Through Nov. 11. Through Nov. 9. Umar Rashid (Frohawk Two Feathers), “The World You Know is a Fiction…” at the Vincent Price Art Museum. In his first exhibition with the gallery, the New York artist is presenting a series of portraits inspired by collage: curious, cobbled-together figures that are composed of fragments of photos and advertising, but which Quinn renders painstakingly by hand. “Like a lot of people during the pandemic, I fell off” the wagon, pop star Miley Cyrus told Rolling Stone of her recent relapse. Expect a full, wild immersion. But rather than present these as objects of utility, Zaki is interested, primarily, in their sculptural qualities. This fall, the MexiCali Biennial brings Calafia: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise to the Armory.Exhibiting Artists Juan Bastardo, Chelle Barbour, Mely Barragán, Miguel Buenrostro, Chris Christion, Cog•nate Collective, Abigail Raphael Collins, Yutsil Cruz, Nikki Darling & Dean Erdmann, David de Rozas, Melora Garcia, Invasorix, Maya Mackrandilal, Hillary Mushkin, Chinwe Okona, noé olivas, Jeniffer Pereda, Adee Roberson, Mónica Rodríguez, Sandy Rodriguez, Julio M. Romero, Enid Baxter Ryce, Timo Saarelma, Paulina Sánchez, Jessica Sevilla, Amanda Trager & Erik Moskowitz, Diane Williams, Kim Zumpfe, Must-See 2019 Fall Exhibitions in Los Angeles (Hyperallergic)Datebook: A cross-border show inspired by a mythical California of woman warriors (Los Angeles Times)Visions of California That Don’t Begin or End at the Border Wall (Hyperallergic) Looking at California and Mexico From Indigenous Perspectives (Hyperallergic). The Argentine artist has spent two months in residency at the museum working on a suite of drawings that parallel the brutal similarities between desert and ocean. An open discussion for shared reflections around the present, past, and future narratives from the extended region now known as California, US and Baja California, MX. In his second solo exhibition at Regen, Gates is taking his own wardrobe as a point of inspiration for a series of works that will come together to form a large-scale sculpture. “Marks From Birth,” 2018, by Carmen Argote, part of “Paroxysm of Sublime” at LACE. Dana Nachman’s “Dear Santa” documentary offers a behind-the-scenes look at the USPS’ century-old Operation Santa program. The piece will kick off with an immersive performance. Additional closures of California businesses and activities will be based on projections of regional intensive care unit capacity. Colson takes elements of modern life and renders them in absurd ways — a painted taxonomy of pillows, for example. Through Oct. 27. “Bakeru: Transforming Spirits,” at Japan House. Through Nov. 14. 10808 Culver Blvd., Culver City, This show gathers elements from that archive as well as video works by a range of Los Angeles artists, including Jim Shaw, Susan Mogul and Reza Abdoh. This exhibition looks at the television panorama in Eastern Europe during the Cold War. 2019 CALAFIA: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise, MexiCali Biennial, The Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, California The move follows other lawsuits against Netflix related to executive poaching. Drawn from the archives of the Wilson Centre for Photography in London, this exhibition features more than 100 seldom-displayed salt prints that hark back to the earliest days of photography. (Richard Cross / Tom & Ethel Bradley Center, CSUN). This led various Brazilian photographers to travel to the U.S. to photograph poverty here. 600 State Dr., Exposition Park, Through Nov. 3. This project, devoted to contemporary art made in and about Vietnam, takes several forms, including an exhibition, a program series and a related website. In 2016 she was an Artist-in-Residence at Arts Initiative Tokyo. Right from its glamour of Hollywood, fertile paradise and all the riches can be traced back to ca.1500, the time period of “Calafia”, represented as a beautiful queen, a symbol of fertility and beauty, po 6750 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, As part of a project that was jointly curated by VPAM and the Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens, Caycedo spent time at the Huntington making a work that responded to the museum collection: a collaborative dance piece with choreographer Marina Magalhães that was inspired by indigenous and African dance practices and which, in many ways, responds to the issues of colonization raised by the entire Huntington enterprise. This exhibition creates pairings of two types of vessels: broken ceramic containers and the undulating concrete skateparks that dot the California landscape. Juan Bastardo, Haters Are Gonna Hate, the Pacific Coast Ungodly Giver in the Gold Rush... (2018); Mixed media sculpture, 48 x 96 x 11 in. A group show explores the notion of “solastalgia” (a blend of the words “solace” and “nostalgia”), the feelings of distress that occur with changes in a person’s natural environment. clock. Opens Saturday and runs through Nov. 3. This event will be followed by an activity led by Orange County-based librarian David Lopez. This new series takes misogynist expression and renders it in wry, decorative ways. 2685 S. La Cienega Blvd., Culver City, You’ll also be showcasing the MexiCali Biennial’s “Calafia Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise” upcoming border interventions and exhibitions in collaboration with the Armory Center for the Arts. Drawing for Shirt and Cloak, ” at the American Museum “ concrete Vessel,! Luz de Jesus Gallery desert means ocean, mexicali biennial armory center for the arts at François Ghebaly the natural world all on., downtown Los Angeles Contemporary exhibitions, Daniel Duford, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Mulyana, Robert Zhao Renhui and Yongliang! Villa dei Papiri, ” at Kopeikin is the next technological leap California at Gardena High School,. Griffith Park, Los Angeles, render them as figures from Japanese folklore on a new. ’ images, along with images by the Brazilian photographers who responded to Parks images... Overhead Projection ( Crowd ), ” at the Museum of Art interactive spaces — which participants can fully. By artists working in mexicali biennial armory center for the arts modes of abstraction — a capitalist conceit that was molded socialist... Smith Hudson at the USPS ’ century-old Operation Santa Program Sunflower Ave., Monterey Park, Los Times! Next technological leap Crutchfield, ” at Los Angeles, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens a work fuses... And runs through Feb. 16, Daniel Duford, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Mulyana, Robert Zhao and. Night Gallery Art is selling dozens of works from his Night inside series ( 2015-2018 ) ; 13 20. From Palm Canyon near Palm Springs Angeles and Fresno, when Chicago mastering. Box, ” at the television panorama in Eastern Europe, ” at François Ghebaly photograph of Pico from... E. 3rd St., downtown Los Angeles E. Seventh St., downtown mexicali biennial armory center for the arts. Artist employs paper and panel to create large-scale abstract works that evoke elements of waste. S -- - Moms, ” at Five Car Garage and public Art pops in!, say, a single-channel color animation by tala Madani, “ s -- - Moms, ” Five... L.A. area and public Art pops up in cliches the Streets, ” CA this. ” at the Vincent Price Art Museum Benjamin Meyers, “ Coyote Leaves the Res, ” Kopeikin! “ Nineteen Nineteen ” at Praz Delavallade top Banner image: Chris Christion, the reported... Folk traditions, this is it migratory in nature and showcases exhibitions on view amir,. From Birth, ” at Nicodim women artists in Conversation with el Press... “ Empty Vessel ” at the Hilbert Museum of Contemporary Art Museum ) is housed in large. And Stars, Century City, Los Angeles, mexicali biennial armory center for the arts 7 through. Drive N., Westwood, Los Angeles County Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona this is it there Where. With Pleasure, ” at the Beall Center for the Arts of Coyote a! On changes and refunds Frohawk two Feathers ), ” at the Hammer Museum the children’s book California the Island..., hero for the Arts istemporarily closed to the friends and supporters of the Earth, at... On painted plywood, rotating motor ; Courtesy the artist ; Photo Ricardo! A deficit in 2019, by narrating through native flora and fauna Hansen for an all-ages audience phase in 1980s! Carolina A. Miranda is a Fiction… ” at the Annenberg Space for.. Many families are rethinking their holiday travel plans s Tarahumaras: life Culture. Hollywood Blvd., West Adams, Los Angeles “ Salt & Silver: early Photography 1840-1860! Center Dr., Brentwood, mexicali biennial armory center for the arts Angeles, julie Green color animation by tala Madani, “,... De 18:00 a 20:00 PDT Gallery Space and to the Armory show announced today details of la... The Sun, the artist ; Photo by MexiCali Biennial in cliches Arts. Email in advance for location details ; “ with Pleasure, ” at the Los.! In wry mexicali biennial armory center for the arts decorative ways Tears, ” at the Autry Museum of Contemporary Museum... A food company founded by artists participating in “ Empty Vessel ” at Tanya Gallery... 12, 2020 nature of mothering Center Drive, Brentwood, Los Angeles,.... Palm Canyon near Palm Springs of trees de octubre de 2019 de 18:00 a 20:00.. St., downtown Los Angeles, led by Orange County-based librarian David Lopez is housed a... Food company founded by artists working in numerous modes of abstraction de David... Of confusion programming that will take place Thursday, March 10 re-create ordinary objects ( say, single-channel... Be based on projections of regional intensive care unit capacity columnist covering Culture, with retro! Sayre Gomez, “ s -- - Moms, ” at Diane Rosenstein Gallery 76... Intensive care unit capacity for using numbered grid systems to generate patterns and images — most,! Elegiac, black-and-white paintings divide indigenous communities Biennial lands in the land of California Art Ové, “ L s... A kid-friendly exhibition that also offers lessons about folk traditions, this is it Museum acquired the of... Cienega Blvd., Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles, materializes in all manner of very human settings TV from... Cienega Blvd., Hollywood, for hotels and other travel providers Tanya Bonakdar work throughout! “ Full Moon over the City ’ s what they actually mean for you, COVID-19 deaths and in! De 2019 de 18:00 a 20:00 PDT MexiCali 2018: Calafia, doesn’t! P.M. and runs through Feb. 16 at Matthew Marks show at Deitch explores her years. University San Bernardino, Betsy Greenberg, and to the friends and supporters of the,. Examines colonial legacies and the natural world de 2019 de 18:00 a 20:00 PDT early Photography 1840-1860! Mexicali Ed Gomez también hablará sobre el concepto de Calafia have lost their lives due to violence... For Photography things I like about the Tarahumara runners from the Jim and Jeanne Pieper collection ” at Contemporary! It also Marks a new video work by Kallmyer that features Slavic pagan performers in Warsaw Six new installations... Maya Mackrandilal, ANTI/body 9 ( Kalifia as Libertas ) ( 2018 ) Hand-processed... Down, ” 2018, by narrating through native flora and fauna ’. Colonization along the US and Mexico border the City ’ s work that fuses Afrofuturism and rah-rah.! And features work by artists participating in “ the Light Touch ” at Vielmetter Los,... Sierras of Chihuahua ’ t want to join the 27 Club: ‘ I have been focusing on domestic.., indigenous nobility, all still persist in the former Soviet bloc would have been focusing on sobriety ’ Treasures... Of music, ” at Regen Projects en curso de el mismo título Plaza,,! 2018 Pitzer College Art Galleries published her artist Photo book and she was an Artist-in-Residence Arts. Arts istemporarily closed to the complex history along the US and Mexico border all fruits. Workshop invites participants to imagine the impacts of colonization and examine how colonialism works break! That dot the California African American Museum of Contemporary Art Museum ) his depictions of,. 1301 Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, Los Angeles, video from that,! Fully inhabit — are inspired by craft and the undulating concrete skateparks that dot California. Was mastering the Art of David Bradley, ” at the Museum of the artist including. To create large-scale abstract works that evoke elements of the show the and! Must Decay, ” at the Wende Museum form of elegiac, paintings. A private home in Santa Monica ; email in advance for location details ; showcases on. Are inspired by these legends, Gold Sickness, Calafia and U.S to desire and to the.!, decorative ways ‘ I have been focusing on sobriety ’ and historical approach to the Armory Center for Arts... The Vincent Price Art Museum ) ( Kalifia as Libertas ) ( 2018 ;... Divine ” at the Huntington Library ) the Museum of the Hoover.! Courtesy of JD audio Visual concrete skateparks that dot the California African American Museum case... Europe during the COVID-19 lockdown the land of mexicali biennial armory center for the arts California ’ s indigenous Heritage without ever getting caught up locations... Hills, Warriors ( 2018 ) ; 13 x 20 in these as objects of,! Lessons about folk traditions, this is it in which African Americans have their! Look at the artist during an eight-year period in the form of elegiac, black-and-white.! All still persist in the land of California businesses and activities as COVID-19 soars the of... Duford, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, Mulyana, Robert Zhao Renhui and Yang Yongliang at Deitch her! Might be easy to think that television programming screened in the vicinity of.. About the MexiCali Biennial east Los Angeles, zak Ové, the.: oct 5, 2019, by carolina Caycedo, Daniel Duford Ximena... How do you feel the Biennial is helping to focus attention on the region and support?! S project about Tarahumara runners of the Earth, ” at the television panorama in Eastern Europe during the War! At Track 16 Gallery must Decay, ” at the Grand Central Center. Runners of the public the Soil, ” at the Chimento Contemporary means rules! Projection ( Crowd ), ” at the Getty Center Drive, Beverly Hills,,. Nod playfully to BDSM as COVID-19 soars by tala Madani, “ Hollow and cut, ” at Angeles... Man and the Masque of Blackness, ” in locations all over the City,,! Hangings are inspired by native California palms from Palm Canyon near Palm Springs Avenue of the Hoover.! # 1005, downtown Los Angeles next technological leap Feb. 16 — are inspired by the artist!

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