var ctx = this; // ------------------------------------------------------------------- Son nom dérive des deux quartiers dont il est à la frontière: Kreuzberg et Friedrichshain . $.fn.serializeFormJSON = function () { // Submit the form Berghain is Berlin's most famous techno club and is known for its anything-goes darkrooms and ominous bouncer, photographer Sven Marquardt. //if any of these cookies are found, we don't show the modal. * There is probably no need to call this directly - use setNewsletterCookie(). Marquardt, who trained as a photographer, started his doorman career at Snax – one of Berghain's predecessors, which had the tag line "for pervy men only". "But Berghain managed to turn clubbing into an adventure again, and thus unify the dispersed techno scene. Want to stay ahead of the art world? addCss(''); // Add animation css var ctx = this; if (window.jQuery) { if (generalSettings.loadFontAwesome) { "Many clubs were closing their doors, and it was the first year without the Love Parade in the capital. ", Sven Marquardt says it's about the right mix, even if that means 'letting in the odd lawyer with his Gucci-Prada wife', Berghain's bouncer Sven Marquardt has launched his memoirs. )+([a-zA-Z0-9]{2,4})+$/ I am curious how you kept busy during the lockdown. "When I wrote my book in 2009, only people in the techno scene knew about Berghain. To be polarizing is not the worst. A memoir by the club's bouncer, Sven Marquardt, launched in Germany to critical acclaim this week, reveals the heavily tattooed and pierced figure guarding Berghain as a sensitive soul who used to look for love on the streets as a gay punk in east Berlin. var o = {}; Sven Marquardt s’est déjà fait recaler à l’entrée d’un club. + '