News agency PTI has, meanwhile, mentioned sources as saying that the fresh hike in rates could help the state government earn an additional revenue of Rs 9,000 crore per annum. Andhra Pradesh Government hikes liquor prices by 50%, taking the total overall hike in price of liquor to 75%. Buying liquor is one of the important task when you plan out for a weekend trip as liquor would eat up 75% of your trip budget. Approved Rate List 2020-2021. Approved Rate List 2020-21: Search Brand MRP: Leading Decisions under Raj. The revised rates will come into effect from today afternoon. ap-liquor-rates: Find ap-liquor-rates latest news, Images, Photos & Videos, Pictures & Video Clips on ap-liquor-rates and catch latest updates, news, information. The Andhra Pradesh State Government in latest has hiked liquor prices by another 50% as of 5 May 2020, taking the total hiked amount to 75 per cent. For reprint rights : andhra pradesh: liquor rates hiked, from today on wards sale through govt outlets only, GMC Balayogi: బాలయోగి జయంతి.. చంద్రబాబు భావోద్వేగం, అత్తను కొట్టిన కోడలు.. అరెస్ట్ చేసిన పోలీసులు, కొత్త టీవీ కొనాలనుకుంటున్నారా, ఈ ఎల్ఈడి టీవీని ట్రై చెయ్యొచ్చు, మానవత్వం ఇంకా మిగిలే ఉంది!! Prices of some brands of liquor in AP were more than double the rates in Telangana and Karnataka, it pointed out. The most smuggled liquor brands are in the category of medium and premium segments, the SEB said in its report, citing the large difference in prices in AP and the neighbouring states. The Andhra Pradesh government has enhanced prices of liquor by another 50 per cent on Tuesday, only a day after imposing a 25 per cent hike as shops were reopened in relaxation of the ongoing lockdown.Special Chief Secretary (Revenue) Rajat Bhargava said the abnormal increase in liquor rates was to 'discourage' people from consumption and safeguard health. And the beer will cost Rs 30 more per bottle from today. The revised rates will come into effect from today afternoon. వీడియో: రైలు కిందపడ్డ బాలిక.. ఆమెను ఎత్తుకుని హాస్పిటల్‌కు పరుగులు పెట్టిన పోలీస్. As per the government, there was a 24 per cent fall in the sale of liquor in the October 2019-March 2020 period and that of beer by 55 per cent. Hyderabad: Continuing with its inconsistent liquor policy, the Andhra Pradesh government has slashed the booze rates for the second time in 50 days. Days after enhancing the prices of liquor by 75 per cent, the Andhra Pradesh government has now decided to reduce the number of shops selling liquor by 13 per cent to discourage its consumption in the state. The state government had increased the prices of liquor by another 50 per cent on Tuesday, only a day after imposing a 25 per cent hike as shops were reopened in relaxation of the ongoing lockdown. The government accepted to increase the prices, but at 25 percent lesser than what the committee recommended.-The'Jala Siriki Haarati' program should be … The cellphone video shot in the dark by a woman in a parked car appeared to show something ominous: a man closing the doors of a white van and then rolling a wagon with a large box into a Detroit... For a man obsessed with winning, President Donald Trump is losing a lot. The government has also reduced bars by 40 per cent in the state. 471 dated 22-11-2019. హృదయాలను కదిలించే విషాద ఘటన, సాధారణ టీవీలను కూడా స్మార్ట్‌గా మార్చే సెట్ టాప్ బాక్స్, ఇదేం వైరస్ బాబోయ్: అంబటి రాంబాబుకు రెండోసారి కరోనా.. ఏపీలో రూటుమార్చిన మహమ్మారి, Jabardasth: వర్ష- ఇమాన్యుయల్ సైలెంట్‌గా నడిపిస్తున్నారే.. రాత్రి 11 గంటలకు ఫోన్! The statement said the enhanced rates would come into force with immediate effect and that they were aimed at discouraging people from consuming alcohol. Explore more on ap-liquor-rates exclusively at Samayam Telugu. New Liquor Rates 2020-2021: GST(Goods and Services Tax) … AP Liquor Rates: ఏపీలో మందుబాబులకు గుడ్ న్యూస్, తగ్గిన మద్యం ధరలు Copyright - 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. దయచేసి మీ బ్రౌసర్‌ను అప్‌డేట్ చేసుకోండి. This website follows the DNPA’s code of conduct. An increase in cases of liquor smuggling and deaths due to consumption of hand sanitisers forced the Andhra Pradesh government to reduce prices of liquor in the state. Visakhapatnam: The Andhra Pradesh government on Sunday said will resume sale of liquor “for health reasons” from its outlets from Monday, but will impose a new “prohibition tax” to discourage people from consuming alcoholic beverages. Excise department allowed to increase the rates of liquor bottles which costs between Rs 400-450 about 3% and above Rs 450 of 9% without changing the costs of liquor bottles below Rs 400.

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