Click to learn more! 1 Man of the House Veronica Guide – 0-10 Points. Here are a few things to do before you can successfully complete a date. After you've collected the TG-01 go back to the 3-D duplicator and before putting in the Hawk Emblem and TG-01 into the machine, walk through the metal detector with any metalic object to sound the alarm. I … Given the issues with Veronica not leveling properly, it seems like her character was done quickly at the end? The date. If you want to continue getting the Steam achievements after using this method then you will need to save the game and exit, then re-run the application. 2.1 Allways Available & repeteable; 3 Man of the House Veronica Guide – 21-30 Points. Veronica Date Walkthrough. Its location is: 188 trading post. Quest: I Could Make You Care. You need to have 3 of these conversations to trigger Veronica's Quest: You need to do what Veronica … Veronica. (Keep in mind that using console commands will disable achievements until you quit and relaunch the game.) 3.1 Allways Available & repeteable; 3.2 Special Events (not repeteable) 4 Man of the House Veronica … She just disappeared somewhere along the line. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. fallout.wikia – Xantec Nov 4 '10 at 11:37 In game press SHIFT + O and type = x where x the amount of cash you want Cheats: Sister’s Password: BAD MONSTER Porn Channel Sub: L6bv12R She's technically my companion, because I have her perk, but I can't find her anywhere. I never saw that part of the Wiki. In Veronicas case, these are gained by taking her to a variety of locations in the Wasteland and talking to certain NPCs. She's not in the Lucky 38, and she doesn't appear near me when I fast travel. Open the file above with notepad and find the line with the following text config.console = False. Perks include: Scribe Assistant, Bonds of Steel, Causeless Rebel, Elijah's Last Words, Elijah's Ramblings. 1.1 Special Events (not repeteable) 2 Man of the House Veronica Guide – 11-20 Points. Veronica Santangelo is a companion in Fallout New Vegas. Get a suit for the date; Have flowers in your backpack (find them at the store). This may need to be done up to 3 times, allow a few seconds after the console command for her to initiate dialog. (while on the 3-D duplicator side or you will be locked out.) is there a console command taht forces her to leave? If Veronica missed too many triggers to initiate her companion quest, the console command set "145f85".ngreetingpending to 1 will advance her companion quest dialog conversations. Change it value from False to True. [verified] This is verified (via reading the scripts in GECK) to happen because of a script bug where a timer object is shared between the "teach Scribe Counter" sequence and the scripts that trigger Veronica's comments … essential console commands im heading over to join the Legion and BAM NCR ambush me (doing a d-bag run) and everytime i enter the fight either veronica, ed-e or i end up sprawled dead in the street. Thanks! Note: using any commands in the console will disable the Steam achievements for that play session. now i have the problem that no matter how long i wait, valerica wont leave the soul cairn. I fnishied Dawnguard once again and want to bring valerica back to tamriel since only then the serana marry mod will work. Have at least $200 in your wallet. I think maybe the the Veronica script assumes that quests are done in a certain order and if you do too much without going to the trigger points, the quest breaks. lVelothl 9 years ago #1. Ensure you have unlocked the casino; use the public travel option to unlock it. Trigger: As with Boone, Veronicas quest is triggered by the accumulation of 'trust points'. Veronica is missing / Console command to summon an NPC? User Info: lVelothl.

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