Those of his elder son, Jo… His own actions do not always paint him in the most positive light. When John Sutter oversaw the construction of Sutter’s Fort in 1839, Native Americans outnumbered white men 700 to 1. Arbitrary in the sense that it was secured by violence against the peoples whose lands spanned this border, the Native Americans of the region and then declared by the victors to represent a border between sovereign nations, completely ignoring its lack of congruence with the pre-existing Native American nations. This is the part of the story which is lent to popular history – the welcoming Swiss Captain with an American heart who was well liked by white men seeking cheap land out West. This GPS information is ONLY available at BillionGraves. Sutter meets Frank Bellarosa at a time when he so strongly desires excitement in his life. Marysville settler Theodor Cordua testified that local Native Americans were given two choices: surrender at will or be taken as slave. Before John Sutter became a land baron, he was Johann Suter, a debt-ridden shop owner in Switzerland. He was forced to sell New Helvetia to pay his debts. As Sacramento continues to pay homage to the name Sutter, it is important to remember at what cost it comes, or at least be educated on what it means. I am often asked by readers of the site if I accept donations as a “thank you” for the work I put into the site. Once upon a time, Long Island’s North Shore boasted the most impressive concentration of money and power in the country. February: In California, Mormons working for John Sutter, whose sawmill on the American River is the site of the start of the Gold Rush, make a large gold find at what becomes known as Mormon Island. The large influx of incoming miners made it impossible for Sutter to enforce land barriers and his tract was soon invaded and overrun. Other Titles: John Sutter : Responsibility: Jane Katirgis and Chris Hayhurst. Hopedale, Tazewell County, Illinois. Furthermore, the next two decades would witness the catastrophic annihilation of Native peoples from numerous methods of genocide. “I gave passports to those entering the country…and this (Bautista) did not like…I encouraged immigration, while they discouraged it. When Sutter returns to the Gold coast for the funeral of a friend, it has been ten years since the events that drove him away. The series takes readers to the North Shore of Long Island, the best neighborhood in the United States and a location that once boasted the greatest concentration of wealth in the country. On the contrary, Sutter aided the migration of whites to California. Our southern border is defined by an arbitrary dividing line between the US and Mexico. Each month I pick a charity and ask that you support them instead. Though, the Gold Coast is still a great place to live for the wall street attorney and his incredibly beautiful wife. Genealogy for John Sutter (1856 - 1938) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. His proclivity for telling falsehoods worked in persuading Governor Juan Bautista Alvarado to grant him 48,400 acres of land for the sake of curtailing American encroachment on the Mexican territory of California. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. 1856 September 23, 1856. Arrives at Monterey, California, via Sitka July 3, 1839 - July 4, 1839. And Gold Coast enthusiasts will tell you that the author’s efforts paid off handsomely, with his novel succeeding in painting an accurate picture of the privileged aspect of the setting. What follows is a dramatic telling of John Sutter’s efforts to integrate into and then escape Frank’s criminal empire. +The Author The Vanguard provides the Davis Community with incisive in-depth coverage of local government on a wide variety of issues. John Sutter Jr. dążył do realizacji planów ojca, by przekształcić osadę w miasto; postąpił jednakże wbrew jego zdaniu, bowiem zdecydował się nadać mu nazwę Sacramento, zaczerpniętą od pobliskiej rzeki. Sutter has sent these little Indian children as gifts to people who live far from the place of their birth, without demanding of them any promises that in their homes the Indians should be treated with kindness.”– Gov. Birth of Samuel Joseph Sutter. Got Married October 12, 1826 - October 13, 1826. Hundreds of thousands of school children flock there every year to absorb local history and enjoy a day of learning in the sun. But he abandoned it when his wife fell into bed with their neighbor, Frank, a Mafia Boss, and then killed him. By the time the John Sutter series begins, the Gold Coast has definitely seen better days. It is also a quick stop for students on the grand tour of the pioneer days, yet undoubtedly less focal as the centerpiece story of John A. Sutter. John Sutter at Wikipedia Note: I deliberately used the past tense since I have not been there for almost 30 years and do not know the details of the current “right of passage”. John Sutter was born circa 1910, at birth place, Pennsylvania, to John G Sutter and Louise B Sutter. It is an unpleasant history, but the truth is rarely as satisfying as it presents itself in 6 th grade social studies books. James Patterson is primarily known for his Alex Cross and Women’s Murder Club series. Things start to change when Sutter grows restless. Phone: (916) 970-3131 From Sutterville Road to Sutter’s Creek, the namesake seeks to honor the man who is regarded as the founding father of Sacramento. I would be very interested to hear how the current president plans to secure his wall while honoring the territorial rights of an entire people who used to free range across these lands. 10 or 15 Troughs 3 or 4 feet long were brought out of the cook room and seated in the Broiling sun., Despite Multiple Failures to Appear, Judge Releases Defendant From Custody without Requiring Bail | Davis Vanguard…, Judge Baffled District Attorney’s Office Has No Offer for Vehicular Manslaughter Case | Davis Vanguard…, Victim Changes Story, Tells Court She Does Not Want Defendant Prosecuted for Torching Her Residence Twice | Davis V…, © 2020 The People’s Vanguard of Davis  |  Sacramento Website design and Implementation by, Student Opinion: Mexico’s Coronavirus Cases Continue Rising, Santa Rita Jail Refuses to Discipline Staff for Not Enforcing Social Distancing, Mask-Wearing – Weekly Highlights from SRJ’s COVID-19 Crisis, Medical, Public Health Experts Urge President-Elect Transition COVID Advisory Board to Reduce Incarcerated Populations, Temporary Pause in Criminal Court and Juries in Sacramento County Superior Court – Joins Yolo on COVID Closing, Defense Attorney Points to Missing Key Evidence in Folsom Prisoner Stabbing, Victim Changes Story, Tells Court She Does Not Want Defendant Prosecuted for Torching Her Residence Twice, Judge Baffled District Attorney’s Office Has No Offer for Vehicular Manslaughter Case, Despite Multiple Failures to Appear, Judge Releases Defendant From Custody without Requiring Bail, Enter the maximum amount you want to pay each month. John lived in 1930, at address , California. How to make a timeline? ... John Sutter's Timeline. Alvarado, 1845, Historians also claim that Sutter was known to rape his Indian captives, even girls as young as 12 years old. Immediately, Sutter’s attraction to Susan is reignited. This timeline details the events of the California Gold Rush 1842 – 1884. Whereas millions of prosperous people in America figuratively feel like kings, the nineteenth-century rancher and entrepreneur John Sutter was nearly a literal king in California in the mid-nineteenth century! With this authority, he used Native American labor to construct the first white settlement in the California Central Valley. On January 24th, 1848 Marshall found several shiny gold colored nuggets in the American River. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Every 2 weeks we send out an e-mail with 6-8 Book Recommendations. Despite the procurement of fertile agriculture, Sutter fed his Native American work force in pig troughs, where they would eat gruel with their hands in the sun on their knees. If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. Gets Married! +The Gate House Most of them were more of amateurs and hobbyists than certified historians, and Demille sought them out because he wasn’t as interested in the significant occurrences in Long Island’s history as he was in the minutiae of the Gold Coast’s social history. Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. I find this article very timely coming as it does the day after the current president has put his support behind yet another breech of the rights  and religious sanctity of another group of Native Americans at Standing Rock and continues to threaten a third group with his plan to build a southern border wall. The characters aren’t particularly likable.

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