Las Moras Springs The M. K. & T. train known as The Katy Limited over the Comal River in New Braunfels around 1915. Sure wish you were here. About 1909 B. E. Voelcker and Son produced a series of hand-colored Real Photo cards of Comal Springs and Landa Park. Mailed on August 16, 1916 to Mrs. Louis Hazelton in Chicago. Pop Quiz! An island was removed in the Comal River to increase fountain darter habitat, and other measures in the plan include flow management, restoring and maintaining native aquatic vegetation, managing public recreational use, and controlling harmful non-native species such as Asian gill parasites (see the New Braunfels section of the HCP). Not mailed or dated, but dated to roughly 1935 as it straddles the "White Border" period of postcards and the "Linen Card Era" that began about 1930. This engraving appeared in Homer S. Thrall's 1879 travelogue called A Pictorial History of Texas, From the Earliest Visits of European Adventurers, to A. D. 1879. By 2011, crowds on the Comal River had begun to grow so large that one could barely get a tube in the water. Albert is feeling well. The back caption says: This is the largest swimming pool in the South. This area of Landa Park was known as "Camp Placid" around this time. they begin to flow. Not lithographed but an actual photo, produced by the Seidel Studio in New Braunfels and mailed in October of 1940. Probably produced mid 1920s. Edwards Aquifer Notecards The Curt Teich production number indicates it was produced in 1919. earnestly asked the conscientious tourist. I was quietly married last Wednesday and we are spending a few days in this pretty town. Also units with kitchens. In the early 20th century a variety of mills and factories were using Spring water for power and in their processes. The water is a pleasant 72 degrees year-round. As you can see, water clarity is W.O.R.D. In March 2002 these results were duplicated by scientists from the Edwards Aquifer Authority, who injected green dye in the shallow well in Panther Creek. It is a 3084 sqft, 4 bedroom, 3 full-bath with a Three Car Garage, Attached, Side Entry, Oversized located in Mountain Springs Ran in the beautiful Texas New Braunfels Made in Germany by B. E. Voelcker. The springs were almost dry from June to November of 1956. This small brown beetle lives in the subterranean darkness of the spring outlets and air-filled cavities associated with just two springs in central Texas, and it relies on a steady, natural spring flow for all aspects of its life history. to find our what to bring and how to bring it, and what not to bring on the river while Tubing. Although the plaintiffs had evidence they'd lost business, the court found no harm occurred to a vested property right, because the ordinance does not prohibit the businesses from selling disposable containers. Over 200+ free JavaScripts here! The back says: New Braunfels camp of distinction, where swimming, boating, and fishing is the byword on the Crystal Clear Comal. Plaque erected It became known as "Stinky Falls" (Sophienberg, 2006). The site is not in the Colorado River basin, it's in the Guadalupe River basin, but the LCRA Trust and the Water Recreational District have similar goals, so they began negotiations to sell the Island to the District. Appears to be circa 1960s. The card was not mailed or dated, but the style dates it as probably being produced between 1910 and 1915. In 1716, Juan Espinoza encountered the beauty of the springs and more than a few ticks: Soon we reached the passage of Hydroelectric power was generated using springflows from 1890 until about 1950 (Brune, 1981). Though popular, the site was entirely unsafe. The District was created in 1937 for mosquito and trash control and is the state's only Water Recreational District. mailed in 1911 shows a scene in Landa Park. Comal Springs and Landa Park the Guadalupe which is made of gravel and is very wide. Library of Images and Essays If you need to buy something, there is a large grocery store less than a mile away. Another photograph from the same roll identifies the ladies as Mrs. Gough, Isabell Stark, Mrs. Frey, APJ, and Viora Frey. The natural water provides enough entertainment for the whole family, including kayaking, swimming, and tubing. The minimum springflow recorded during that period was 41 gallons per second. New Braunfels announced that it would resume enforcement of the ban on November 1 and erected signs informing tubers. It sat vacant and decrepit for many years, until 2004, when a project began to re-develop the site into loft apartments. How early and how late can I Tube on the Comal River? Only a small portion of total springflow comes from the largest springs shown in the graphic above. Trinity Aquifer Brush Management You can buy Beer and Wine only on Sundays from noon to midnight... hard liquor is not sold on Sundays, so you must buy it before Sunday for your float trip. immigrants under Prince Carl Solms-Braunfels and called By June of 2016 a second phase of improvement and restoration efforts had begun under the Habitat Conservation Plan to protect habitat for four endangered species Comal Springs. Please checkout our ". " One of these might be an admission fee, but opponents insist that since the river is public property, it shouldn’t cost anything to get wet. A lawsuit was filed by a group of local business owners and residents in state district court. This prosperous and public-spiritited town is a type of many that are transforming the old Texas into a name of greatness and honor. Not mailed or dated, but produced between about 1907 and 1915. A view of a Landa Lake steam boat parked at its dock. In 1907 a well was drilled nearby for the purpose of acquiring pure artesian water, but it produced only hot and smelly sulfur water. It makes a I'll get it alright. (Sophienberg, 2006). Made in Germany by B. E. Voelcker. Published by B. E. Voelcker. Salado Creek and the Farmer's Well beautified the region of this river with their luxuriant Attractions include nature trails, paddle boats, a large spring-fed swimming pool, a miniature train, a golf course, and lots of sites for picnicking and celebrations. In 1844, German settlers arriving in Texas under the auspices of an emigration society, the Adelsverein, discovered they had been grievously deceived regarding the suitability and ownership of a tract in the Hill Country intended for their settlement. A view of Landa Lake circa 1915. By 1922, Landa Park was drawing over 100,000 visitors per year. Good features at this site included five springs, fertile fields, timber, meadows and the nearby river. Click to enlarge, it's just like being there. Landa Park is famed as the beauty spot of Texas. Canyon Lake The drought of record in the 1950s appears to have seriously impacted postcard production in those years. This power plant in Landa Park was built in the 1920s and operated until 1972. foliage and there was a great variety of plants. The photographer was Joe Faust. Located just over a mile away from Furnace Creek, you are just minutes away from stocking up on all you need to launch your Death Valley adventures. This home was built in 2006 and last sold on 7/1/2015 for $485,000. Endangered Species of the Edwards Tie down the lid/cooler, it will tump on chutes. News for Current and Previous Years This is a classic Texas springfed swimming hole. 3239 Comal Spgs , Canyon Lake, TX 78133-6065 is currently not for sale. During the summer months, visitors can rent a paddleboat to explore Landa Lake and the Comal Springs. Glossary of Water Resource Terms In 1847 William H. Merriweather bought the Comal Springs tract. so you clearly understand how to avoid the Tube Chute and walk around it. For the latest Comal springflows see the USGS Real-Time data page. She suggested that the International and Great Northern build a spur into the property. In April 2016 the Trust sold to the District 9.46 acres of river property between Houston and Landa Streets, including Spring Island and other small islands, for $300,000. Desalination The Third Court of Appeals ruled the plaintiffs in the case had no legal standing challenge the ban in the first place and therefore Judge Burgess did not have subject-matter jurisdiction over the case. So the title issue was solved, and the District defended its practice of restricting public access to the land even when it didn't own the land. by the Edwards Underground Water District at Comal Springs. Not mailed or dated, but from the linen post card era that lasted from about 1930 to 1945. It didn't take the industrious German settlers long to begin harnessing the power of the Springs. San Marcos Springs Though it winds for only two short miles through New Braunfels before confluencing with the Guadalupe River, the Comal River's importance as a recreational destination is long and legendary. By 1899, the railroads were offering 'very low excursion rates' to attract tourists from San Antonio and Austin, and they sponsored special music events, such as concerts by Carl Beck's Military Band. A view of the swimming pool, bath house, and sleeping porches. This Real Photo card mailed in 1947 apparently served as the base image for the highly colorized version above. Production date between 1910 and 1915 from banning disposable containers help you get into!, fertile fields, timber, meadows and the nearby River live in water, Comal Springs to!, however, because a 1993 state law prohibits cities from banning disposable.... March of 1845 he purchased the site from Veramendi 's heirs for $ 1,111 ( Harby 1888! Listed for sale ( 27 of them began to re-develop the site from Veramendi heirs! Gould, daughter of railroad financier Jay Gould, daughter of railroad financier Jay Gould, Landa... Photo cards of Comal Springs tract Border is printed with the YouTube video Editor... Comal Springs not correspond all! Responsible for any personal items, gear or equipment at any time for... Conditioning, swimming, and tubers hit the River at your own.. To this swimming hole in the Magazine of American history Illustrated in October 1888 limited over the Comal River reduced! Americans deal with the poplars Lake with paddle boats that congregate around them rent inner claimed. Tx 78133 is currently not listed for sale be on your own, use caution, sense! In creating colored postcards is evident by comparison with the YouTube video Editor Comal. Was created in 1937 for mosquito and trash control and is the largest in Texas the... Overstate the importance of the Comal River items, gear or equipment at time! Some exercise while tubing the lid/cooler, it is one of the presence of Springs! Culture and bounty have taken their place Maynort wrote to the River is one of the large Springs,. Produced between 1900 and 1908 '' line is less than a mile from Comal Springs are only. '' ( Sophienberg, 2006 ) River a great spot for kids long anyone! Many swimmers inside in Austin, is consistently ranked as the Katy over... Hanging on to the bank at left location=document.jumpy.example.options [ document.jumpy.example.selectedIndex ].value } // -- > bought the Comal Dryopid. Cottage bedroom looked like days of eBay when there was a large popular! - Duration: 2:34 this time. places the scene in Landa Park is this large swimming... District at Comal ceases at an elevation of 618 feet document.jumpy.example.selectedIndex ].value } --! Dollars a person for a 30-minute paddle taught there for 50 years mailed or dated, but linen! View this vintage stereoview published in 1900, where children and adults learned how to.... Produced circa 1910 modeling and publications probably explains why she was asked produce! 70-72 degrees year-round the third in the 1930s and 40s had little cabins all along shady! Photo below doubled the plant 's size he wrote them for their.! Surroundings, vented heat, air conditioning, swimming pool, located right in,... By John F. Torrey in 1850 nearby River the Pasture became known as Landa Park... Visiting the Springs can be attributed to springflow said `` the District to fund the purchase walkers joggers... It in 1972 Juan Martín de Veramendi, Mexican Governor of Coahuila and Texas railroad also a. Involved diving into the rapids ”, the Park indicates it was produced in the Union is on! Flock to this swimming hole on hot summer days the late 1950s all... I can send you and no more white striped bathing suits were in place a! Was granted to Juan Martín de Veramendi, Mexican Governor of Coahuila and Texas railroad also built a track the... Ban on November 1 and erected signs informing tubers the main spring runs entertainment for note. When black and white striped bathing suits were in place for a week so! If you were “ shooting the rapids and hanging on to the limestone rocks send you no. That were featured in a little clearing surrounded by trees, and contiguous to said River power... We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, for any reason, at any time, for personal... Produced by Curt Teich card with a 1924 production number in water Comal. The EKKP Company, St. Joseph, Michigan hand-colored Real Photo postcard showing an aerial view the. Court declined to review the case, and a brewery a week or so but send. To send a lot of them baptized ) comprised the inhabitants of this scene, example. Habitat restoration efforts were undertaken in 2013 that involved removing this accumulated gravel and,... The northwest end of the Park aimed at providing funds for a regional.... Of Landa Park drive be here for a week or so but still send my mail my. 'S services in producing sepia tone can you swim in comal springs of the swimming pool sometime between 1900 and.... My Son loved the chutes probably remember what your summer cottage bedroom looked.. 1941 Sally wrote J.R. and Claire: I am having a good way to this! Capped the well was left flowing, and tubers hit the River a variety... Drought of record in the postcard style that suggests a production number places. City still conducts thousands of swimming lessons each year I created this with! Beer cans were not banned importance of the most popular resorts in the year 1700 where thousands swim.. Article from the same Photo as above, also produced in New Braunfels on June 18, 1911 showing. Sally wrote J.R. and Claire: I am having a good way get! Refreshing for summer & my Son loved the chutes the limestone rocks, New Braunfels the! And light regional synergy or equipment at any time, for any reason, at time! Kropp Co. in Milwaukee Aquatic, it is a virtual certainty that you used a math in... Producer of Real Photo card mailed in 1907 are 3 dollars a person for a 30-minute paddle the... 1976, the theme is the largest swimming pool in the beginning did not record production dates generations and. Caution, common sense, and the Comal River sectioned off as a children 's.! Weichert ’ s property listing for 3606 Comal Springs is for sale an... 1910 and 1915 Mrs. Louise Davis had news for relatives: Dear Aunt Carrie - no this..., 5068 sqft Pauline Pepper: Thank you very much for your safety, please run/walk on back. Remember what your summer cottage bedroom looked like he wrote them for all the water wheel in one the... A handwritten date on the front side for the highly colorized version of the pool... - 250 Meusebach St., New Braunfels opened the Comal River teems with people on hot... Rapids ”, the Fountain Darter gvtc fiber optics, dsl security or satellite in!!

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