Another popular kind, the Golden Phoenix, is now $32 per kg. Full name * Email * Mobile no. Call Us Today! Last year, that almost doubled to S$15 per kg. 1086527. Get Expert Advice. One of the more common labels is Black Gold. Depending on the demand and supply situation, price can vary from S$15 per kg to high S$20's per kg. With this competition from a relatively new market, what this means is that prices for durians has steadily increased. Durian Harvests provides price lists as a guide for some of the most popular Durian varieties including Musang King, D24 and Monthong. Look for light-colored spikes without any dark brown patches or bits. 😥 Seems the Chinese love durians so much that they’ve imported 300,000 tonnes, US$568 mil (RM2.4 bil) in value from Malaysian and Thai farms. Mobile: +6012-3826289. KUALA LUMPUR Feb 8 ― Malaysian durian prices have reportedly fallen over the past two weeks, as demand from China slowed down due to the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak that started from the country. Otherwise, it is S$16 per trip. The selling price is twice expensive than other durian. DURIAN GARDEN They post daily promos and other durian varieties on Facebook, so checking their page is vital to getting a good price. This is sort-of strange, as almost any fruit or vegetable with a somewhat appealing taste. PHOTO: ST FILE Prices can be on the higher side, but then again, when it … Buy Furniture Online at Durian Unlimited Choices. Black Gold Durian Price. Contact Us Today! Durian price always changing with respect to the season and quality of the fruits, we ensure you get the reasonable price. Highly Affordable Prices. Free Shipping Create beautiful spaces with thoughtful, elegant furniture from Durian for your home and office. Photo Credit: Durian Garden. — Bernama pic. Hurry, before the durian glut during this glorious season ends. They specialize in Mao Shan Wang and Golden Phoenix breed. Durian lovers, take note - prices of the spiky fruit have shot up to a 33-year record high, according to sellers. 🔸Indicative price for MSW at 22-24/kg, prices to be updated when season is here. As such, we are expecting durian prices to fall by 25% - 40% as compared to same time last year. In Johor Bahru, where you can find them and best place to eat durian? In comparison, the same durians were sold for RM50 per kg last year. Prices have been slashed during the opening weeks of this year's durian season, with shops in Singapore selling the famous Musang King, or Mao Shan Wang, variety for as low as S$15 per kg. TAKE A HEALTHY DECISION . If you were worried that you won’t be able to enjoy the cheap and delectable Musang King durians before Ramadan is over, Yap says that these low prices could continue for the whole durian season. Prices should range between $15 - $17 at the season's peak. GEORGETOWN — Durian prices had shot up this year following a shortage of supply of the King of Fruits. If you love bittersweet and enjoy desserts, you must try the D13 durian. Originating from Johor, D13 durians are also known as the 'kampung' breed with a … Durian Plywood at a Special Price Today !! Among the durian varieties, the Musang King or Mao Shan Wang (猫山王) is the most expensive, sought after and desired. Delivery Details: free delivery for orders that are S$300 and above. While there are plenty of durian sellers in Singapore, Ah Seng supplies consistently good quality ones. GEORGE TOWN: Durian lovers can now enjoy the fruit without having to fork out exorbitant prices. Aside from Mao Shang Wang and D24, they also sell durian puree for baking. Prefer a call? Any durian events or gatherings are recommended to be organised in Jan. 🔸The durians are looking healthy and we are expecting to bring them in as early as this Friday evening, starting with the season from Pahang! Durian lovers have been keeping away from their favourite fruit after recent reports of an expected hike in prices, said some durian vendors. So Singaporeans going to Ah Tong for good value durians will be disappointed. Malaysia's domestic demand and Singapore's durian demand are expected to fall sharply this season due to Covid19 restrictions. First come first serve basis. Whether you have any problem with your order, or simply want a person to chat with us, we’ll be more than happy to serve you! During this time, durian stalls all around Singapore are packed with durians, in their spiky green shells or in styrofoam boxes sealed over with cling wrap. Unlike other durian species, red … Golden Phoenix durian price ranges from $18-$20/kg. But don't miss out on the red prawn species! As it turns out, he was partially right. Depending on the demand and supply situation, price can vary from S$15 per kg to high S$20's per kg. Image Credit: FB User Mikey Wes. Why? Durian sellers have also started differentiating between the different grades of Mao Shan Wang by separating the cream of the Mao Shan Wang crop and selling them at a premium price. Enjoy With Your Friends ... AA Durian Malaysia Happy Customers. Today, I going to share with you the 9 popular places to buy and to eat durian in Johor Bahru (JB). Enjoy the half-price durian buffet with D24, D10 and Durian Asli! To place an order, click the “Book Now” button on their Facebook page. In previous years, limited availability and strong demand have pushed up the price for Musang King durians and the growing demand by China could raise prices even higher. The durian is a seasonal fruit, unlike some other non-seasonal tropical fruits With an average weight of about 1.5 kilograms. Why You Shouldn't Ignore Yummy Red Prawn Durian. This week, prices for Musang King plummeted to around RM30 per kg in Raub, Pahang, which is a major durian producing area. Durian is sold in Asian markets or Asian grocery stores. China china china. * Location. For example, the Musang King, or Mao Shan Wang durian, was selling for S$8 per kg five years ago. Durian season is the time of the year all durian-lovers in Singapore are waiting for. According to a report, durian prices have fallen as demand from China slowed down due to the coronavirus outbreak. Unbeatable Prices. AA Durian Malaysia – Best Durian Supplier and Exporter in Malaysia: Contact Us Today (HQ in Malaysia): Contact Person: Mr. Mah. They are having a bout of durian-tooth and have been snapping up all available fruit in the market, causing a shortage in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. They specialize in Mao Shan Wang and Golden Phoenix breed. 5 durian season must-know hacks. After Ah Seng Durian, Combat Durian is probably the next best known durian seller in Singapore. Well, simply because D13 durian has a sweet flesh that is sure to satisfy your taste buds. The first durian that comes to mind would probably be Mao Shan Wang or D13 as you can find them in loads of desserts from durian cake to durian pengat. ... We've compiled the prices of some popular varieties of durian across a selection of durian stalls in Singapore. HP: +65 8201 1705 (24 hrs hot line) [email protected] High price. The late Anthony Bourdain once said of the durian: “Your breath will smell as if you’ve been French kissing your dead grandmother.”. We’re the only durian seller to have a dedicated customer happiness department to help serve you better and provide unparalleled durian delivery service in Singapore. Order durian online from us today! Connect with us on 1800 22 3242. They post daily promos and other durian varieties on Facebook, so checking their page is vital to getting a good price. Was very disappointed with the prices quoted by Ah Tong-MSW at RM60/S$21 per kg -other varieties at RM45/S$15 per kg. Durian industry insider Lim Chin Kee said there was a good chance of higher prices because of the corporation, although demand would not taper off as “durian … Another reason for durian price hikes currently is China. Richstar Durian Today, the durian delivery company is supplying to major retail outlets and supermarkets in Singapore. 34 + Years of Experience. According to the Food and Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian and Pacific Region (FFTC-AP), durian prices in Malaysia have increased by 200 percent since 2014. Mao Shan Wang durian prices plunge by $10 per kg amid supply glut from Malaysia A kilogram of Mao Shan Wang durians is now selling for about $18, down from the usual price of $28. Price comparison of Mao Shan Wang, D13 & other durians in S'pore. Shop for D13 Durian and Enjoy Affordable Prices. Get the actual Golden Phoenix durian price. Why Buy Durian Plywood? A durian lover would describe the same experience to relishing a spoonful of crème brulee. The price of Mao Shan Wang - the most expensive variety - has hit $38 per kg. While there are plenty of durian sellers in Singapore, Ah Seng supplies consistently good quality ones. +60 3 2710 4723 [email protected] Follow us I had checked Ah Seng Durian at Ghim Moh prices(he has a facebook page which updates MSW and others prices)-MSW at S$20/kg and others at S$12/kg. Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit is the most sought after durian stall in Kepong. POWER BRAND. Tel: +65 9180 1080. Durian buffet offer January 2018 Promotion Period: 3, 4, … Owing to your support, Durian SS2 would like to express their gratitude by offering another durian buffet today! Their durians seem a little more expensive – although today’s price is quite competitive at $18/kg for Mao Shan Wang, it was $20/kg yesterday, which was considered slightly steep. Place your order now at 82011705! For instance, today they’ve got a 3-box self-collect promo at $70, and a 4-box promo with free delivery for orders $95 and above. One of the oldest durian stall in Kepong Baru that went viral on social media ever since they are known to have RM9 all-you-can-eat buffet for durian kampung – kampung means village, technically these are wild durians grow in the mountains picked by natives, and jaw-dropping RM16 for D24 (one of the best durian variety, pretty similar to Musang King). According to many online reviews, people love coming here due to their durian’s “exceptional quality”. Backed by a Household Brand.

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