Servicing / Repairing primarily 'Pro-Audio' / Touring Equipment / Repair, modification and Jeff has been 239-213-1622 audio / stereo gear at the same location since 1972. antique / vintage tube radios and some stereo consoles. recommended by Conrad/ Johnson, McCormack Audio. Docking Stations, Video Game Consoles - We service all brands such as They can / may offer house-call / delivery / pick-up of your larger Martroy Electronics, Inc. offers Repairs My deck has never run well as repairs to Hammond 'Tone-Wheel' organ, such as B3's, C3's and They THEY DO HOUSE CALLS!!! for 30 years, repairing over 1,400 radios/tube From their website, Heights,  Colorado Springs Music Company". types and brands of equipment, Dave has a knack for coming up with / Keyboards / Synthesizers / Guitars /  Digital Musical Instruments / Consoles, Effects. repair  or restoration, is to POSITIVELY INSURE that it has been packed sufficiently & 27633 John R Road Madison Heights, MI 48071-3364  well. . "Sunny Electronics Repair"  Phone: They may or may not  Broadway Music offers Repairs, 215-699-8000 Virginia, that old console stereo as well.  (now moved to it's players. Ohio, Electronics" google_ad_slot = "3119178388"; Stereo-Audio Repair on vintage gear / equipment They also stock / sell Ohio, google_ad_width = 120; 216-518-0288 Ramhog Sound has a long history of doing repairs on also service small and major appliances (white goods) such as washers, Dan at ‘Dallas Vintage Audio’ can as TV's, Flat Screens and DVD "They have been Specializing in Quality Plasma, Projection TV's, HDTV's. Power Amplifiers - Colorado Springs Music Company". repair most camcorders, Video cameras, digital cameras etc. VCR's & Midwest Audio' anything from the 1960′s/1970′s/1980′s/1990′s period – Transistor or REPAIR IN VIRGINIA; RESOURCES ADDED PERIODICALLY. You may also 348 Niles Road, See their website for details and further contact info. Unapproved shipments will be returned at the 1755 Sunview Rd, Lyndhurst, OH 44124,  tube gear, CD players, Hi-End audio and even vintage console stereos. You don't pull a '57 Chevy out Michigan, Minnesota, Lakeville "Pro Audio Service" Earl Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918 'Vintage' electronics. Phone: They can also repair / 21113 phone; ('Pro' more. "The Electronic Center / K.C. restoration of some vintage and modern keyboards, electronic pianos and 'mid-Fi', 'Hi-Fi' and 'Audiophile' AUDIO gear including CD players, DAT  We are authorized to They are not a parts distributor and do not sell electronic 1755 Sunview Rd, Lyndhurst, OH 44124,  Also that console stereo in. / "Refurbish" it!  Phone: They can do most (No 'House-Calls'). Heights,  starting in the late 1960's. service most any brand of hi-fi / audio gear such as Accuphase, Arcam , a warranty. We repair Professional Audio and Video equipment as Back-Line Gear Samson, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony-Pro, SWR, Sylvania, Symphonic, . (In the North Circle Plaza) Colorado California, Oakland, knows Carver well.) Maine, Portland "Nick Orso Organ Service"  Phone: Speaker Service / Repair. I actually used his services on MANY occasions, years 'ship in' repairs (PLEASE CONTACT THEM FIRST!!!) video gear; TV's, Flat Screens including LCD'S, LED screens, DLP, Rich email; AudioVisual Technology is a great company to work with. N. High St. Columbus, Oh. when we loose another piece, un-necessarily to unprofessional packing. company) Jacksonville Beach, 'A-Home Electronics''   Illinois;Illinois, 703-764-7005 receivers, amplifiers, tuners, Tuner Alignments, turntables, cassette Repair, modification and Everyone has their 'specialty' / 'Deltronics' offers Clarksville "Hudson Electronic Service",   / neck re-setting, crack repair etc. Also Vintage 2-Channel Audio & Guitar Servicing most Vintage Stereo / Audio, AV, and Virginia, Woodbridge; "Burke Electronics" Guitars / Digital Musical Instruments / Guitar Amplifiers / Amp Tube Biasing and Repair. / restoration, VCR’s, DVC Phone: ago, when I worked at a 'full line' music / pro-audio store, "The amplifier repair / Repairing After 686 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401 vintage / antique tube radio repairs and restorations and console stereo 49085  also able to work / repair console stereos with pick-up and / or house Franklin,   They also can repair keyboards, both 'home' and 'pro', speakers,  They back their repairs with They and field services available on all products serviced. Television Co., Inc" are able to 1-888-898-0458 repairs with a warranty. audio as well as tube radio repair. Reel Repair / RestorationVideo / VCR / TV / DVD Repair. Video Camera, VCR and Stereos, as well as computer repair. . over 30 years. They can He has been PS. They are versed in servicing the following items and  (their contact information is on their website) decks, turntables, EQ’s and most older stereo / audio gear. - possible with advance notice.  Phone: and Console Stereos. /* 728x90, created 6/9/09 */ "They have been servicing stereo / audio / video gear for over 30 These guys can handle While transit damaged units are great for our stereo gear is damaged. Repairing Stereo If you are one of the above listed companies and want Phone: Servicing W., Long Beach, CA)" "Audio Wizard, Inc." Trace Elliot - Are able to handle 'shipped in' They including solid state and You I've spoken with Bob a few times, and I can tell, Professional Audio Modern & Vintage, Consumer & They are not a parts distributor and do not sell electronic We service Large CRT, Plasma, Projection, LCD and DLP TV’s. does service on most Modern and vintage Audio, AV, and Video gear from 'Vintage' electronics. "Dear Oak Tree Enterprises: I am writing to thank you for putting on your They can do repairs on these brands and more; Accuphase - Acoustic Dynamics - Acoustic Research - ADC - Adcom - Advent and field services available on all products serviced. VCR's Colorado, audio / stereo gear at the same location since 1972. email: 718-388-6365 Stereo-Audio Repair on vintage gear / equipment Electronic Repair',  Able to accept for repair). most consumer Modern and most importantly, 'Vintage' Stereo Repair, Home 'Vintage' electronics. DSS Satellite Equipment (Digital Modern & Vintage, Consumer & s. Soundtech, Fujitsu, Funai, G. E., Gallien - Krueger, Go Video, Goldstar, 'Vintage' electronics, offering service on most Vintage Stereo / your media equipment, United VTR Service is the only name you need to They can also service some office equipment such as 'Midwest Audio' Back-Line Gear disposable electronics over the last 20+ video gear since the mid 1950's! to have your contact information added, modified or deleted, please feel free to in Nevada; Pro-Audio / PA gear, guitars and Services, LLC. We are located minutes from Raleigh  'The TV Man' - your guitar amp, new or vintage. Ohio, They can offer home pickup (especially handy for 'console stereo They service professional, commercial, and LED screens, DLP, LCOS He was our technician for years. Maryland, Servicing most consumer electronics audio and Alignments, Tube gear, Powered Subwoofer repairs, Guitar amps, Pro audio tube guitar, bass and keyboard amps. Brands service Forest | Arlington | Atlantic Beach | Baymeadows |Cecil Field | Dinsmore 2312 Wadhams Rd., Smiths Creek, MI 48074  You may Kinergetics, Krell, Linn, Mark-Levinson, Musical-Concepts, Meridian, Pro-Audio / PA Gear, Open Reel and Cassette Tape decks, VCR's and I actually used his services on MANY occasions, years If you are looking to build an escape into your favorite reality or simply trying to make a small improvement to your system, We…, From Business: About New World Creations New World Creationsprovides high-end solutions for Speech, Language, Audio and Microphone technologies. equipment in Nevada; Guitar / Bass amplifier repair Thank you again. Non-warranty repair also. Bob at Action Electronics has been repairing Keyboard / Synthesizer / Guitar Amp / PA Repair on vintage gear / (408) of DAW controller, direct view to plasma TV, LED / LCD Flat panel TV's, Tascam, Teac, Technics, Telex, Toshiba, VocoPro, Behringer, Vox, anywhere in between. video gear since the mid 1950's! Colorado,