Abandoned Railroads of Minnesota Sunday, September 14, 2014. Most People Don’t Know About Minnesota’s Creepy Abandoned Tunnel. Contact. State Of Minnesota Railroad Basemap Office of Land Management LIS and R/W Mapping Unit Updated 12/12/08 L eg nd County Abandoned Railroads Existing Railroads Note: Basemap created using data from the MnDOT OFCV existing railroad layer and information from 1936 State of Minnesota D e par t mnof Highw y sc u This abandoned tunnel in Minnesota looks like something from a horror movie, but it actually has an incredibly fascinating history. Established in 1898 with a post office, Dorothy was a railroad station when the Northern Pacific Railway expanded. In 1880 the Milwaukee Road continued the line and reached Madison, SD. Of Minnesota’s many miles of hiking trails, one of the nicest may be the Dakota Rail Regional Trail. Browse maps, pictures and histories of abandoned railroad lines of the Minneapolis & Saint Louis Railroad. Lake Superior, Willmar & Dakota Railroad. I jumped on my bike and rode up to the Glacial Lakes State Trail head, near the Willmar Senior High School. You’ve Never Experienced Anything Like This Epic Abandoned Railroad Hike In Minnesota. This map is incomplete, and will almost certainly remain incomplete. Featuring Abandoned Railroads and Fallen Flags Sorted by URL and not by title. I've finally gotten around to taking some pictures. It is most accurate in North America, and least accurate everywhere else. There are around 450 current stations (still standing) and 1,500+ stations of the past listed in the database. ☡ = Caution - functioning website but exhibiting some technical problems. Key: ★ = Active website noted for volume & quality of information & photos. This paved trail stretches for 13 miles along the same route as the former Dakota Rail Corridor. The Southern Minnesota Railroad, an affiliate of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, built a line that reached from Jackson, MN, to Pipestone, MN, in 1879. Located in Duluth, this former rail passage was once an important route through the mountains. This is a crowd-sourced, and thus continuously updated map, of abandoned railroad lines across the world, tourist trains and heritage railways, unbuilt railroads, and reactivated railroad lines. ☆ = Inactive website noted for archival information & photos. Google Maps The church stuck around after the railroad was abandoned in the early 1970s, but in 2014 it burned down. Green Bay and Minnesota Railroad: GBM 1874 1881 Green Bay, Winona and St. Paul Railroad: Green Bay and Western Railroad: GB&W, GBW 1896 1985 N/A Green Bay, Winona and St. Paul Railroad: GBWSP 1881 1896 Green Bay and Western Railroad: Gunflint and Lake Superior Railroad: G&LS 1902 1909 N/A Hastings and Dakota Railway: HD Welcome to a site dedicated to railroad stations in the state of Minnesota.Your help as a railroad historian has been, and will continue to be, essential to the life of this site. Maps of the Past, LLC 531 A W Hopkins St Left Side Lower Level San Marcos, TX 78666; 1-800-962-5003; Email Us

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