The Hardest IFR Quiz You'll Take This Week. Clear of clouds. Name the five views of the instrument approach plate: 46. According to the Chart User's Guide, when a 'T' appears in the notes section, it means the airport has IFR takeoff minimums and/or Departure Procedures published in the Terminal Procedures Publication … - Terminal Area Charts - En Route Low and High Altitude Charts - Sectional Charts - Airport/Facility Directory - 4,700. 73. also allows for approach at destination. What symbol indicates a sector discrete freq and where would it be found on a chart? To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 63. What are the flight levels and when are they used. if clearance limit is not an IAF, wait until EFC or ETA and then proceed to IAF. How do you determine if the a/c is current for IFR flight? What are the landing conditions that determine landing minimums? Isogonic lines and values shall be based on the five year epoch. Even though it is a private airport, the Kenneth Copeland airport is depicted on the H6 En route High Altitude chart … *32. they will be listed at the bottom of the plate. Execute missed approach (pitch, power, performance/5 T's) following published procedure or clearance given, and report "Helicopter 12345 executing missed approach" to tower. Answer all these questions correctly and prove you have the keys to unlock a successful IFR flight. The secondaries for pitch are the vsi and attitude indicator; for bank are the turn coordinator, compass, and attitude indicator; for power is the manifold pressure gauge. if vectored, go direct to fix, route, airway. IFR Area Charts use the same symbols as those found in the _____. What is the different between a turn coordinator and a turn and slip indicator. note that this is not what is used as a basis for alt mins published on the airport chart. You may take them as often as you wish and may view the results. {"cdnAssetsUrl":"","site_dot_caption":"","premium_user":false,"premium_set":false,"payreferer":"clone_set","payreferer_set_title":"IFR - Quiz","payreferer_url":"\/flashcards\/copy\/ifr-quiz-991625","isGuest":true,"ga_id":"UA-272909-1","facebook":{"clientId":"363499237066029","version":"v2.9","language":"en_US"}}. Nice work, you know your chart symbols … What conditions must be met before ATC will approve random RNAV routes. From planning a route to avoiding restricted airspace, no other resource packs as much information into a single page. Test. If that is the case, an alternate is not necessary. You have created 2 folders. Primary instruments are ones that provide primary information for a specific procedure. CDI: dial in front course if inbound on front or outbound on back. 111. 0. What documents are required to be on board the aircraft for IFR flight? Explain how to correct for wind when tracking to and from and NDB. What information must be entered in the VOR log after a VOR check? Avionics. Set your speed and determine the wind correction angle to be applied for later legs, if the direction isn't too different on final. 67. 23. 91. Learn. Reduce speed 3 minutes before entering the hold, no faster than 200 kts. For a whiskey compass, it would read 32 degrees or so beyond south -- 148 degrees or so. Add to folder[?] A beacon with a service volume of 4200' by 2400' that notifies a pilot visually and aurally when the airspace is entered. if a landing seems likely, try again. end elevation are depicted. 2. The difference is that the Practice Finals are for practice. Indicates the localizer provides navigation function. 1) What does the zig-zag line mean pertaining to the Victor airway? The displays usually remain stable throughout the procedure. 83. SkyVector is a free online flight planner. What are the minimum safe altitudes for IFR operations in mountainous and non-mountainous terrain? Please select the correct language below. Make your Flight Plan at Also note if the VOR is monitored or not -- if not, it may not be working, and you may be the first to discover it. note need for higher minimums. If pitot blocked, drain hole open, a/s goes to zero. if clearance limit is IAF, you have EFC time, wait until time and then proceed. 28 — Special use airspace, area outline and designator are depicted. They can be pilot nav or vector, and are devised to decrease chatter on airport frequencies, simplify departures, and allow pilots to follow procedures that allow obstacle clearance and efficient routing away from the airport. 35. find correction angle and apply so needle no longer drifts. How do you tell if the airport has standard or non-standard t/o or alternate mins? IFR magazine is for pilots who appreciate the rigors of instrument flight and want their own flying to be as safe, proficient and enjoyable as possible. If there were a MM, it would be CR. Please sign in to share these flashcards. When flight planning, how can the pilot determine if the VOR's to be used will be accurate and usable at all altitudes and radials? Gravity. a glide slope of sufficient accuracy, airport lighting and markings, and sufficiently accurate lateral navigation. the localizer for KCCR is ICCR, so the OM is CC. 110. Flight in class A, flying in IMC in controlled airspace (for helicopters -- fixed wing have additional requirements), flying on IFR flight plan. What is Coriolis Force and how does it affect surface and winds aloft? Please upgrade to Cram Premium to create hundreds of folders! light/mod/severe/extreme chop. At the ETA, ceilings must be the higher of 1000 feet AGL or 400 feet above the lowest applicable minimum [of the chosen approach], and visibility must be two miles. The error is less for vertical card compasses. 69. A sudden change in wind speed and/or direction over a short distance. To cause the return to blossom for id on radar. 87. Must be requested from tower -- they will not assign it. 175K applied to all altitudes. Is it possible to file an airport as an alternate if it does not have an IAP? Flashcards. Quiz: Preflight Planning an IFR Flight. When the CDI is off by 2-4 degrees and you've intercepted the arc, change direction by 10 degrees or so, following the curve of the arc, and go straight until you intercept the arc again. What are the colors, sounds, distances, from MAP, and normal altitudes for the following: OM - dashes, blue, middle pitch, 4-7 nm, about 1000-1400 feet. If no alternate static source is available, what action can the pilot take. … How does frost form, and what are its effects? Can be horizontal or vertical. If DG on HSI fails, treat it like a CDI. When reporting a missed approach, what procedure do you follow, and what information do you give? Basic VFR, must fly clear of clouds (no other distance from clouds are required), and must have airport or preceding aircraft in sight. Name three situations when the use of a procedure turn would not be authorized. category of a/c, whether circling approach or not, whether LDA or ILS (for precision), whether ALS is available or not -- see minimums sections of approach plates. It's the temp the air must be to become saturated. See airport list and freqs by airport location. *8. Primary for S&L would be the altimeter, the DG, and the a/s indicator for pitch, bank, and power. 15. RNAV WAYPOINTS Non-Compulsory Position Reporting, RNAV WAYPOINTS Compulsory Position Reporting, RNAV MINIMUM OBSTRUCTION CLEARANCE ALTITUDE (MOCA), RNAV MINIMUM TURNING ALTITUDE (MTA) AND MINIMUM CROSSING ALTITUDE (MCA). 33. What is turbulence and how is it classified? 14 shows the far-field 3D polar plot of directivity, which the maximum gain obtainable in a particular direction. Only need to dial in one freq to get functionality: LOC/GS for example. Note that approach must be available. See All Quizzes > ... You scored % But look on the bright side, and think about all the chart symbols you just learned! Or take outbound leg and divide by 3 for inbound. Describe the effects of pitot-static system blockages. How does the plot determine if a VOR is down for maintenance. What does it mean? (91.21). points marked as such on charts, or points making up route followed. What is a minimum safe/sector altitude circle and where is it found on the approach plate? If they haven't been executed, the pilot must execute them with a safety pilot within the next 6 months, but they can't fly in IMC. All quiz and Practice Finals are archived for later review. QUIZ #12 VFR Sectionals Symbols Airways Q) There is an impressive amount of aviation navigation history represented in this snip of a VFR sectional. Where are the airport and approach control frequencies found on the chart? It decreases lift and increases draft. Match. What is the procedure for adjusting the time when the inbound leg is long or short? If a direct entry, start timing once wings are level passing the fix outbound [or VOR flip]. RCO Associated/Co-located with an Airport, Off-set arrows indicate facility forming a fix. 44. What are some factors that determine when direct routes are used? How is an a/c approach category determined, 1.3 times the aircraft stall speed when at max gross weight. On jepp plates, look on the plate with the airport to see specifications. They are listed in the A/FD and the Jepp manual and can be requested from tower. What are the standard takeoff minimums? 107. Describe anti-ice and de-icing equipment. For loss prevention, CRA should conduct rout... Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to navigate between flashcards; Use UP and DOWN arrow keys to flip the card; audio not yet available for this language. 29 — A scale for both feet and meters that is equivalent to the chart … A turn and slip indicator registers yaw of the a/c via precession. If not, use highest of alt in clearance or EFC or MEA - climb to EFC alt at the time or fix given in the clearance.. use route in clearance or EFC or filed. September 19, 2017. IFR Enroute chart Symbols. Can't be given in class A airspace. a low-power ndb with a 15 nm range that can be situated at an outer marker or middle marker. What is the maximum allowable DG precession error for IFR flight? It is designated in the profile view of Jeppesen Terminal charts by the Maltese Cross symbol … The applicable symbol and elevation are shown. 12. Airspeed depicted is Indicated Airspeed (IAS).

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