite dramatic if you like that kind of thing. However, there is a quick hack that can quickly and easily darken your Pau Ferro fingerboard. Showing 1-15 of 15 item(s) CATALOG Special offers This doesn't speak directly to the Q of the wood tat some builders have spoken highly of as a very acoustically lively wood. It’s not used as a top for guitars because it’s a bit too dense and wouldn’t vibrate well as a top. Also, has abalone inlay rosette, Gotoh 301 tuners, D'addario EXP 16 Strings and 1 piece handcarved mahogany neck. Martin made the EMP-1 which was Ovangkol with a rosewood back wedge (3 pc. Ovangkol Backs and Sides. Region: Mexico Janka/Hardness: 2,010 lbf … Post Nov 20, 2007 #5 2007-11-20T15:48. The GPCPA4 Rosewood adds tonal color and variety. Both woods are paired with a Sitka spruce top. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. Andy's Workshop - Taylor 400 Series Rosewood vs. Ovangkol It may be a little difficult to bend compared to the ease of bending of some of the more pliable woods. CHARACTER:     Peruvian Walnut acoustic guitar tonewood is more dense than other Walnuts. ($23.50 value) Denver DD44S 4/4 Size Steel String and laminated ovangkol back and sides, a dreadnought ... Retrieve Doc $4,099.00. Ayers 05 Series acoustic guitars are handmade and provide a best value. LR Baggs EAS VTC. Asymmetrical Headstock. Keep in mind, Padauk's color tends to be fugitive and darken over time with exposure to UV. See specifications for details. The tonewood characteristics of the Taylor 414ce — together with its generous Grand Auditorium body — give it the power and nuance to accommodate a wide range of playing styles. All solid, solid back with laminated sides, and all laminate back. Add to compare. It seems like an extremely exotic … Some had satin and others had glossy. Padauks are similar in weight to rosewoods, but no where near as hard. Log In $ US Dollar ($) US Dollar ($) Euro (€) GB Pound (£) Canadian Dollar ($) Australian Dollar ($) Welcome, Log In. Registered Member. View more. Provides sustain and note separation with warm even tones, bright midrange, and a sparkle across the entire spectrum. Mine's figured about like that. Madagascar Rosewood has risen in popularity because of its similar properties to Brazilian Rosewood – a warm sound, with well defined basses, mids, and rich trebles. Ovangkol. It sure looks more striking, visually. It is likely to split so tighten screws with caution. Machining: Purpleheart has a moderate to severe blunting effect on tools; sharp, high speed steel knives therefore are recommended as are 15 degree cutting angles. I often accompany friends or students who are purchasing guitars so there are … With all else being equal say on a dreadnaught would the Maple be closer to the Rosewood back and sides than Mahogany Back and sides? Ovangkol is a GREAT tonewood. East Indian Rosewood became the traditional tonewood for most guitar manufacturers. Deep, rich complex overtones with a full, bright midrange and sparkling trebles. Love. This is a very suitable Rosewood substitute tonally and visually (I personally take some exception to the visual comparison). M. marl Member. In ordering my new Taylor GA3-12 which has solid sapele back and sides, I noticed that for $250 more, you could move up to the Taylor GA4-12 which is the identical guitar, except with Ovangkol back and sides. It has a nasty habit of tearing out when you least expect it. car wax/polish. By far the warmest of the fretboard materials here. As for the sound, that'll be all in your ears. Padauk Backs and Sides. Side Sound Hole. It is one of my most favorite woods to build with. From what it sounds like Siris sounds very similar to Sapele and Rosewood. The outside layer is rosewood, and the inside layers are less valuable. It has a medium texture with interlocking grain. This 16 Series Dreadnought is crafted with satin-finished East Indian rosewood back and sides for resonant sound with deep bass and rich overtones. Wood--------------------Density (lb/ft^3)-----Hardness (lbf)-----Stiffness (lb/in^2)-----, African Padauk-----------------47---------------1,970--------------1,700,000---------, Andaman Padauk---------------48---------------1,630--------------1,754,000---------, Burma Padauk------------------54---------------2,150--------------2,050,000--------, Brazilian Rosewood-------------52----------------2,790------------2,020,000--------, East Indian Rosewood----------52----------------2,440-------------1,668,000--------, Madagascar Rosewood---------58----------------2,550-------------1,742,000--------. JimMerrill. In combination with a Sitka top, she sounds amazing! The top end is clear, but does not 'sparkle'. Properly maintained, minor ding on the top which is pictured, otherwise in very good and played in condition They all have solid spruce tops. Its on the warmer side of the scale tonally, but it does have a nice attack and sustain. €139.00 (tax incl.) A. s it wears well, tends to be uniform, is fast, dense and smooth, and needs no finish. ) FIND A DEALER. Ovangkol is a GREAT tonewood. Solo $ … List price. Extremely rare, 2007 Ovangkol special edition Jean Larrivee D-03 Dreadnought acoustic guitar. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. We don't speak about rosewoods as a single species I am not sure why we do with Padauk other than wood sellers don't always provide good identification on wood they do not have good chain of custody on. Not surprising, many of the great-sounding, highly sought after vintage instruments (e.g., pre-war Martins) used Brazilian Rosewood for the back and sides. Guitars made with ovangkol often sound much like guitars made with rosewood, but with a less attenuated, more present midrange and bright trebles, which can make ovangkol a great choice for people shopping more by ear than specs. It, too, has a compelling visual beauty, with natural black highlights streaking through complex, interwoven brown figures. ovangkol or solid mahogany back and sides, all named PR 350 S. The body shape is common dreadnaught. Bubinga, also known as African Rosewood, is harder and heavier than either Brazilian or Indian Rosewood. With Taylor's value-packed 414ce, you get it all: playability, tone, and looks. Every builder is different though and the type of music makes a difference as to the type of guitar I like to play. Wave Headstock. Mahogany back and sides often emphasize bass and treble, with more overtone coloration and a “woody” sound (as opposed to the more metallic sound of, say, rosewood back and sides). Electric Guitar Body Blanks . Back in the 80's Washburn offered some guitars in ovangkol with solid wood back and sides and Western red cedar tops. Ovangkol Backs and Sides. Padauk. Madagascar Rosewood has risen in popularity because of its similar properties to Brazilian Rosewood – a warm sound, with well defined basses, mids, and rich trebles. It has excellent low dampening qualities similar to most … 171. Item Number: IW34273 IW34273 ... Guatemalan Rosewood Acoustic Guitar Back & Sides Set Dalbergia cubilquitzensis This Rosewood species has a reddish-brown to dark brown colored heartwood … Classic maple-mahogany tonewood combination and thinner and lighter single- FREE VS 1 Spot Adaptor! Ovangkol, used for the back and sides of the 414ce, is tonally similar to rosewood, but with a slightly fuller midrange and a bright high-end reminiscent of koa. Some wood seems to be relatively soft textured and easy to cut and other wood has been so hard it burns all your tools, so there is a high degree of variability in cutting characteristics, depending on the piece of wood or possibly the exact species of Peltogyne that you received. To my ear, ovangkol combines some of the depth of bass that rosewood has with extremely defined, strong highs. 1-800-477-4437; ... (which is why you will not find Brazilian Rosewood back and sides or other endangered or illegal species). ... and Maple/Sapele, and they kept coming back to the Ovankol. Padauk Backs and Sides. star_border star_border star_border star_border star_border. ... Honduran Mahogany Ukulele Back, Sides, and Top. Features solid Sitka spruce top, Ovangkol back & sides, East Indian rosewood, fretboard, bridge and pins. The tonewood characteristics of the Taylor 414ce — together with its generous Grand Auditorium body — give it the power and nuance to accommodate a wide range of playing styles. Handcrafted in Vancouver, BC. If this is the sound for you or if you are looking to ‘warm up’ a brighter sounding guitar then rosewood … This will add moisture back into to your fretboard ... Darkening Pau Ferro: One Secret. ... of them has rosewood back and sides. For a classical guitar, I prefer rosewood. This wood is increasingly becoming popular as an acoustic guitar wood. Rosewood joins another rich-voiced tonewood within the series, African ovangkol, giving players a choice between two woods for the back and sides. Rosewood has very oily pores which absorb some of those overtones for that rich warm sound. Advantages of solid wood vs laminate. Bends well and holds it's shape. That would be like putting WalMart-brand tires on a Porsche. Rosewoods. It includes a Sitka spruce gloss top for balanced tone and projection and a high-performance neck taper for ease of playability up and down the fretboard. I have recently been looking over a Taylor 414CE. Watch particularly carefully the grain direction on planing any wood that shows an interlocking grain. Solid Wood Back & Sides. The sound differences of using mahogany or rosewood back and sides on acoustic guitars. Martin does a great job at building guitars that have that Martin sound. Rosewood helps to produce a warm tone. Luthiers Mercantile International we offer over 40 species of wood for use in the construction of stringed instruments It is a nonporous wood which results in a very nice finish. The Grand Auditorium 214ce DLX features figured ovangkol back and sides, a Solid spruce top, a full-gloss body, white binding, Small Diamond fretboard inlay, Venetian cutaway, Taylor Expression System electronics, and a Taylor standard hardshell case. Indian rosewood and other more modern, exotic woods have hit the scene over the last 30-40 years, including ebony, lacewood, ziricote, cocobolo, walnut, cypress, and even mango wood! Wood Choices for the Back & Sides of a Classical Guitar… African Blackwood _____ Amazon Rosewood _____ American Cherry _____ Black Acacia _____ Bocote _____ Bubinga. If the top is spruce, I usually prefer the rosewood back and sides. Solid vs Laminate Another factor that influences sound is whether the wood used in your instrument is constructed from solid pieces of wood or from wood laminate. The model features a 14-fret cutaway with fast and comfortable Performing Artist profile necks, and Fishman's F1 Analog onboard electronics. my 410 has a fairly simple grain pattern to it, and there's a huge variation among the 4 series. Purpleheart (OS) Sapele. Fast and responsive, with moderate note decay, it's articulate with lots of note distinction. It's true that the Taylor has an ebony fretboard and bridge, while the Martin is richlite. ... as it is with the soundboard and back and sides when talking acoustics. Sometimes called Shedua, or Amazique, this wood has tonal qualities that are between rosewood and Koa. It has a distinct smell too. Overview. Sitka spruce top, beautiful ovangkol back and sides, warm, balanced tone, easy to play, maturing Very nicely. This wood is native to West Africa and has a beautiful appearance featuring colourful stripes ranging from golden browns through to greys and blacks.

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