Furthermore, there are various reasons behind tree plantation but the most important are forestry, land reclamation, and landscaping. Social forestry should be taken on a large scale, and trees grown all around where there is space to them. There is Diversity in the Variety of Trees. Paragraph on Importance of Tree Plantation – 7 (400 Words) Trees are a bounty of nature. tree plantation paragraph writing is useful for J.S.C, S.S.C H.S.C The plantation model was developed in the late 1960’s. ... Paragraph on Importance of Tree Plantation. Trees also produce fruits, medicine, and rubber that are exported in many countries. Tree plantation is only the solution for saving our world. Paragraph 2 - 120 Words. Tree plantation is a very good activity. Alternative Tree Plantation Paragraph: Tree plantation means planting trees more and more. Students should plant trees in their school-compounds and in the front-yards, backyards and side-yards of their schools and near their own houses and in … Plantation Society and Creole Society There is a vast range of cultural diversity in the Caribbean today. They are our great friends. We all should plant and grow more and more trees, and protect them. Trees give us different fruits in different seasons like Mango, apple, banana, grapes, and orange etc.They provide us in the hot weather. Paragraph on Trees. A cluster of trees makes up a landscape of natural beauty. They save the land from corrosion. People come here for morning walks, evening strolls, yoga sessions and laughter therapy. So trees ate the best friend of human beings and we always alert to save them. Essay on Importance of Tree Plantation – Role of Trees, Impact of Cutting Trees and Sensitizing People (Essay 3 – 300 Words) There is a significant importance of tree plantation as the number of trees on the earth is declining at a very rapid rate. We are living on polluted land and the trees can care for us from this pollution. We get timber from trees. Today trees are cut down by humans to build houses, roads, etc. Cutting the trees can destroy our beautiful planet. These trees turn out to be a tremendous economic booster for a country. Tree plantation and its after-care is a pleasing work too. Trees help us by giving food and shelter. Trees like almond, coconut, cherry, prune, peach, pear, and many other tree species are grown in orchards for their fruits and nuts. Tree Plantation Paragraph: Trees are gifts of nature. “Plant More Trees ‘ should not remain a mere slogan but become a religion and creed with all to us. Growing rows of trees and building garden and parks at short distances in towns and cities provides an easy place for the people to socialize. Paragraph on Save Trees. They provide us so many things and expect nothing in return except love and care. A large number of many varied species of trees and plants within a particular area forms a forest. Write a very important paragraph named tree plantation paragraph, essay or composition. Essay on Importance of Tree Plantation - Tree plantation is the process of transferring of seedlings from one place to another for different purposes. Trees exert much influence upon the climatic condition of a country. Trees … In this paper, I would be discussing the similarities and differences found between the plantation society model and the Creole society model. This timber is used in marking houses, boats, ships and furniture, etc. We can get much pleasure in planting trees and in taking care of them. The main reason for tree plantation is to promote greenery and biodiversity. Tree plantation compensates for the loss of trees by humans. Our existence on earth is impossible without trees because the life saving oxygen that we breathe in is supplied by trees. Trees provide wood and paper. Essay on importance of trees [200 word] 2 See answers iamyashi iamyashi Trees are our best friends. Trees are the most important and useful elements of our environment. Trees give us food, shelter, inhaling fuel, and many more.

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