Viburnum 'Prairie Classic' in the Viburnums Database. We currently stock 281 plants that are characterized as 'Low Maintenance'. Let your nose follow the heavenly scent. Highbush Cranberry blooms in spring with white clusters of tiny florets, surrounded by larger florets. Catch this masquerading maple growing in the shade of the Woodland Garden. General Plant Information ; Plant Habit: Shrub Tree: Life cycle: Perennial: Pollinators: Various insects: Miscellaneous: Monoecious: Discussion Threads about this plant. While V. dentatum and V. lantana tend to produce a ‘lacecap’ type of flower, the double file viburnums, such as Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii', produce two rows of flower clusters, with both small and large flowers, along the stem – this is a unique look worth seeing in person. The leathery green foliage shows good disease resistance. Vente de viburnum : La pépinière Leaderplant vous propose une large gamme d'arbres et arbustes à fleurs viburnum pour colorer votre jardin comme le viburnum du Japon boule de neige ou le Viburnum … Inspiring native planting since 1972. An interesting source of diversity in the viburnums comes with the leaf shape and texture. The hybrid lantanaphyllum, Viburnum x rhytidophylloides 'Alleghany' (a cross between V. rhytidophyllum and V. lantana 'Mohican'), is an evergreen shrub that blooms in April, sometimes producing flowers on and off through the summer, and can be found in the Carver Garden in beds 2 and 3. document.write(''); » Upload a photo» Post a comment» Add an event report, » Search the Viburnums Database: by characteristics or by cultivar name, « See the general plant entry for Viburnums (Viburnum), © 1972 - 2020 National Gardening Association, Times are presented in US Central Standard Time, Today's site banner is by Calif_Sue and is called "Garden green". Le Viburnum rhytidophyllum au feuillage persistant et gaufré met bien en valeur les autres arbustes d'une haie libre. Viburnums are part of the Caprifoliaceae family and are related to other shrubs such as the honeysuckles, the abelias, and the weigelas. Available in other sizes and prices. A versatile native shrub with excellent year-round interest, Nannyberry Viburnum features showy white flowers in May and burgundy leaf color in autumn with dark blue berries. These attractive blooms are followed by fruits that mature to black in fall. Based upon physical characteristics and other viburnums blooming at the same time capable of pollinating, the other suspected parent is believed to be that of V. prunifolium. Site Produced by Native shrubs are ideal for creating sheltering habitat and food for birds, while adding structure, fall color and winter interest in the landscape Light up your autumn landscape with native shrubs. Dark green leaves turn purplish-red in autumn, alongside drooping clusters of bright red berries. A large upright shrub, it spreads by roots to form colonies and makes an excellent privacy screen or hedgerow. Search Results. I confirmed that the 'Prairie Classic' viburnum is a selection of VIburnum rufidulum, and that they have more than a handful of others in the pipeline. Ils sont intéressants pour leur floraison printanière ou hivernale, leurs baies décoratives et leurs feuillages, qui peuvent prendre de très belles teintes à lautomne. The Koreanspice viburnum, Viburnum carlesii, offers a glorious, sweet and fresh scent in late April from its pinkish and whitish flowers. Viburnums vary in their height, spread, and style of flower but are similar in preferring sun to part shade and in being disease and pest resistant. Le Viburnum rhytidophyllum au feuillage persistant et gaufré met bien en valeur les autres arbustes d'une haie libre. Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Chenaultii' Burkwood Hybrid Viburnum. Prairie Nursery. Another evergreen that is winter hardy in our area is the Prague viburnum, Viburnum 'Pragense', which also blooms in late April and can be found along the main trail in the Woodland Garden. Cet arbuste caduc de stature moyenne, gâté par la nature, offre aussi une très belle floraison printanière blanche, posée en corymbes plats sur les rameaux, ainsi que des couleurs automnales flamboyantes. The viburnums have a wide distribution range that includes both Asia and North America. Lire moins Lire plus. Les plus connues sont sans doute le Laurier tin (Viburnum tinus) ou la Viorne obier (Viburnum opulus, aussi appelée Boule de neige). A third type of viburnum flower is the big puffy ‘snowball,’ such as produced by the cultivar Viburnum 'Eskimo' in the end of April. No Our passion for viburnums is evidenced by offering our customers the largest selection of viburnums in the United States. Viburnum x 'Prairie Classic' - Multitudes of white late May flowers, coins of flat cymes, stud dark green leathery foliage. Gary and Susan Ladman, Classic Viburnums, Upland, Nebraska, are true aficionados, and we correspond regularly. Given the choice, I'd buy direct from them and cut out the shysters providing poor advice (in addition to marking up the same plant). Viburnum plicatum 'Mariessii' Viburnum plicatum 'Rotundifolium' Viburnum plicatum 'Watanabe' Partager cette page. Les viornes sont des arbustes faciles à cultiver, ne demandant pas d'entretien particulier. Nov 6, 2016 - Viburnum x Prairie Classic Prairie Classic Viburnum Supportant bien la taille, le laurier-tin semble particulièrement adapté aux haies ! The arrowwood viburnum, Viburnum dentatum, is among the hardiest viburnums available (to Zone 2). Autumn leaves will darken to deep maroon often accompanied with yellow interior foliage which is rutilant in the autumn sun, glowing as if lit from within. Viburnum x 'Prairie Classic' Prairie Classic Viburnum » Upright habit often with single trunk, making it a great small ornamental tree » White blooms in spring, showy blue fruit against red leaves in fall » 2012 Great Plants Introduction; Photo courtesy of Classic Viburnum. Prairie is an ecosystem dominated by grasses and wildflowers with few trees or shrubs. Viburnum tinus en pot : Sa taille relativement compacte lui permet de s’adapter à la culture en pot, ce qui permet d’orner balcon et terrasse à l’automne et en hiver. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. Viburnum Opulus Roseum, le classique “boule de neige” fait toujours son effet tant sa floraison est généreuse. The City Garden in our Kemper Demonstration Gardens contains several shrubs of the species, while the April-blooming cultivar ‘Compactum,’ at just 2 ½ to 4 feet tall and wide, can be found in the Fragrance Garden, the Rhododendron Garden and the Woodland Garden. Several specimen on the Garden grounds are native to Missouri. May 5, 2015 - Prairie Classic Viburnum (Viburnum 'Prairie Classic') Generally multi-stemmed, Blackhaw has dark green, finely toothed foliage that turns red in autumn. The Missouri Botanical Garden displays over 50 different species and cultivars in the Viburnum genus. On y trouve :-des caducs et des persistants, -des petits (0,50m/0,70m) et des grands (+ de 10 m)-des floraisons tout au long de l’année selon les espèces,-des parfumés ou non,-des fruits de toutes les couleurs ou presque, -des ports très agréables et esthétiques : horizontaux ou dressés, étalés ou compacts. The Viburnum Specialists Classic Viburnums is a family owned nursery located in South Central Nebraska devoted exclusively to growing the genus Viburnum. ‘Mariesii’ can be found blooming from the last week of April through the second week of May in the Woodland Garden. Look for this native, which can reach up to 20 feet tall, in the Woodland Garden. PRAIRIE CLASSIC The Prairie Classic Viburnum is a naturally occurring tree-form viburnum. The berries soften and sweeten over winter, and are eaten by Cedar Waxwing and other birds … We’ve seen that viburnums can produce different flower shapes, can be evergreen or not, and can produce long lasting fruits for winter birds. Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Mohawk' Burkwood Hybrid Viburnum. Les Viburnum, ou Viornes, regroupent près de 200 espèces darbustes, ainsi que quelques arbres. They are stellar plantsfolk. Their gorgeous flowers, full-leaved habit, and fall and winter interest can be a valuable staple of your home landscape. It grows into an awesome small tree to around 15-18' high. At Classic Viburnums, I receive excellent personable and friendly customer service. Situé à l’entrée de notre demeure, il est là pour sa beauté, bien sûr, mais aussi pour répondre au massif rouge qui lui est accolé. Planter votre Viburnum tinus dans du terreau, idéalement spécial plantation ou horticole. 'Prairie Classic' blackhaw viburnum is worth seeking out, finding and planting. Comme pour accueillir nos hôtes, il déploie à partir de début Mai une multi Use these convenient icons to share this page on various social media platforms. It is a compact cultivar, up to five feet tall, producing delicate white flowers in flat-topped clusters in early May. Although it blooms much like other viburnums (in late April/early May), the 10-feet tall tea viburnum produces a dramatic display of red fruit that last through most of the winter; fruit yield is high when grown in full sun, such as it is in the Kemper Bird Garden. While most flowers are unscented, those that are fragrant are wonderfully so. Terms of Service apply. Bookmark. Blackhaw viburnum is a large shrub with an upright form and rounded shape, making this native shrub attractive when planted individually or grouped for a tall hedge or screen. Pour avoir une fructification décorative, il vaut mieux choisir les viornes obier, aux éclatants fruits rouge vif ou la viorne cotonneuse. After this walking tour through the Missouri Botanical Garden, you will be well-versed in the variety of the Viburnum genus. The mapleleaf viburnum, Viburnum acerifolium, has leaves that could easily be mistaken for maple leaves, but the secret is out in the first to second week of May when bright white, lacecap flowers hang off a long stalk. Here are some noteworthy examples: As a 2010 addition to the Plants of Merit program, Viburnum dentatum 'Christom' BLUE MUFFIN is a sure winner. The eastern band of the prairie was the tallgrass or bluestem prairie. C’est l’un des tous premiers massifs créés en 2006. Prairie Lode sundrops, Calylophus serrulatus ‘Prairie Lode’ Scabiosa superba ‘Mongolian Mist’ Sedum tatarowinii ‘Mongolian Stars’ Skullcap, Scutellaria resinosa Skullcap, Scutellaria scoridifolia 'Mongolian Skies' Solidago ‘Wichita Mountains’ Viburnum ‘Copper Ridges’ Viburnum ‘Prairie Classic’ Privacy Policy and They have introduced ‘Copper Ridges’ (V. plicatum f. tomentosum) and ‘Prairie Classic’ (V. × jackii) and have the richest Viburnum offerings in the U.S. Over 200 Viburnum … While not an evergreen, the tea viburnum, Viburnum setigerum, is a winter beauty nonetheless. Prévoir un arrosage régulier, surtout en été. Associez les variétés à floraison printanière, comme le Viburnum lantana ou plicatum, à la floraison rose et abondante des Cerisiers du Japon (Prunus serrulata), ou blanche des Deutzias. Not that I care one way or the other... Post #7605651. The blackhaw, Viburnum prunifolium, uniquely places it flowers up above its leaves (while the flowers on many viburnums are nestled); you can see this species in the Bird Garden and Woodland Garden. Flat topped white flower clusters bloom in spring, giving way to yellow berries that turn blue-black. Pour avoir une fructification décorative, il vaut mieux choisir les viornes obier, aux éclatants fruits rouge vif ou la viorne cotonneuse. Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Conoy' Burkwood Hybrid Viburnum. Les viornes sont des arbustes faciles à cultiver, ne demandant pas d'entretien particulier. It can be maintained as a small tree by pruning stems and removing the suckers at the base. Viburnum x carlcephalum 'Cayuga' Koreanspice Hybrid Viburnum. 39 plants matched your search criteria of keyword 'Viburnum'.. Viburnum burkwoodii 'Mohawk' Mohawk Viburnum 3 gal - $39.99 Viburnum Carlcephalum Fragrant Snowball Viburnum The rusty blackhaw also produces a brilliant red fall leaf. In addition, this 10-12 feet shrub is distinctly branched horizontally (giving the plant a layered look). Ils sont ensuite arrachés, puis débarrassés de leur terre. Prévoir un pot de diamètre suffisant percé au fond. A true Nebraska classic indeed! La floraison est le plus souvent suivie d'une fructification bleu foncé, très appréciée des oiseaux. … Viburnums bloom in white in the last part of April through early May. Viburnum x 'Prairie Classic' Viburnum. When I unpacked my Classic Viburnum shipment, I was left breathless with the size, health, beauty, and elegance of the plants. Viburnums can also distinguish themselves by producing interesting leaves. Another viburnum producing a similar flower is V. lantana 'Mohican', or the wayfaringtree viburnum, which can be found growing up to 8 feet tall in the Woodland Garden. Le Viburnum tinus supporte bien la taille et se plante aussi bien en isolé qu'au sein d'une haie libre. À propos du genre Viburnum. Low Maintenance Plants. Voir les autres Viburnum tinus. Quote. Abundant inflorescences of flat topped cymes bloom in spring. © 2020 Faller Landscape All Rights Reserved. This medium-tall viburnum can be found blooming in the Woodland Garden in mid- to late April. Viburnum plants can also produce intoxicatingly fragrant flowers, which attract humans, birds, and butterflies. Vous pouvez placer à leurs côtés l ’Hydrangea petiolaris et le faire grimper contre le mur de votre maison. Our last Missouri native is the rusty blackhaw viburnum, Viburnum rufidulum, named for the rust-colored hairs on the leaf undersides and the stems. Prairie once covered the central 1/3 of North America from western Ohio to Texas to the Rockies. Viburnum rhytidophyllum ou Viburnum tinus sont les plus efficaces en tant que brise-vue, car leurs feuillages sont à la fois denses et persistants. The fruit is often also of visual interest, with red, to dark purple to black berries, which often serve as an important food source for birds. This medium-tall viburnum can be found blooming in the Woodland Garden in mid- to late April. Le Viburnum plicatum ‘Mariesii’ est sans doute la viorne de Chine offrant le plus beau port étagé, et une architecture tabulaire très marquée. The nannyberry, Viburnum lentago, is a tall shrub, up to 16 feet, that blooms the last week of April through the first week of May and can be found in the Kemper Bird Garden. The fragrant snowball, Viburnum x carlcephalum, yields striking mounds of snow-white flowers that look as if they could be plucked off the bush and thrown at someone. Weigela florida 'Java Red' Weigela. These fall favorites burst with bright leaf colors of gold, maroon, red and orange. The plants that I order have full healthy growth, strong roots, and are meticulously packaged to arrive in perfect condition. S'inscrire à la newsletter. Le genre Viburnum présente des espèces d’une très grande diversité. The fragrant snowball, Viburnum x carlcephalum, yields striking mounds of snow-white flowers that look as if they could be plucked off the bush and thrown at someone. Vitex agnus-castus 'Abbeville Blue' Chastetree . It was selected and released by Gary & Susan Ladman of Classic Viburnums! This species can be found blooming during the second week of May or showing its nice red fall color in the Bird Garden and the Woodland Garden. Viburnum plicatum 'Pink Beauty' Bien choisir son conditionnement × Les plantes livrées en racines nues. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Les végétaux livrés en racines nues ont, en général, été cultivés en pleine terre. Some viburnums provide visual interest to the winter garden, whether through evergreen leaves or colorful fruit drupes. Prairie Classic Viburnum Prairie Classic is a naturally occuring hybrid, originally observed in a seedling block of V. rufidulum. Viburnums are a steady addition to the home garden because they have very little pest or disease pressure. Repost 0. Autumn color is a striking mix of strong red, green and yellow.

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