As of December 1, 2020, the forums are in read-only format. Tried on Samsung smart TV, ROKU and HULU app. Thinking of using a VPN and getting league pass this year since @YouTubeTV, @hulu, and other streaming services don't have Fox Sports. Anyone else have issues with shows on @hulu going to a commercial and then randomly jumping to halfway through a different episode? Read honest and … CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT OPEN CAUTION: This product employs a Laser System. Hulu has all of a sudden stopped working on my 1 year old smart TV. and it will NOT remove. @hulu_support Hi.. @hulu_support my Hulu has not been working all day. Specifically streaming #espn? @Fesluv I don't have any picture quality issues with any streaming service either. Cars are the same way. Tried on Samsung smart TV, ROKU and HULU app. I have no idea what happened. Saving $120 per month, but... @HollyWouldnt777 The only streaming service that’s actually charging extra (over 3 times extra the price of a normal movie ticket) is Disney+. @hapykorean @FeldmanAdam @RCNconnects @verizonfios @hulu Well, that’s not good... Back in the day @theRCN was great about responding and compensating for lost service. @snzarate If you’re not sure about your app updates, we’d recommend you check with the official Hulu website. Watching and it is glitching SOOOOO BAD! They suggested I cancel the card and have it reissued. Watching and it is glitching SOOOOO BAD! @hulu your dumpster fire chat customer service is super unhelpful. It’s very awkward to see a streaming video and not hear anything. After Hulu Live TV failed to negotiate with Fox Regional Networks I had no more use for the service with the increase. I've always used my LG Smart TV with a wired connection but when this started happening I also tried loading Hulu while connected to WiFi and I even connected my phone internet to the TV via tethering and it still gets stuck on the hulu loading screen. It’s also being reported on a lot of sites as a crash or a playback error. I don’t know what to do about it. Only Hulu gets Stuck on loading screen but everything else works and loads fine, I have only had this TV one year. @AmyScofield @Cinesnark @hbomax I can’t watch ANYthing on @hbomax with a friend because of course we’re trying to synch from our separate houses but the app stops constantly to buffer. i just want to watch the people in masks singing ?? All the other services are giving you big budget films for no extra charge. And, no, it's not our internet. Anybody else having streaming issues with #Hulu. I know it's not a network connection issue, I'm hardwired. Cancelled it and I will never go back. What else can I do?? Hulu has no idea why. @MattWoolseySC Works on iPhone app, not on Samsung TV. @kyclark In case your Hulu Live app is still not working as expected, there could be other issues. It’s happening every weekend now. Only downfall to Hulu live is no NFL network.☹️. my favorite first world problem is when siri says she knows your moms hulu password but she DOESN’T and you have to type it in yourself...? [ boom goes the dynamite • fifteen ] If I … It’s the local news. $84.49. @GreysABC I can’t hear any thing????!? Enjoy TV shows, movies and more with this LG BP350 Blu-ray player, which features built-in Wi-Fi for access to Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and other content. WTF!!! Why does @hulu insist on breaking every rule of good UI? Kari L. On my account couldn’t seem to figure out anything. by LG. From your description of it effecting only that show and all other shows and apps are fine, it may be a issue with that stream from Hulu. Canceled Sept 30th. I have switched cable and streaming services 3 times chasing Marquee.. You Tube, Hulu and now ATT. So far it is working wonderfully. You already tried the DNS, reset, checked time on the TV so that leaves us with product defects.The next call is to LG to claim it's in warranty and let them deal with it. @TommyBirch No issues on Hulu +Live, @Qonvalescent Judging from the recent posts I had to look at the manufacturing date on my LG 50LF6100 made in November 2015.

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