If … The alternative to having a courageous conversation is to tread the path of least resistance, which involves ignoring or avoiding the subject altogether. Join us in online learning and events 2020 – 2021. use the Courageous Conversation Compass to determine the place of engagement at which each participant in the dialogue is processing the content. ENGAGING IN COURAGEOUS CONVERSATIONS The Ontario Leadership Framework, through one of its five Core Leadership Capacities, calls for school leaders to engage in “courageous conversations”. Ironically, we often over-estimate our own ability to listen well and we may struggle to come up with impactful questions that really push the thinking in a dialogue. The next two steps, listening and making your point, can be done in either order – depending on the context. In this article which was published 7/9/20 in Fast Company, Kim adapts her insights from the book to the current need for better remote communications and includes practical tips on how to make video conferences more interactive and inclusive. 0000208746 00000 n With a bit of practice, you will start to view courageous conversations as valuable opportunities to strengthen and deepen your relationships in ways that is transformational for yourself and others. 0000152065 00000 n 0000004856 00000 n 0000162533 00000 n �u�=r�/$7~Or���܏��.�C�=ܐ��f���������al�|`�œ���l��S~2���~���i�T�™�` ��R endstream endobj 22 0 obj <> endobj 23 0 obj <>stream H�\��n�0����u{ ��i�(�o�8f�4���;�;NXV�J�#�ﶗ�i��8�w+�xku bP�g��eW� tɗi��t�y��F;�b��+.���*����⫼,!�܍���(l�A/�y�;�Ч�*���qZ��g��dbo#{���%�Z�0�#����W�տ�x�i�F~�օ'.8��ԭ�p���ɚ8e��3�YF�}���ޱ} �3��>��{��� �yK|��! In this workshop, individuals learn the tools, framework, and practice truly saying it like it is. Courageous Conversations – A How To Guide Introduction. Over time, individual viewpoints harden into passive-aggressiveness and what might have been a straightforward conversation becomes a drawn-out complaint about mutual grievances. 0000144817 00000 n It’s about the awareness that to change the behaviour of others, we first need to change our own behaviour. (n.d.). We may ask ourselves, why take the risk and effort involved? 0000101267 00000 n provides an excellent overview of what powerful listening looks like and how you can develop that skillset. 0000002167 00000 n 0000165250 00000 n In a remote working environment, it may seem even harder to open such a dialogue, and it is easier to ‘avoid the issue’ since we are not likely to run into the other person in the office hallway. I have been working happily in the helping professions my entire professional life. Your conversations will likely be different. I quickly learned why so many people choose not to engage in these conversations - because it is hard. A s a manager, the need to have difficult or courageous conversations with employees will often crop up. Understand your team Uncover your team’s real needs by giving them a safe space to share honest, anonymous feedback. The first step to training managers as coaches is self-reflection. 0000103600 00000 n Friday For Future. This can be a blind spot for many managers and leaders. Powerful listening is a cornerstone of effective conversations. 0000009075 00000 n INTRODUCTION: Courageous conversations, commonly identified as conversations which are associated with some form of emotion, are features of many social workers’ daily routine. Watch this short, animated video by The Conscious Leadership Group to learn how to manage your emotions and stay ‘above the line’ during courageous conversations. The stakes are high. 0000210311 00000 n "Courageous Conversations About Race came across my desk at a time that I had almost given up on engaging in discussions of race and equity. About the COIN Conversation Model. It creates psychological distance, we may begin avoiding interactions with the other person, or they with us, and empathy and mutual understanding diminish. Cultivate an attitude of discovery and curiosity. The framework pictured here is a helpful guide on how to structure a courageous conversation. The key to addressing and overcoming these obstacles is communication– a fundamental pillar to effective people leadership. 0000104068 00000 n The BAMEed Network are facilitating a series of courageous conversations about race. The 6 C’s To Successful Courageous Conversations Step #1: Clarity. 0000208483 00000 n However, we often ignore that not addressing important issues and leaving things “unsaid” has its own detrimental effects. 0000165181 00000 n * In educational leadership development, engaging in courageous conversations is

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