There's no mistaking a satellite image of clouds or hurricanes. Other programs read a polar file with wind-angle and boatspeed pairs specified for each wind speed. Our organization promotes these scientific branches onto the world wide web with websites as this one. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, fishing or paragliding. Parsec vzw is a non-profit organization from Belgium which consists of several websites about Astronomy, Space, Space Weather, aurora and related subjects. Many of the programs aim to be an all-in-one navigation and planning package and include tools for managing GRIB files, weather routing and real-time monitoring of the boat’s instruments. Meteorologists use IR images to forecast/view: Water vapor is detected for its energy emitted in the infrared to terahertz range of the spectrum. Two fronts approach the area leading to more clouds and another blast of winter-like temperatures for next week. Both are collectively known as TIROS-N. TIROS 1, the first weather satellite in existence, was polar-orbiting, meaning it passed over the North and South Poles each time it revolved around the Earth. For coastal areas worldwide the company also combines local observations to provide high-resolution GRIB files at 8km and 1km resolution. SailDocs is very easy to use and is well suited for limited bandwidth connections. This extended view also helps meteorologists spot weather systems and patterns hours to days before being detected by surface observing instruments, like weather radar. There are many other programs available to download GRIB files, though these are the most popular. The zyGrib program combines NOAA GFS forecasts for up to 10 days in three-hour increments at 0.25-degree resolution. Give your support for our organization by making a donation. Additional information. The snowstorm is heavy and lasts a long time. Several programs read a TWA\TWS CSV format. In the coming days, the conditions over most parts of the Mekong sub-region are expected to remain generally dry, with the exception of the eastern and southern coastal regions, where isolated showers are forecast. You need to understand the weather forecast models, the boat’s performance data, and the isochrone routing model. Global Marine Networks or GMN ( also offers seven-day wind forecasts, available for download or via email, optimized for low-bandwidth connections. These models are designed to calculate what the atmosphere will do at certain points over a large area, from the Earth's surface to the top of the atmosphere. Once you have the optimized route, it is helpful to load the route into a chartplotter or a computer with a navigation program to track your progress. Proper routing can save hours, if not days, on long-distance passages and—more importantly—adds to the safety or comfort of the trip. And at this increased distance, both image detail and views of the poles (due to Earth’s curvature) are lost. The intensity of radiation emitted in all three of these bands, or "channels," is measured simultaneously, then stored. (i) The weather symbol in each sector indicates the weather conditions affecting or forecast to affect that sector over the next 2 hours. In order for geostationary satellites to keep pace with Earth, they must orbit at a greater distance from it (an altitude of 22,236 miles (35,786 km) to be exact). The United States currently operates two geostationary satellites. In planning for the upcoming 2016 Pacific Cup—a race that takes sailors from San Francisco to Oahu, Hawaii—I was interested in tools for predicting the optimal route. Go to the desired page on the site, open the Weather shortcuts menu and click on the "Add to shortcuts" button; Page name will display in the "Add this page" window, the name can be changed by highlighting the text and entering the desired name. A truly next level feature, LIVE WIND = our Flow Map forecast + the latest reports from our real-time Weather … Polar-orbiting satellites circle the Earth at a relatively close distance to it (roughly 500 miles above Earth's surface). Customers are urged to obtain the latest official forecast information prior to engaging in any weather sensitive activity, and to monitor forecasts for updates during such activities. As one of the class' top sailors who's been on the Vendeé Podium twice, it seemed possible that Thomson was going to grab an early lead and hold on to it all the way around the world. SYNOP codes from weather stations and buoys. The size of the downloaded file is proportional to these factors. Photo courtesy of Nobeltec, Weather4D, zyGrib, UGRIB and PredictWind also supply forecast data and have built-in support for downloading GRIB files. Another easy-to-use download service and program is UGRIB ( for Windows. The NWS runs the GFS weather forecast computer model four times a day (at 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800 hours Coordinated Universal Time) and has up to 15 days of forecast data available. But early on Saturday, he more, It’s been a rocky road of late for the charter industry, especially here in the Western Hemisphere. The desktop application forms the request with the selected region and data elements, and beautifully animates this data on your desktop. The NWS runs the GFS weather forecast computer model four times a day (at 0000, 0600, 1200 and 1800 hours Coordinated Universal Time) and has up to 15 days of forecast data available. Application architect, software developer, and sailor Donald McLennan reviews apps for SAIL while cruising the waters of Southern California aboard his Tartan 3500 with his wife, Laura, and daughters, Alexandra and Elizabeth, On Thursday, December 10, at 7:30EST, US Sailing’s Leadership Forum is hosting a town hall-style conversation with the Intercollegiate Sailing Association's TIDE panel. Climate Forecasts - These forecasts show predicted trends for areas experiencing drought depicted in the U.S. Drought Monitor, as well as indicating areas where new droughts may develop. The WS-8482-X3 package includes three wireless thermo-hygrometers and the display console also measures temperature and humidity, for a total of four monitoring locations. All of the programs export the route to a GPX or KML file. A comprehensive propagation resource compiled by Tomas Hood, editor of the propagation columns of CQ, CQ VHF, Popular Communications, and Monitoring Times magazines. Called POES (short for Polar Operating Environmental Satellite), one operates during the morning and one during the evening. This website relays data and imagery from the following sources. Except instead of transmitting data back to Earth that powers your television, XM radio, or GPS navigation system on the ground, they transmit weather and climate data that they "see" back to us in pictures. Sold Out 308-1417BLV2 Weather Station with Forecast and Atomic Time. Water vapor images are sometimes color-enhanced for better viewing. WindAlert LIVE WIND gives you an insanely addicting view of the wind! The key component of weather routing is the forecast data, which is available from several sources, including the National Weather Service (NWS), NOAA’s Global Forecast System (GFS) and the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC). Meteorologists use water vapor images to forecast things like how much moisture will be associated with an upcoming rain or snow event. In their conversation, they discuss everything from more, To activate English subtitles in the above video, click the button “CC After this week’s dramatic rescue, French President Emmanuel Macron called Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) Requests are sent by emailing the website with the requested parameters coded in the body of the email. To request a GRIB file, send an email to with the request key as the subject line. The most commonly used model is to request a GRIB file from SailDocs is the most commonly used model. PredictWind is a commercial service that, in addition to providing GFS and CMC forecasts, offers two proprietary weather models (PWG and PWC) based on GFS and CMC data. Moist tongues of air appear a foggy gray or white, while dry air is represented by dark regions. Forecast models ECMWF, GFS, NAM and NEMS The Weather Activity Planner is NOT meant to replace a spot forecast request. TIDE (the Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity) committees have been founded in three regional branches of the more, In this episode of Point of SAIL, Principal Editor Adam Cort talks with Andrew Campbell, the “flight controller” for the New York Yacht Club’s American Magic challenge in the 36th America’s Cup down in Auckland New Zealand. The optimized results are totally dependent on the quality of the data in the underlying GRIB file. This extended view also helps meteorologists spot weather systems and patterns hours to days before being detected by surface observing instruments, like weather radar. Tiffany Means is a meteorologist and member of the American Meteorological Society who has worked for CNN, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and more. UGRIB supports the download of GRIB data for seven days, at 0.5- or 1.0-degree resolution, and includes wind, rain and air pressure. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Kid Spot Quiz: Weather Forecast . and Kevin Escoffier (PRB) to wish them well and congratulate them on their effort. In the same way the AR(\(p\)) model can be used to forecast the spot rate, where more than a single lag would be used in the estimation and forecast function. As you might think, this makes them good at capturing high-resolution images, but a drawback of being so close is they can only "see" a narrow swath of area at one time. Data is gathered from weather balloons launched around the globe twice each day, in ad… General This is the wind, wave and weather forecast for Abu Dhabi Airport in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. They can also be used to find the jet stream (it's located along the boundary of dry and moist air). Lightning typically strikes within 6km radius of a location, but is known to strike more than 10km away from the thunderstorm cloud. No worries. GFS data is the most widely used source for weather forecasts and is commonly delivered via GRIB (Gridded Binary) files.

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