Telescope A: 400mm focal length What is the image scale of the KAF-1301E CCD (arcsec/pixel)? It is the pixel size itself that matters and of course the resolution of the Telescope. The size of the CCD will usually not matter in regards to over or under sampling. The display size is also considerably larger in the second image due to the larger camera’s greater number of pixels. Magnitude Limit of CCD Camera and Telescope Calculator "...determines the response of a telescope and CCD camera to given stars and seeing conditions..." Magnitude Limit of CCD Camera and Telescope Calculator INPUT Values include: It related to two parameters within the imaging system . CCD Filter Size Calculator. CCDCalc is now a free program for anyone; you do not need to buy the book. We asked people to test it and this is what they told us. Future height or width. Pixel size of the camera (in my case 3.69 microns) The focal length of the telescope (in my case 1600mm) Irrespective of the image scale your system can achieve, it is limited by two factors working against this figure This is based on the assumption of perfect seeing and the Airy disk being the limit of resolution. More reference images for CCDCalc! Click here to download the full version of the CCD Calculator program (3.3MB). In this case, a large CCD with a long-focal-length scope gives the same field as a small CCD on a short-focal-length scope, but the image scale is greater on the larger instrument. Vignetting and field of view, coma, focal depth, thermal shift of focus. How to Use the Image Size Calculator. Add New Equipment To Database. | Cookie Policy | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions | Acknowledgements | Bug Reports | Get In Touch | First Light Optics Ltd All rights reserved © 2020 Scaling percentage 3. Original height and width 2. Will give you the same pixels per star with all other things being equal. This calculator allows you to determine the ideal exposure time for subframes that will be stacked. Basic parameters such as FOV, resolution, airy disk, image scale, etc. The BBC has launched a new app that shows how your body weight ranks against people globally. The plate scale is s = 0.01745 f = 1.75 inches/degree. CALCULATOR FOR MAGNITUDE LIMITS FOR CCD & TELESCOPE - L. Bogan VERY VERY EXTENSIVE. Putting in 8.6x8.3 as the pixel pitch and 752x582 as the resolution, gives a resolution of 1.48aspp horizontally and 1.43aspp vertically. Use this formula to calculate the minimum focal length required to fully sample a high resolution image with any particular CCD. This calculator allows you to enter the following components: 1. Help us to grow by adding additional equipment to the database. In all version since Version 1.2, you can create your own telescope and camera entries. Focal Length: mm. Using the image size calculator is easy: 1. Often referred to as image scale, it is measured in arc seconds per pixel. Ideal Exposure Calculator. The focal length is f = (f ratio)D = 10*10 in = 100 in. It requires that you take a test exposure using your CCD imaging setup and measure the background sky value. Planetary section with sampling rate, required barlow, video times for planets. Telescope: Aperture: mm. mm = Recommended Minimum Filter Size: mm × Close Add Equipment To The Database. CCD Planetary Critical Sampling. Barlow / Reducer: Filter to CCD Distance: mm. Deep Sky section with sampling rate based on seeing, required barlow, etc. This calculator is very useful for choosing just the right size to scale your image to. That looks about right, but why does the inter pixel gap matter? Astrophotography and CCD Calculator Features. Camera: CCD Diagonal. It is the pixel pitch that will determine the image scale and resolution. For example a CCD with 9x9 micron that is very large vs a ccd that is 9x9 micros that is very small. <= note these are inches! One pixel is 16 microns, so this corresponds to an image scale of

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